Where we selling?

When you start seeing it shilled on Veeky Forums you know it is time to sell.



gonna hold until EOY. I bought at 17$ so I don't really give a fuck

Why would i sell it? It will flip ETH soon

I'm scared lads I can make 15% right now

Just bought in again. Help me.

I don't see anyone talking about the fact that ETC will be added to Coinbase soon, specifically Q1 of this year.

I was given a tip from a whale with insider connections on this a couple months ago, and he still says he is 100% certain of it.

My guess is Coinbase adds ETC before the end of the month and keeps everyones airdop. If not, I'm still confident in this guy's intel that it will be added by the end of March.

it's pumping again

Coinbase gave people the ETC from the ETH fork. Also it gave people Bitcoin Cash. So it will definetly not take the Callisto.

But with the Airdrop coming, Coinbase will add ETC definetly not until the Airdrop

Sell at 0056

Will any wallet do?

Seems legit!

As long as you have the private key and ETC on that address, everything is fine. Just don leave it on an exchange

So whatever wallet that's synced to the blockchain works? Perfect.


The wallet doesnt really matter. If you have a private key that has any amount X of ETC at Block number 5500000 (this is when the snapshot takes place), you will be able to access X Callisto later with that key.

That's not how blockchain works friend.

Forks or Airdrops always create the FOMO effect (you literally cant wait, because if you don't have it until a specific date, then you dont get the fork/airdrop). This lets people make irrational choices.

Another effect that will cause ETC to go up this year is that ETH switches to proof-of-stake and miners will then mine ETC (or other alternatives). At that time many other Ethereum-like networks will probably gain popularity.

>sold all my ETC for XMR at $17 to buy drugs
god damn I am one dumb motherfucker


You could have gotten the 3x amount of drugs