The prophecy shall be completed

The prophecy shall be completed

You are only delaying the inevitable

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>mom, I posted it again

does this look like a healthy trend that will recover any time soon to you my friend

just sell and save yourself

Oh I sold at 15k on the way up. Thanks though.

I hope so. I'm waiting with more fiat.
Still not selling my holdings though u mad

So you gonna show us proof or what?

this user got off the ride early my friend
you can too

dont be the person who held enron stock

Another tripfag, just what we needed, FaggotJager

>global studies and geography
>accurately predicting market cycles


There must be fundamental reason for that stock to plummet THAT low.

Worst case scenario it goes to zero and I keep doing what I'm doing. Otherwise it goes back up and I become a bajillionaire.
I'm cool with those odds.

Stay coping, poorfag.

this was the 2014 crash

at its worst it sank to 40% of its original value and took 3 years to climb out of the hole

lol, deny all you want my freind but you're getting fucked

Yeah company fails.
The BTC equivalent would be a devastating security flaw which has yet to be discovered so there's NO REASON for btc to go to 0.

Enron and Tron are almost the same word. Is this a sign?


literal projection

all your mommys allowance money you got went into a 100% speculative asset casino with the "currency" you are holding representing 0 actual value

>Extended period of accumulation before next bullrun
PLEASE God give me some time. In last year of uni and I'll be working to buy all of the buttcoins.

doddery old fuck go back to watching judge judy

Totally forgot we had another mt.gox event.


>Implying I didn't hold through that fall too.
>This will happen again and again and again and everything you think you're brining new to the table has been said after every bullrun btc has had.

Unless a security flaw that allows ledger alteration is found bitcoin will not lose all it's value.
I'm not saying it won't go to 1$ because the value is relative to demand (since supply is fixed) but as long as it works as intended it will never go to 0.

I agree tripfag OP, the prophecy shall be completed. Your scale is just off by a bit :)

i would get rock hard if bitcoin plummeted, but there's a difference between a company caught out for fraud and bitcoin, which is merely overvalued.

>implying this would be a bad thing

During that period you accumulate and increase your stack, so when the next bull run comes you will get x^y that you would get if the bull run was to start tomorrow. FAGGOT

no you have people realizing the speculative market casino you all play is retarded

its well on its way to 4000

inb4 coping by saying its just the first dip

do you all unironically think that a bunch of 4chinners have outmaneuvered professional investors and hobbyist who are good at what they do

>an asset whose value is given solely by demand
>bitcoin is never overvalued or undervalued its value is the exact value at the time you watch the market.

Fortunately, nothing has changed in the marketplace since then, whew, good thing alt coins are propping the market up, good thing interest and awareness isn’t at an all time high, whew, good thing Vechain isn’t taking blockchain to governments and enterprises at shocking scale and speed, whew, good thing ETH doesn’t exist and isn’t churning out ICOs and ERC’s like a vampire lair, WHEW good thing Stellar Lumens doesn’t exist to partner with IBM, whew good thing IBM isn’t giving enverything up for Watson and Blockchain, whew..

Your memes make you weak, gramps.


it's so obvious that $6k was despair, now around 8-9k it's returning to the mean

Stay poor, madfag. You'll be poor, mad, and faggy forever.

God I hope it crashes to 3k. I have about 120k incoming in april may and my fucking sweet jesus Id love it to be that low

projection and coping


that doesnt even make sense because a linear regression of pre-inflation price does not yield a value as fukcin high as 8-9k lmfao

look at the trend over the last 3 months, it has fallen then risen some, fallen again, risen again ect... its going to keep going down

afraid not dear friend


This is best news. I didn't go all in on crypto, so I have plenty of fiat to invest when BTC goes to $400 again.

So... what you're saying is... there's been no media attention or delusion yet.

>all your mommys allowance money you got went into a 100% speculative asset casino with the "currency" you are holding representing 0 actual value

who cares then? I put a couple hundo in this slot machine and play around day trading, getting decent gains.

If I'm in waiting for volatility to take me to my daily bollinger band high and it crashes once and for all, ah well. I lost a few hundred bucks, which was the price I paid for the hours of entertainment I got out of this rollercoaster and all the the lels I got along the way.

