Do you believe in him?

Do you believe in him?

No, he's a leftie faggot and probably a closet homosexual/crossdresser/sissy

Guy needs a dose of test and a fist fight

Has he ever seen a cunt?

Do you believe in him?


What have you ever done user?

I do, he actually cares about his project

A lot of things
Have I started a billion dollar coin? No. Do I need to do so in order to criticise him? No.

You act like hes hardworking when its moreso he was born with an exceptional IQ and good parents

I praise the ordinary working man over some guy who was born gifted and had life on easy mode from day 1

I don't believe in him, and he is fucking weird but what he created is moving us forward and if he fucks it up, someone else will fix it so I believe in Ethereum. At least for now.

which horror movie is this pic from?

>do you believe in commie pedo Skelly and his completely centralized shitcoin?

ok have fun not achieving a single meaningful thing in your shit life

Amen user.

not allowed in mother russia

fuck off shill

It's over.

I believe in him more than in any president

>shot of test
look at his facial bones
he's got pretty high DHT, strong brow ridge, chin, cheekbones

what a crock of shit. it's not like having genius IQ makes things simple. intelligence is only potential, you still have to put in the work. he busted his ass as a teenager getting involved in bitcoin and writing articles, networking and coding. he dropped out and took risks to achieve things. the "ordinary working man" is an animal who follows other people without thought, benefits from infrastructure and systems he could have never engineered himself, sits at the pub or in front of the TV once he's clocking out, and complains about better people while doing shit all to improve society. the ordinary working man is actually a net drain on society kept alive out of compassion by the work of people like buterin

Jesus christ only the most fucking pampered morons can believe this shit
Who do you think built the world you live in? Soy boys with finger polish on?

You make me sick

I'm not saying Vitalik didn't work hard, he probably did in all honesty, but he still had it relatively easy.

Compare his life to the ordinary working man who wasn't born with high iq, and you see

you're arguing that working 8 hours a day is hard?

It IS hard. To not kill yourself that is.

>Compare his life to the ordinary working man who wasn't born with high iq, and you see

I agree my fellow comrade, we need to redistribute all his wealth for the sake of the ordinary man fuck all these tech pussies

No no, I don't believe I am

Not at all
In fact, my opinion is more right leaning than left, you're just too stupid to comprehend the nuance in what i'm saying

In your world its either le godemeproer trump xD or you're a hardcore, "i identify as tree bark" refugees welcome liberal

no, but other people believe in him

All-in omisego, thank you money skeleton.

It's good to find people that thinks the same way as me in a board full of stupid NEETs.

Oh the ironing

I can't iron for shit

I respect him, he is an inspiration, but not in the same way I respect a guy who gets out of bed everyday and shows up for work even though he knows deep in his soul that it's garbage and he will have to do this for the rest of his life.

Some men are just made for more, he is one of them. He didn't choose to be born with exceptional intelligence...

So yeah, I believe him in as far as Ethereum goes. But, has he ever had a job? Has he ever had dirt under his nails? No! And he probably never will.

Hamsun has a great quote, it can apply sort of:
>“Rather than admire the mediocre great men over whom passersby nudge each other in awe, I venerate the young, unknown geniuses who die in their teens, their souls shattered - delicate, phosphorescent glowworms that one must see to know they really did exist.”
- Knut Hamsun


You respect people in dead end garbage jobs that don't try to break out of that and better their lives and possibly the lives of their children?

>So yeah, I believe him in as far as Ethereum goes. But, has he ever had a job? Has he ever had dirt under his nails? No! And he probably never will.

Does job imply physical labor or something to you? He put in tons of work and probably way longer hours then a 9-5 as it pretty fully consumed his life.

This is just such a strange viewpoint to me. You seem to be revering mindless drudgery or something.

He is a boy genius ,but hes too autistic to trust.

>muh hard werk

>You respect people in dead end garbage jobs that don't try to break out of that and better their lives and possibly the lives of their children?
Adulthood is realising they CAN'T break out of that. They don't know any better. It's not some movie wherein the guy jumps up and says "hey boss! fuck you!", and rolls down the street on a motorbike and suddenly becomes a billionaire or successful. This isn't how it is.

>Does job imply physical labor or something to you? He put in tons of work and probably way longer hours then a 9-5 as it pretty fully consumed his life
Well not necessarily, but you are certainly reaching if your argument is that he works just as hard. I don't doubt he puts a strain on himself, he is more than likely obsessive in that way but still...

>This is just such a strange viewpoint to me...
No, I don't think I am. I just believe the working classes deserve more respect than what they get. You know those with jobs like garbage collectors, etc, hold society together... without them we would have serious issues. Someone has to do it, and they do it, and they do it all things considered, without much complaint. I don't believe they should get special treatment or something, or extra rewards, I just believe they at very least deserve more respect.

The picture that may appear in your head of the average working man is probably very different from the reality.
The reality is: They more than likely know it's shit, they know they're so fucked, but what can they do?
On Veeky Forums its often
>Haha dumb fuck!!11 they stil work for the man! wage slaves!

And I am by no means part of that either so I'm not defending myself or anything like that, I'm very lucky myself, but the "working class hero" thing still stuck with me because of my roots and how I grew up. I respect the average man who does grunt jobs because they HAVE to. Even if they despise people like me, tech/millenial/whatever, etc, and they probably do.

