Is IOTA dead guys? Am I stuck with these massive bags?

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Soon Op soon

it depends at what price you bought it

If it was under 2,50 I would've sold them now and reinvested in sth that actually makes sense.

If higher, I'd rather wait for the lite wallet release, then dumped it.

Bought at $7.05 CAD :-(

t. I bought 1/3 at 1.60, 1/3 at 1.85 and 1/3 at 2.50

Sold half just before the January crash and half shortly after it started

>Bought at $7.05 CAD :-(
Holy fuck, than you should probably wait for any usable wallet. That should increase the price a bit. I mean, how much lower can it go anyway?

>Bought at ATH without DYOR
>Wants to sell low because didn't DYOR

You're not going to make it, 100%

Was a FOMO buy listening to a friend instead of doing research. :-/

Im testing the trinity alpha wallet and I will tell you, not dead.

in .6 out 4.00
now balls deep in IOST awaiting launch
comfy af


the fuck is that?

Oh? Closed Alpha?

in at 1.2, out at 4.6

made a fuckton on IOTA, but yes sadly it is a shitcoin. Once I realized this, I sold to get my gains.

buy ITC or ragret it later

>the fuck is that?
exactly why i'm comfy

oh c'mon, shill me user, the cap is low, the website is all smart words and shiny, I might sell my shitcoins for that.

>da dangle!

>oh c'mon, shill me user
ok, i'm done accumulating. have over 600K
the reason i bought it is because it hasn't mooned yet. it was a private token sale and it was just listed on binance and is now half what it was listed. it's remained stable since the drop, relatively speaking. they have good VC backing and the team is solid. i'm just waiting for the first big pump, which should happen after their testnet is released in a few weeks. that will show proof of concept. the timing should be good with the rest of the market hopefully coming out of this winter lull.

i remember all the hype back in december with IOTA people thought it was going to be the next ETH or microsoft idk

ok, so timing + a project that is not a complete shit nor scam. Might work out desu.

But do you think it might be something more in a year? 2 years? There are a lot of projects working on scalability, dapps and security issues that have far more recognition right now (i.e. cardano). Does it have a chance of standing out?

how soon ? we were promised wallet in Jan...
>why cant IOTA faggots spend less time talking shit on twitter/reddit and actually build better product like PRL boys are


yeah, long term i don't know. their concept is good, but they haven't shown anything yet which is why it's a big bet right now. i'm in it for the possibility of short term gains, but if their testnet release is better than expected they could be a big player down the road with their proof-of-believeability consensus concept

Could you tell us a little bit more about the wallet?
What makes it so much better than the current one ? Why the hype ?

IOTA is a fucking joke. If you bought it you're a fucking retarded cunt

supposedly it's p2p tangle transactions - basically xrb killer

IOTA is a failed NANO fork i cant believe you fell for it

nano is a shitty erc20 that has fucked over 3 exchanges so far and it made binance and a lot of people lose money, try harder

niger XRB was fork of IOTA trinity wallet
>go be a nigger somewhere else you misleading faggot

>PRL owners dumb enough to rely on a project relying on this project

dumb niga doesnt know Bruno can fork tangle any given time if IOTA fails

It'll be a trillion dollar market cap or it will die.

>It'll be a trillion dollar market cap or it will die.
so death it is

Who gives a shit about a wallet? You are not gonna spend it yet are you? I dont understand why people keep crying for a wallet. Just buy IOTA and sit on it. If they complete their vision you are gonna get rich as fuck. But that is not happening for at least a year. Probably more.

wallet is psychological milestone you fucking ape
>IOTA devs too busy feeding /pol trolls with their anti-globalist fuking cuckbrains and not meeting deadlines they put themselves. That type of shit hurts public opinion and reputation.
If they had at least half working brain and just shuf the fuck up and get busy working we would be where XRB was in January

> wallet is psychological milestone you fucking ape

Who is the fucking ape, when you need a psychological milestone, that is nothing up emotional crap? halfwit.

the IOTA CEO has major anger problems btw

my point is IOTA at it current state of substeno roid twitter pol attacks looks highly unprofessional you fucking dumbnut, that paired with broken promise like roadmap meetings and wallet in early January... hope you see the whole picture
>been holding 7k since .2 cent

IOTA is married to Bitfinex with a side gig on Binance. It needs the wallet to make people confident that they can store it away from Tether's shadow.

Also to show that the project isn't run by people who are affraid they can't make a sufficiently random random number generator.

I like iota

It will hit.five.dollar again, and soon

Its the ripple effect ;) smileysmiley

IOTA is getting dethroned any day now
Blame the dev's hubris

Dude, volkswagen and bosch bought in. Its not dying anytime soon


Smart refugee cities

Dont get it yet? Shitskins wearing fucking sensors that tell us where they are, what they consume, which busride they take, etc. No more asking for money cuz the population will tell them to fuck off and to use their censors instead. The actual citizens will not be required to wear the censors, german privacy legislation is too strict. Its ingenious and youre too ignorant to get it.

It is better all around. The gifs the devs posted are very similar.

Finger print auth
2 factor
create seed within wallet
multiple accts
auto promotion
and more ;)

>iota is older than xrb that was released in early 2015
>iota older than eth

retard. both they are both shitcoins anyway so who cares

wow you must be retarded
Gercucks are the first to get fucking sensors implanted becaue of muh 6 gorillion

price is a direct reflection of people's collective sentiment
delivering on a promised milestone is obviously good for sentiment, not delivering is bad
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IOTA Snackbar!!!

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>in b4 satoshi

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Who fucking cares what a company like them dies with pennies worth of its r&d budget. Did you also know that Kodak is experiment with blockchsin? What's that? Kodak is just jumping on the blockchain hype? No shit, so is vw and bosch fucking brainlet.


State cant do that, its in our Verfassung.

Oh boy if you think volkswagen needs to jump on hype you dont know what youre talking about. That company was built by the fucking nazis, have some respect.

I bought at 0.00012 satoshis, I dont give a fuck

random user faggot complains on user image board about crypto user

Fuck yourself with rope faggot if you expecting real names from creators of TOR, BTC, XMR, PRL etc

they don't get it user. Wait til mainnet and you will see the fomo like you've never seen before