I spend that on a new computer monitor every year, I spend that eating out every month, I probably spend that on beer, I spend that on buying 1k rounds of 5.56x45 and 12ga birdshot every six months to go target/clay shooting. Most normies spend that much in a month or two of paying for a cable subscription. It's just play money m8.

Despite the memes, I doubt man people on here are speculating with their rent money or taking out loans for this shit.

Even if this doesn't make me rich or it makes me lose what I put into it, I literally don't give a shit.

literally this

a bunch of basement dwelling NEET 4chinners think they are so ahead of the game

>professional investors

>lol, deny all you want my freind but you're getting fucked
And? Even if BTC keeps stable, we'll be able to make money with altcoins that moon 1000%.

do you know how many of us that got rich with just eth and btc last year?

It would have to drop to < $2000 to hit the despair zone

>I am very smart increasingly nervous man says for the 102nd time over the coarse of the crash

you moved the goalpost and typed a wall of text to cope about how it doesnt even matter anyways


It only takes one LN devastating security flaw to send BTC price to the sink.

Bitcoin works perfectly.

Lightning Network doesn't.

>I swear I am very rich, my portfolio which is incredibly difficult to liquidate has a BIGLY winning level of "currency" in it

Yea, im one of them lmao. After i did 100x on ETH in ONE YEAR i know this rocket is out of fuel. How greedy can you guys get

BTC will still function without LN.

l m a o

and you made a whole thread and are replying to every post

have fun m80 my flight is almost boarding and I wanna get some more trades in

Why are tripfags such tryhards, holy shit.

The next 6 days will be very very hard for you anons. Prepare your pink wojacks

>I-I'm gonna go on my f-flight

>crypto will die increasingly nervous man says for the 1002nd time


>Bitcoin is an audited company that has to file annual earnings reports.

Yeah, ok dude.

In other news, December we will have the biggest bull run yet with bitcoin hitting 50k. Remember to buy high and sell low in January.

Of course it will, but blockstream campaign to associate Bitcoin with LN could destroy trust in BTC by extension if the Lightning Network fails.

It only takes a single fatal flaw in the LN and its over, probably forever when it happens, and guess what, people on testnet are already constantly losing coins.

>memechart that is 100% accurate
u trollin


already have 800k $ so im fine poorfag

nice larp

even if it were true you will never liquidate all of that lmfao

I mean, not really. The occasional bloomberg segment and article isn't really media hype but whatever

>morons entering left and right in january just because and not guided by media hype

Lol how fucking buttmad are you? Wasting time over here and don't even have coins hahahahaha. How fucking salty are you?

Enjoy your salt faggot, if this is over why are you still here? No my friend you can't sleep because you missed the train. And now you need to cope hard. You didn't make money so nobody did, except everybody did except you, deal with it brainlet.

>Lol how fucking buttmad are you?

> Wasting time over here and don't even have coins hahahahaha. How fucking salty are you?

projection, I am a prophet

>Enjoy your salt faggot


>No my friend you can't sleep because you missed the train

I swear I'll be rich any day now.png

>And now you need to cope hard


>You didn't make money so nobody did, except everybody did except you, deal with it brainlet.


wow what a good post this was lmfao

I bought eth when it was 9$ and sold at 1k
You must have a boring life when you shitpost on biz

Why do you want us to sell Panzer?

I can think of 4 reasons:

1. You're shorting.
2. You want to buy cheaper.
3. You believe the crash is inevitable and genuinely want to help people.
4. You don't believe the crash is inevitable but want people to believe that because you'd find it emotionally gratifying - for any range of reasons, all of which amount to personality defects...

Which is it? Keeping in mind they're not all mutually exclusive.

larping lmao

the crash is inevitable and I want to be amused by it sooner rather than later

this. It's going to happen. It absolutely will. But I'm impatient so I want it happen already so I can laugh.

