What's the deal with Litecoin Cash?

Anyone know if this is going to be a legit fork or not?

I see everyone jumping onto the ZCL/BTC -> BTCP train, but is anyone focused on the LTC -> LCC train?


its literally the real litecoin!!!

Shitcoin forks in Shitcoin cash, no one cars


>stop forking litecoin is MINE

Right? If this same logic applied to BTC, then Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Cash are also scams.

Anyone have an opinion on this? Is this legit or what?

Everyone is jerking each other off over this ZCL/BTC fork into BTCP, when Litecoin Cash is sitting here, happening before the stupid BTCP shit.

I agree with him. If you change the name totally I'll give you some credit but if you keep Litecoin at the start it's to intentionally fuck up people who don't know what they're doing.
I can just picture someone's grandma or dad thinking they're being nice and getting their kid/grandkid some litecoin because they didn't shut the fuck up about it during christmas and buying some shitcoin because it was cheaper and they thought it was the same thing.

So i Will get that? I hold some ltc

Yes, but you also get aids if you try and use it.

BTC is a scam. It has no scaling solutions and the lightning network is a joke that stopped being funny a while ago.

It's charlies vision

bcash shills are FUCKING EVERYWHERE today, I guess that means Its time to buy in for the next pump and dump right?

Charlie has said multiple times that BCH is a scam.
He keeps saying he's "not the CEO of litecoin" and keeps trying to tank the price, but he also wants complete control over it and hates the idea of someone forking his shitcoin and making it better.

I don't care if someone forks it. Just fork it and use a different name. You're riding on the coattails of other peoples work if you don't change the name.

>riding on the coattails of other peoples work
isn't that exactly what open source software is in general? taking someones work and improving on it? I think charlie just wants it centralized around him, he's an attention whore. It really goes against the spirit of decentralized open source software.

If you fork litecoin you're already letting others do all the work leading up to that point and you intend to make some improvements to it, which isn't really a bad thing.
If you fork litecoin and do all the above but won't change the fucking name then you're a worthless faggot that's trying to make a quick buck not only using other people's work but their brand as well.

>Free coins
I see no issue

I think LTC will pump in the next couple of days. Free coins are free coins

It was a troll post which escalated into a religion.

He should know a thing or two about scams...