We’re about to plunge, aren’t we


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Down to 5k

Will probably just do nothing for a couple more hours I'm afraid

>strong support at 4k


I hope so I got my fiat ready and waiting


Likewise user. Any alts you're looking to pick up on sale?

Thank you. I just bought in about an hour ago. Why is everyone else in other threads claiming all signs point to another dio?

They panic sold at 6k probably

12K soon


You assholes promised $10,000 ETH AND $100 XRP I'M RUINED!

Strong support at $1300

hope so, trying to get out of this short ive been stuck in

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check the volumes
check the TA nonsense (that everyone likes to use)

Sadly this

This cocktease needs to end. Crash or rise. Just do something.

Should happen by the end of the day desu.

Gonna retest 9k, if bulls fail to break it on the next try then yea. Get your wojaks ready!


We have to Go down in order to break those 9k boys

Doubt it. If we actually test 9k again it'll probably break upward. The second test had a higher low. I'm more towards it not testing at all

crash will happen in 1 hour

screencap this

If you dont want to go down buy this ico
thank me later, if you like it use my link

Sharder Protocol

> sharder.org/share.ss?inviterId=sharders001646

- 250 mil circulating supply
- 500 mil total supply
- 20+ Solid Team of Chink Devs
- 3.5 cents per coin
- 10k eth hardcap
- Already established partnerships
- Still under the radar - only 2k telegram chat
- ICO 23 February

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bulls will arrive about in about two weeks until then either hold or risk timing the dips

Most of Veeky Forums shorted btc and they get liquidated near or slightly above 9k so naturally btc will go to 9.1k end of the day.
Tested 9k and as expected it didn’t break out but you need to test before being able to break out, so expect sideways movement for some time before we break 9k.

where's this from? it's well done

BTC may very well break 9k but I think people here are way to optimistic, As far as I can this is still a bear market and buying hard at these levels is pretty dangerous.

>expect sideways movement for some time before we break 9k
Good call, any moves in the next two weeks are subject to quick reversals and should be viewed with caution.

Why two weeks?

DYOR but for some evidence, Olszewicz
is the best analyst in the business.


CEO Pantera Hedge Fund independently arrived at same conclusion.


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