A couple weeks ago I brought FuzeX's pre-sale to your knowledge...

A couple weeks ago I brought FuzeX's pre-sale to your knowledge. Hope you bought in after the thread went through all the points of the project and proved it's potential.

I'm now back with information about an even bigger project that, if successful, will make fun of your measly 10x gains on your "moon" shit. This is the go-big-or-go-home project of early 2018.

And the best part is that it's already on the market. In accumulation phase and ignored by Veeky Forums.

I'm going to reveal tips on which coin it is for all dubs. Trips, and I will reveal some letters in the name.

Roll or pass on the project of the year.

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Just shill it you fag

Very well, you guys don't seem interested. I'll make a note to return and try again once this has doubled in price.

Thanks just bought 100k gray coin (GRY)

I’m interested, rolling

Well you did get dubs, I can start.

They're building their own blockchain and the current market cap is under 100 million.

Rolling, faggot.

>fagroll 5000

Fuckoff coin

90% of every single crypto is doing this. You set off too many pajeet flags with the buzzwords in this thread already

Oh and fuckin check em

Is it on the second page of Coinmarketcap user?

Fuck his coin, was researching a candidate and refound bloom. Check out their graph on cmc. So fucking delcious coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bloomtoken/

They're Chinese and the circulating supply hasn't been added on CMC yet.

Easy. It's matrix AI network

Good guess, but keep rolling. I think I'm not going to say yes or no to further guesses until it's obvious.

Good lord I hope not. I believe in OPs judgement.

Share some wisdom OP

Are you a CPchain shill?

Rollin for trips

check the trips

They have a prototype and will launch mainnet in Q3 2018. Most of their funding was raised through angel investing by large Chinese groups.

Somebody get trips already

Get me rich quick

Fortuna is going places once they get their shit together. I like the price too.

Trips GET

rolling for trips

Just reveal u faggot

okay got me curious

Hmm hoping to have the name soon


Rolling for quads

They're on KuCoin.

HPB, but it's MC is 130MM

Where are the trips when you need them


Thing is, vechain kinda made thekey irrelevant with its first Dapp

VEN has made both The key and poet obsolete.

But yes it's this. They have good connections and got added today. And of course since it's cuckkoin it's whale owned.

I agree. Anyway that's the coin OP was talking about. I'll stick to my Vechain instead of this shit


But it is on CMC?

Circulating supply isn't as OP stated before. Anyway there are better low marketcap projects available than this one

Keep on rolling.


So it's not thekey?

tell me




They are releasing their own mainnet in Q3 but how is that an early 2018 coin? Wtf?

Really user, Fortuna
There are better Chinese projects than some guys with an idea and a website

Solid team
Mcap under 100
Own blockchain
First mover advantage


Need more info, Rolling



1 more shot baby

Let's see this time

Pretty much all chink coins with no mcap have been named

Grrrr. Just SAy it

Guess I'll roll too

faggot op

check em

60 replies and not a single trips wtf

do you even into math?


I'll settle for dubs

Just keep rolling

Someone get trips already

Did op leave

trips.. it's INT

>it's potential
pajeet confirmed

Lets Talk sbout VeChain while we wait for trips

Fuck this


Op last replied an hour ago

We tried

Hybrid delegated proof-of-stake algorithm. If you’re not familiar with the OTC derivates market, time to start educating yourself is now.



The scam coin with no whitepaper that is shilled by someone called coca cola kid?

Collaboration with Neo and Qtum.

I agree. Anyway vechain is my main hold and will continue to be. Biggest knock against it by others is atm is no whitepaper atm

I was right it was Fortuna

Fortuna confirmed. Thanks OP, looks like I was wrong

That was my thought too, but another user mentioned q3. So a little late in the year.

Now delete this thread


Rolling, spill the beans you fag

Does improving the existing NEO network count?

It's Fortuna (FOTA)