I am a member of Peter Thiel's Founder's Fund venture capital firm. We have invested millions into bitcoin, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNBC, and other mediat outlets.

This is a warning.

Bitcoin is failing to $5,000 this upcoming Thursday. Prepare yourselves.

Are you withdrawing or moving them into alts

Makes sense. Buy high sell low


proof or GTFO


I'm Peter Thiel
you are fired

SICK larp

If dubs this is true and we'll all double our stacks

hey thanks for the heads up, you lowlife piece of shit larper

This isn't a LARP. We are going all in on VEN. We share Jim Breyer's thinking calculus on this.

VEN is going to moon sooner than you think. Call this a LARP, whatever. For the wise members of, Veeky Forums, I'm sure they will heed the call.

I'm the real Peter Thiel. I suck cocks.

You have exactly 10 seconds to state which was Founders Fund's biggest hit and biggest miss. It's a very easy question if you're anywhere affiliated with Founders Fund. If you don't know that, get fuck the out.


VEN will moon like we've never seen a coin moon before. Take a screenshot of this comment.

I took the screenshot, printed it and shitted on it

proof you larping faggot


I could lose my job. You just have to trust me. Or not - You can lose immensely come Thursday. I'm not telling you to go all in on VEN. What I am saying is that BTC is due for a reckoning this week unlike we have ever seen before.

i was talking to someone else, don't ever come at me like this again, i am all in on VEN but i will fucking sell if you fuck with me again

Answer this simple question. It won't get you fired. It's practically public knowledge unless you're a larping brainlet Veeky Forumstard

Welll ladies and gentleman, if you weren’t sure if this was a LARP or not, this just confirmed it.

Stay turned for another edition of, bored NEETs larping on biz. Take care.

>Stay turned for another edition of
>Stay turned

buy chainlink lul

Cool story bro. For those curious, and to show you can't even do a half-decent larp well, it's public knowledge that Series A of Facebook was the biggest hit, and series B was the biggest miss. Up til date, perhaps there are bigger ones they haven't yet made public, or haven't yet materialized.

1/10 larp, try again.

i really wish you'd shut up. no one is curious and no one gives a shit about your weird factoids you peasant

No one cares about that conservashit Peter thiel

It's Peter Thiel here. Come into my office immediately. I need my cock sucked. Shit is throbbing aching to bust.

hit: Fb
miss: LINK

Is this real or what?

nice Reddit spacing faggot

did you have sexual relations with mr. thiel? be honest

also: is it true that he shoots himself up with young peoples blood to reverse his aging?

tell us

what r u telling here u fucker?
if you would move from btc to ven u get rekt even more when btc goes down

if u said we tether up and then buy in ven it would be better larp

Price prediction on friday?
I'd sell my VEN and buy LINK if it hit 100... I only have 250 feels like just fuel for the next moonride

selling ven . user are you really that fucking dumb

That's how I know you're full of shit. I have friends who are close with Peter Thiel and he talks shit about VEN constantly. He also thinks Coca Cola kid is a tacky marketing gimmick.

how is Peter like in person?

>We invested millions into bitcoin
>So we can lose loads of money because we know! its going down to 5k
Buy high sell low sasuga Peter Thiel

>I am a member of Peter Thiel's Founder's Fund venture capital firm.