Daily reminder to buy EVE and not this shit. Head the warning and keep it moving.



Kaaba Coin. I think it's important that crypto investors support their favorite Muslim organizations.

Devery Cucks are always talking shit about ary

sage'd. holy fuck NO ONE ON BIZ OWNS EITHER WE KNOW THEYRE BOTH SCAMS. y'all wasting your fucking breath here. shill to reddit, they'll actually give a fuck.

Your opinon is as useless as you and that loose lipped pussy you fell out of.

Hey this devery cuck used the new ARY logo. You’re not half bad, OP.

At least ARY is on an actual exchange, nobody cares about your shitcoin faggot

See you at the moon in a couple of months OP, doing gods work by FUDDing keeping out the weakhands

being targeted by a PnD is... bad. At least long term. Is this not a PnD?

Holy fuck you faggots need to stfu. Nobody holding ary cares about your shit coin or your garbage tier fud.

>See you at the moon in a couple of months OP

Yeah yeah, Screenshot. I've heard it all before user. Fuck off.

no it's called buying low and holding until it inevitably moons once ARY starts gaining traction. Smart whales accumulate and hold good coins.

Do you really think a team based in the US of 7 people that are hiring 4 more people that already has a successful pilot study is going to fail?
Plus they literally do weekly updates a la REQ, and you see how well that turned out right?

When is it hitting a real exchange?

reading comprehension, nigger. i'm asking about your dumb fucking picture. what the fuck does a pump and dump group have to do with a coin mooning

If anybody wants proof whales are buying this coin while trying to keep the price low.

A whale bought 380 ETH worth of coins to buy out the weakhands that were eager to sell

>Gee I can't see why a coordinated group with money will buy into a promising project, I cannot connect the dots that this might be big in a couple months.

motherfucker i don't know shit about this group. if you're too lazy to explain what they're about, then fuck right off. don't you think if i kept called them a PnD, then i don't know shit about them? save your deadass reply. deluded retard. tell sameer to get smarter shills. his current ones don't convince people of dick diddly.

don't buy idgaf, I don't need to shill. I'm posting to reassure the weakhands that they made a good choice

cool inspect element bro

>I don’t need to shill!!
It’s okay, user. I know you’re only /pretending/ to be retarded.

Why are Devery cucks? The project seems solid.

no, actually was real
happened to times and both orders got filled to the max by you stupid /bizniggers with ur weakhands
buy high sell low, always

>. I'm posting to reassure the weakhands that they made a good choice

Shilling would be me trying to tell you about the product and why its a great buy, im telling the weakhands not to sell

bc they spend the whole day complaining in the telegram about exchange listing
but don't worry booki poobear and his teleportation token system will swing devery to the moon

Lmao this is clearly a false-flag FUD thread.

ARYfag made this thread to defame Devery. Because his two Devery FUD threads yesterday backfired at him, he changed his tactic and made this false-flag FUD thread. People saw his threads yesterday and became aware and interested to invest in Devery.

See and Fucking faggot get a life. Why are you so obsessed with bringing Devery down? FUDing Devery won't make your shitcoin moon. You're getting more and more desperate and pathetic now. Kys.

>he thinks it was fake
it was talked about in the telegram and posted here when it happened

The project is garbage and so are their shills. Enjoy your exit scam

you realize that devery and ary are not direct competitors?

you stupid bizniggers need to learn that this here is no "the winner takes it all" is
the whole market is full of dozens of legacy systems, there won't be one company who gets the whole market share or anything
how old are u idiots?
this is not superman vs. batman

>thinks an orderbook reflects trades that have actually occurred.
kek nice one user


I think you've had enough to drink/smoke today

I haven't made any other threads but this. This tinfoil shit is sad. Can't I just make a post without being a shill? I like EVE and I think ARY is a scam coin. It's simple.

could be fake orders wash trading
could be weak hands mass selling

either way it's bullish, especially since buy walls keep coming up as price goes lower

why would someone with money buy a bad investment?

Yeah tell that to those ARYfags. They're the ones who started this retarded war between us. They're the ones who made like 7 FUD threads on Devery last week.

I know I'm right because I was there on those two threads yesterday. These edgy ARYfags really went all the way to FUD Devery.

Sure you are. Neck yourself, you pathetic cunt. You're fooling no one.

>never heard of L. F. Rothschild
you gotta be like... 13yo. no way you're any older.

>>never heard of L. F. Rothschild
i've heard much more stories about a bankrupt pajeet or retail investor

LOL you’re fucking embarrassing yourself, man. Your English was convincing for a hot second, but you slipped. Stop blowing yourself the fuck out and go back to street shitting

pic related
nah this fool has been pathetic this entire thread

>call him a pajeet even though he is a native english speaker, it'll work every time.

I think I should entertain your mental illness.

are u mentally deficient?

go to /pol and argue with the nutbrains there

>”heard much more stories”
>native English speaker
ya o ok.

kek let him keep going


>I can't counter his arguments
>I'll just go ad hominem then, works every time
The absolute state of ARY bagholders.

actually this make sense

>have no arguments
>thinks this here is a discussion
>mom is late with diner

yeah "much more {adjective}" works. "much more {noun}" doesn't.
>e.g. There are much more teachers in the other room.
Doesn't work.
ugh English-as-a-second-language speakers are so fucking awkward. you can always tell by their lack of nuance. you can stop now, user. there's no saving you at this point.

How do I go about disproving your claim that I made other threads slandering ARY, on an anonymous chinese cartoon image forum?

I bet you thought you sounded smart when you said ad hominem, fucking slack jaw faggot.

kek pathetic


>being this stern about language like people speak/type perfect English every day
>implying that communities around the US/UK/AUS don't speak different dialects of English where some things sound normal in one place but not in another
>tfw Cuban born in Florida and speak with other Cubans every day
Anyway I don't see the point in arguing about this.

We'll see how this project does in a couple months. I'm pretty confident it'll do pretty well with the 11 person team they are trying to achieve. Amazon managed to become huge with just a 10M IPO too.

>I’m a native speaker
>actually I’m Cuban and this is how Cubans speak English and that makes it correct
>”why are you so stern on English”
>posts pedantically about English
>even googles and screen shots non-applicable examples of English
>pussies out of argument because he doesn’t see the point
Ditch the ropa viejas and get a ropa for your necka

>Ditch the ropa viejas and get a ropa for your necka
TOPKEK user fucking dumpstered (ropa viejas is fucking dank tho)

Nobody gives a shit about Block Array.

you can be a native speaker even if your heritage is from somewhere else, if you went to any place where there's many Spanish/Italian/German/etc speakers you'd understand the English is spoken differently. Why are you so adamant on arguing about English on a business board?

>Ditch the ropa viejas and get a ropa for yoir necka
The absolute state of Republitards

Honestly this might be the best strategy. Even if one project fails, the other one will surely moon.

this. do yourselves a favor and just forget this shit exists, just sold 100k