TRONIX team assemble!


>people still holding these bags

fucking doomed

>mfw looking at bagholders who bought this scamcoin at 2000 sats/$.30 itt

Sell your TRX bags and buy some Link bags to hold

trx bagholders, topkek
get in IOST
15X before April 2018

Everyone FUDDing TRX is going to get REKT come 2019

Bought another 10 eth worth just now.

The team just ignores the fud and continues work. I'm feeling really secure right now. TRX is the biggest case of false flagging I've ever seen.

Chinese machine behind it, this is going to moon after Chinese newyear

I literally bought this coin because it's name sounds like tyrannosaurus Rex about a week ago during the dip. So far I'm OK with it.

just bought 100k trx

You wasted 10k on this shitcoin? I hope this isn't fucking real. Fucking deluded.

>still calling TRX a shitcoin

Go outside and leave Veeky Forums you've been in here too long.

Stay poor faggots

I only have 2000 of these am I gonna make it

53k reporting in. I saw this same level of FUD for ADA when it first hit bittrex and sold 55k of them for .03 because of it. I missed out on $80,000 because of you guys...I'm not falling for it again.

No, but you'll make more than these fags that are still calling it a shit coin

I'm worth more than you and don't own trx
gg no re

I have legit belief in TRX at least to pre New Years numbers by April.


"I'm worth more than you" HAHAHAHAHA. Good one brother.

This right here let's you all know he probably isn't and is just sad and insecure and yearns for love

Takeoff is actually imminent i dont like the coin or the CEO but i threw a few btc at it around 498 sats