Goodbye my friends

I posted here a week ago about writing my parents out of my will in favor of my uni tutor who had been so kind/caring over the years before committing suicide

On Monday I left the ledger (150 BTC) and a suicide note saying thanks on a very high cupboard in his office, and I emailed him a few minutes ago with it's location. Emailed everyone I want to say goodbye to as well.

The helium is all set up (it's not balloon party crap, i stole some from uni) and the mask is active as of this post.

It's been a good ride bros and I thank you for all of it. I'm not going to change my mind and I feel fully at peace, id just like to spend my last time here.

I'm not sure how long it will take but I'll be browsing until it's over.

quit LARPing faggot

He was an hero

RIP in peace OP


Post pics of the tank/setup?

Hope you dont fuck it up user, good luck

You're a real human bean.

I don't even know who you are but have a nice trip


> The helium is all set up
Stop wasting helium for your selfish purposes you fucking faggots. It's non-renewable.

Good luck OP, may what awaits you be better.

I know it's autism but I have a brick phone. The helium tank is blue and about 1m tall. The rest is the CPAP stuff from the meme pic.

He's not even gonna accept the BTC. He will give it to your parents, but your larping anyway

Why tho, you have 150btc just go on a big long trip and when you feel bored jump of a cliff or some shit



Tell us about a notable post you made on Veeky Forums op. I want to see if I recognise you

Seriously user you could just get a random pic from google instead of coming up with that shit excuse

Also if you've been browsing for more than 20 seconds then your uni is buying from pajeets


Yeah I hope you stressed to him how he should keep it for himself and not for your family.

Anyways mate. Killing yourself is the most selfish thing you'll ever do and have done in your life, no amount of btc gift will ever outweigh the shame you've bestowed on the human race.

See you in space you weak Fucking cunt.

dont larp faggot

>has 150btc
>kills himself

Why not go fuck some bitches with no condom until you die instead of helium like a self pity bitch

take the 150 BTC and go completely crazy...
life is essentially without rhime or reason...
why cash out this early without seeing what experiences you can buy?
why not have a sex slave?
or buy some wine for a few thousand $ for the hell of it?
come on man, don't disappoint yourself here... you know, once you look back from the other side you'll regret not wasting over 100.000 dollars before you left...
outside of the physical realm money/BTC is worthless... so why not waste it all now to give your ego (you role in this life) the biggest HOORRA ever?
are you fucking stupid in the head, OP?


Part off into the ether friend

Its a shame you have to go

lol... more like over 1 mil $


Dont do it.
There will come better times.
Even if they dont last for ever, there will come good times again.

or is this the filthy preparation for this giveaway larp to come
>one of my students left me his 150 btc
if so - fuck off bitch.

>if so - kys faggot

user's final words.

RIP user. Money isnt happiness.
Hope you fail and come back with some of the happiness you deserve.
Godspeed user.

This is quite a shocking post..and I can't get a grip of how cool and relaxed everyone else is responding to a fellow human being, who's obviously crying out for help. Damn, what a fucked up world!
@OP, I don't know how you arrived to the decision take your own life, but please don't do it. You're blessed. You have enough money, to literally change your life completely. Well, I don't know you, but hey, if you need someone to talk..I'm a good listener. Sometimes it really helps, to pour it all out. Just saying...

Everyone's chill because this is a 2/10 larp.
OP's dead now anyway, user.

Why don't you take that money, take a flight to thailand instead and go fuck some prostitutes? You might decide life is worth it after all.

If we were really your friends you would have given the BTC to us. Fuck you normie.

You wont get simpathy over the internet, its just how it is

If the last thing I see before I die is Veeky Forums please shoot me.

150 BTC. What could you buy with that?

Post proof faggot.

You know its a painful death right?

Maybe because a lot feel the same? I became depressed one year ago and had to take medication until I decided I had enough last winter, so I tapered off. But things haven't gotten better. It feels like everything i say, hear or read doesn't mean anything. And had I not taken the medication, I would probably be dead by now. So, it feels like I'm living past my expiration date somehow. I don't know how else I can put it.

he knew for sure.
maybe not early enough.

Are you knew ? Do you know how much threads like this I have seen on Veeky Forums ? At one point you just can't tell if it us fake or not, plus there is no point stressing yourself over someone you don't know. Being relax doesn't mean you are inhuman



Help is on the way.

>not having open a tab with black history month on jewtube

>no gay porn with hats on
shit screenshot

ganbatte ne
enjoy afterlife

some mildy amusing tabs, needs more classics

This, use carbon dioxide

Except it's not, thats the whole point of helium.

Otherwise might as well stick a platic bag over your head

Learn to kys faggot

Stupid or larp.
With 150 BTC you can buy 10 psychiater and you will feel like new born after 1 year and still have 100 BTC left to do whatever you want.

>dying a degenerate
not that painlessly offing yourself in some bourgeoisie way isn't degenerate, but it's at least less decadent. An honorable death should be the most difficult action of your life - set out to sea, hike the mountains, venture into the forest until your body gives out

gay dolphin sex was always my favorite

>150 BTC
pick 1

Why you don't spend all those btc before and enjoy Life? Maybe you Will change your mind

You mean carbon monoxide you brainlet

send 0.1 btc pls

i won't tell your parents you browsed this shithole