COLX is one of the safest moon now that NANO and Verge are dead

COLX is one of the safest moon now that NANO and Verge are dead.

Getting listed on Cryptopia, devs already paid the fee (11BTC) so it would be wise to get into it now. I am staking my coins at the moment.

Here is a nice price tracker:

ColossusCoinXT (COLX) is based on the popular PIVX Source Code with a fixed PoS block reward.

The PIVX Features are very innovative (for instance: improved Proof of Stake 3.0 protocol, Masternodes, SwiftTX Instant Transactions, Private Instant Verified Transactions /full-time private transactions, Obfuscation Mixing Mechanism, innovative variable seesaw reward mechanism, Coin Control).

10M coins for a masternode, still relatively cheap under this price.

Waiting for cryptopia listing for like 2 months now? This coin is a joke. How heavy are your bags OP?

BS, it's getting on Cryptopia later this month and also confirmed for NEXT Exchange.

No wonder this coin will do great with all shit around NANO and Verge. Also getting heavily shilled on Resetera.

Probably will go to 90+ satoshi next week.

I don't really see this as a special coin. To me the only super appealing thing about COLX is the current value proposition. If they can do what they say they're gonna do even for just Q1 then it is a very good buy at 30 sats.

How new are you to crypto? Sounds like you expect to overnight double your money, and don't understand anything about the markets right now.


Why is verge dead?

I expect this moon once it gets on Cryptopia, but CryptoBridge is also a decent exchange.

It's just that a daily volume is low at the moment, but should change soon

An easy 3x and that is still under its previous ATH

I've been filling up during the crash. 31 satoshi is such a steal compared to it's high of 170 right before things turned to shit. It's going to at least double in price once the white paper is release shortly.

I'm super close to masternode and I'm getting about 4 stake rewards a day with the way I split my stakes.

How much can I expect from 500000 COLX if I stack?

You can expect a comfysignal join comfy signals

Whitepaper comes out on Friday, so it will probably only boost the price

I was staking 500,000 when I first started. I was getting 1 reward every four days with it split into 10,000 colx stakes. The difficulty has gone up since then so your mileage may vary.

I currently have my stakes in 8k batches and it seems to be killing it.

I actually got this coin when Resetera's Yankee recommended it. They already made XBY's moon possible in December.

Not expecting anything less from COLX from this point. Market cap is still low, so it can only go up

Probably x5 in next 2-3 weeks

Got ~400K for a bit over 0.1BTC and waiting for a lambo


how about t4m?

Electra is far more superior than COLX

Explain. I don't see how ECA could be better than COLX or PIVX.

COLX is the next moon confirmed


Your shitcoin will never do anything. Better invest in solid projects lmao.

COLX shills are still using the
A) end of the month Cryptopia listing and
B) whitepaper imminent

bullshit I see. It's been going on since at least December. Good luck bag holders

Nice FUD pajeet, go sell your NANO now

I believe it's going to rise, it's really popular on Resetera.

Gotta be stupid not to buy this. Whitepaper on Friday and Cryptopia later this month.

Easy x10

I like that it's PIVX Jr. but the supply is crazy high. Might as well buy PIVX on the cheap right now instead.

Well, it's a much improved from PIVX and really cheap compared to its ATH. It will probably make decent profits in next few weeks with all the announcements coming

Because i need it to be so colx can go up

going to invest in this because i like the design of their website

r8 my fundamental analysis

You're on a good track since it's going x5

TradeSatoshi worked perfectly for me

Same, lots of buy orders

>invest in coin with no white paper
>the absolute state

delete this, I'm still accumulating