Okey you are 100% baiting, Eth got shilled as much as Chainlink, so many people got rich. Ill make a thread on biz EOY just to say fuck you and show my gains in this year

even if you aren't larping pixel gains do not equal actual monetary gains lmao

nice larp

nice cope

nice projection

nice no money

first sell off
bear trap

>what is cashing out???
You know people buy crypto for real money and can sell it for real money?

even without the chart - Despair is guaranteed the next destination ...

log or linear makes no difference its to recognize a market behavioural pattern according to amount/value ... which is self explanatory lower when the price is been driven by massive manipulation to 20k

... cya @ 5k btc faggots

>I swear I cashed out everything I had
>n-no it wasnt a grand total of 3000 dollars
>p-pls believe me

sure are rich there my friend

says increasingly nervous community for the 150th time this crash

>real money
>bitcoin isn't real money
thanks for proving his point.

Oh no ill loose nothing, and do what I would of done without crypto. Plus I will have paid off my Student loans and my car with my gains from two months. Why post if you know it is going to crash leave the market and come back post crash. Else you are just being annoying.

it amuses me, my child

Whoa, what's this chart, I've never seen this chart before.

I didnt cash everything out, cashed out about 250k after taxes and i still have crypto for over 450k$
Bitcoin isnt "real" money but it has a value that is higher than your year salary

that is a larping amount lmfao

>Bitcoin isnt "real" money but it has a value that is higher than your year salary

projection lmfao

bitcoin has 0 value

I really don't know who is still holding Bitcoin before the final leg of the retracement.

Smart money are out, hope and dreams are holding apparently, unless they really decide to crash it.

>Segwit breaks chain of digital signatures
>Block size limit crushes mainstream usage and adoption
>LN will turn BTC into a banking platform where the majority of TXs happen through centralized, highly liquid hubs.

Yeah, definitely nothing wrong with the fundamentals :^)

At some point you run out of people who want to sell - for a range of reasons:

1. Perhaps they bought early and don't really care about the drop because they want long term exposure.
2. Perhaps they bought at the top but don't care because they want long term exposure.
3. Perhaps they bought at the bottom and don't care because they want long term exposure.

And that's only if it can fall further - I bought at $700 and then at $7000 recently because I don't think it is going to fall further.

Now consider:

1. The fact you're convinced you're right shows a lack of appreciation you might be wrong - which I'd say isn't smart because people who believe in things totally don't tend to have a great deal of mental plasticity.
2. The fact you think shilling on Veeky Forums will influence the price I'd also say indicates you're not very smart or informed about what's involved in the price at the moment.
3. The fact you're doing it for schadenfreude is admitting you're doing it for malign reasons.

If I cared to believe a thing anyone said here (which I don't), answer me this: Why should I listen to someone who I think is...

A. Not too bright.
B. Doesn't have my interests in mind?

If you can't answer that nothing you say is worth listening to.

Checkmate faggots.

I'm bearish but thanks for blowing that faggot out

top kek german niggers BTFO

You clearly took a lot of time to write this out so I'll spite you by not reading it. All I'll say is I'm smarter than you so you should listen to me instead of yourself.

You should also consider killing yourself, just fucking do it already

If this sideways market goes on for too long you could also run out of people who want to buy.

The main motivation for people to buy cryptos are gains. If there are no gains, people will stop buying and it will crash.

So lets hope that this sideways market stops rather soon.

>being this assblasted

Those symmetrical digits of truth

My fucking uber driver who came here from Guam was chatting me up about XRP. YOU GODDAMN BLIND IDIOT

>he thinks people want to buy his internet meme currency for real, actual dollars
fucking wew lad

I was out drinking a beer with a friend a few days ago. We were chatting about blockchain. Suddenly this mid 40 year old guy comes up to us and say "Fuck Blockchain" while showing us the finger. Turns out he lost a lot of money with XRP.

Not necessary to mention that he did not even understand what blockchain does.

He also told us that he bought 20 commodore 64 as an investment.


It is time anons and you know it. We are well beyond the stealth phase.

You can't even understand that Veeky Forums is anonymous... why would I trust your advice?

If you think crypto today is similar to crypto in 2014 and therefor the charts will mirror the 2014 crash you are actually retarded.

crypto is different today than before, but they tend to mirror other charts :)
GG bullfag, bears are taking over. And we will get cheap prices. The BTC chart resembles the bubble chart perfectly, only reason why it is still up right now because desperate bulls are resisting at full force. We would have been 4k by now. Anyways, i can't wait for discount prices