programmed a trading-bot

> programmed a trading-bot
> simple TA they said
> follow RSI and MACD they said
> buy low sell high
> back testing
> just one day of good trading
> now I dont have 5.21btc anymore

If you were smart enough to program the trading bot, you should have been smart enough to read a book on trading systems or portfolio management.

Now make it do opposite of what he was doing and you're all set

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flip the buy and sell commands

literal brainlet

>> buy low sell high
it's the other way around, jackass

top kek

reminder that humans always outperform bots. Use it as an assistant but don't let it fuck with your BTC.

Maybe test it with smaller lots first.

actual retard here

It worked fine with smaller amounts for a week
This must have been (((them)) fucking my bot over when it was doing more volume

what recommendations do you have, good sir, pls sir.

>worked fine
>they must have done something
>also not forward testing on a demo account for a good amount of time

You're supposed to spend months backtesting then walk forward, op is a fucking idiot


but I did backtesting on 1 year worth of data,
like this, had all the data in timescaledb, replayed the data to the bot and it traded well no matter which time-range it got to work on.
it worked fine for a week or so on a real exchange, with low volume.

it is as if trading with some amount of volume, changes the markets or other bots behaviour

>read a book on trading systems or portfolio management.
Which books would you suggest?I wrote a bot but cant into it working when fees > 0.05%

>he thinks he can compete with bots operating in half trillion dollar competition

>backtested in a bull market
You could as well make random buys

Tell me how did you do the back test because you might have 2 year of data and the bot might trade well.

sucker. I bought this bot and. I’ve been using it on a test account starting with 1 btc for the past 2 weeks and I have 2.6 btc already.

>/pol/ programming bots.

This is what happens...

i'm programming a bot right now, using RSI and MACD. I was about to send it live. Is it going to lose all my ETH?

>nothing but green IDs in his thread
gonna make it, OP

are you a poor faggot from nigeria?
your bot will do fine, it will earn you a whole 0.002ETH per month, enough to buy a goat. congratulations.


I have gunbot and profittrailer and this blows it out of the water. Thanks.

Why did you sign your post?

kek, this. gib script

took my brainlet self a few minutes to figure it out, but I got it running

This has to be a scam right? I mean .01 BTC is nothing, but surely its taking your passwords or private keys.

The fuck. You never heard of testing??

Is it just an API to plug into Binance? I was thinking about writing my own bot since thus far I've made ~2% a day just trading off volatility but this would save a shit load of time.

That's pretty interesting - why would you give a bot 5 btc to play with instead of letting it take .05 up to 5?

passed my scans, but run it in a VM if you’re concerned with a small amount.

here’s the link again

the only winrar of this thread

This, look at his trips for fucks sake

use a vpn and make a new binance account, not that hard

how do you even code a bot to do trading? how do you interact with the exchanges?

just dump this bot here

this is kinda true actually

i made most of my gains figuring out some bots strategy and robbed it blind, once on kucoin and once on hitbtc, it was easy money

>still running this scam
My son

a lot of if statements

>he is still posting the scam

Maybe there really are geniuses that can somehow compete with billionaires bots.