I'd suck his dick for eth juice. ;)

Vitalik is a piece of shit who pretends like competing technology doesn't exist so he can act like he invented things that have already existed for years.

He's a pedo.

Left Russia in the age of six... Being a fag/pedo is perfectly fine in Cucknada.

Oh stop being silly

I know a guy, grew up without a father, dropped out of high school, worked physical labor, sold drugs in his off time in order to save money to invest.

Now has made himself into a millionaire.

Please tell me again how hard it might be to do physical labor and sell drugs for a couple years.

There are plenty of ways for people to come up in the world.

Just because you think its harder doesnt mean it isnt possible. Just because you think societal morals matter doesnt mean they do.

Get your head out of your ass, if you really think someone that has physical job because they have been too lazy to think for themselves is an example of someone truly hard working, then you are really, really deluded.

Google "Vitalik child pornography tweet". Then just look at his fucking face and how he dresses.

to be fair he wasn't wrong with his tweet

Cope levels off the charts.

I've read the tweet you mong
Hardly, read the thread

I've held these jobs
I've collected trash
I've served trash people trash food for the chance at a trash tip
I've been the line cook, the bartender, the landscaper and the guy making your burger at fast food joints
I've been on subs and in battle
I've done this all with a smile on my face most of the time.
Most of the people I worked next to didn't do so because they believed they held society together or anything so admirable. They did it because that's the best slot they fell into with the least effort. They said they wanted more but so very few of them did anything for it. Most people strive for mediocrity so they can be just ok.
I get where you're coming from though. It's these same people that helped keep that smile plastered on my skull in the shit.

No, he's a commie faggot and still larps about childish ideals that everyone knows will never come true.

>I praise the ordinary working man over some guy who was born gifted and had life on easy mode from day 1


have you ever stopped to question why higher iq people tend to be leftists

i thought it was the eminem kid

this, this is brillant

>I know this one anecdote that is an exception and quite the story hence me even remembering it in the first place

No, I was saying exactly that. THEY DONT KNOW ANY BETTER!
?I don't get it
They don't

I've never seen money skelly or his internet money with my own peepers. As far as concerned, it might just be a figment of my imagination. Is any of this real?

I was making fun of you because you sound like a neckbeard reddit contrarian for saying shit like "I praise the everyday working man over a once in a generation genius". There's nothing special or interesting about adults giving up on life and doing the bare minimum to get by.

he turned my $800 into 64k so yea i believe in money skeleton :)

That's the point, you fucking moron. They go unappreciated because we are so accustomed to it

There is nothing "reddit" about this, you cunt

>guy worships completely average, uninteresting, pathetic men
>calls me a moron
hahahahahaha. wow you're such a unique contrarian

Yeah man, I got what you're saying, it was in the first paragraph. But I'm saying they dont have to. They know it can be better, they want things to be better, but because they know they won't do anything about it because "it's already all so shitty and insurmountable " then why should I give them the respectful nod? I have greater respect the guy that knows where he is and accepts it with zeal vice the guy who says every other day how he's gonna work out or take a class or start a business but never does.
It really is all shit, but that's no reason not to attempt less shit. The guys making jobs know that if they don't then some really shitty times are ahead. I feel it's these men who provide a purpose (regardless of how shitty) are the glue of modern society.
Consider a world of only laymen with all the skill in the world to lay mortar and weld machinery.

I fucked up and only googled child pornography should I get a new computer?

>le im a boomer
>le being a weird ugly autistic teenager is life being handed to you on a silver platter
>le i prefer le 82 IQ working man over young genius who has already significantly altered blockchain tech for the better
I don't even like Vitalik but I certainly do hope you die slowly.

Nice to see you can't discuss anything without just making up stuff as you go along

Yeah but I agree with that. Maybe its different depending on your country but in my country the class lines are blatant and these men/women are often mocked, ridiculed, etc... when in actuality they're the ones holding society together. And yeah, I don't buy that they know it can be better. I've worked with them, spoken with them and imo, genetics and all the rest of it play a huge role in things like this.
Be honest, do you think Vitalik would have fared well if he had been brought up in a poor Russian family who didn't encourage him to join chess club, or couldn't afford X or Y.

I am entirely sympathetic to those who have it bad, and have always had it bad, and in all probability will always have it bad

None of those are arguments kid
How old are you 15? Did you just get finished playing your video games?

Fuck off, and I'm 24

RIP in peace, user.

Oh, I see now. I can get behind that dude. I'm in the United States and I believed we were on the same wavelength there. You're right, and regardless of the shit (a lot of it true) I see against my nation around here, I'm still happy to live here for just the reasons we've been discussing. I don't have enough experience (long-term) in most other countries to speak on their behalf, so I suppose I salute your for doing so when others cannot. Peace brother... also all my support for money skeleton is purely based on my own wallet. He built, I prospered like a leech.


Your ass doesn't constantly bleed due to your savage faggotry?

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It does not.

Guys got enough money to swim in pussy even if he is a faggot.

He takes too many drugs


can't he just take a hipercaloric weight gainer or something, jesus