What went wrong? It was pumping steadily and now it is on its return already?

What went wrong? It was pumping steadily and now it is on its return already?

mum's spaghetti?

because there are no new rumors or anything that would justify a price increase
just be glad you can get it for cheap now

its a pump and dump scam, always has been

Keep fucking buying until youre homeless. it will be worth it

>pumping steadily

Just fucking hold and stop watching the price. I check a few times a week, we are gonna make it, you just need patience

Link could be $0.20 for the next six months, long term coin only.

>What went wrong

it's still up 10% for the day after 2 days of gains

jebus, y'all are stupid sometimes

This. Get comfy, brehs.

Turdblaster said that certain someone will be accumulating LINK this week and that this will look like a PnD but it's just that big buying pressure is making people FOMO for no reason and thus it created a small pump.

bootybuttcheeksblaster isn't to be trusted.

check maybe?

Is this your first day of looking at charts?

>Something pumps
>After a a little while it declines
>New floor is set x% above the previous day

Do you expect constant upwards movement forever and ever?

t. i started this meme

link $1000 eoy

Don't worry

cool meme, indeed

fuck link its a PnD group target now. Not worth a shit. Anyone who saw today knows is a faggot coin

If you even read the white paper, you’d know that sergey put in dog-whistles to pump&dumpers. It’s made to look like a legitimate project, but in reality it’s a pump&dumpers wet dream

>Still up 12% against BTC
>6 hours after it hit ATH

That's not how PnDs work, you filthy pajeet.

stfu Pajeet

It's a shitcoin

You better believe it

Every day I am only using 2$ for food, the rest of my little meager salary is used to buy chainlink every single month. I have been doing it since sibos now and with that I have been eating only oatmeal and 100 gram chicken for almost 4 months now.I wake up I eat oatmeal, in the afternoon I eat oatmeal, and in the night I eat oatmeal + 100 gram chicken.I am so fucking hungry
At least I'll be rich one day

OMG that wasn't ATH that it hit. Seriously new /biz is killing me recently. WTF get your shit together anons

This is the pasta that got me to buy. I thought oatmeal bro was real smhtbh :/

He is very real, that’s probably him nigga

If it makes you feel better, I’m doing a very similar thing

I smell the stench of sewers and fuckwit discords all over this PnD. Killed LINK in one day. Its a fagcoin now. No one in their right mind buys into something that is being fucked around with to the extent we saw today. Up and down 20% in 40 minutes

you poor fuckers, I delayed moving out and am back with my parents so I can go all in on Link. I spend like $30 on gas every 2 weeks for work and maybe $5-10 on personal snack groceries. My only other expense is weed, which is like $100 a month. Other than that I funnel my entire $700 minimum wage check into link. I'm hoping it pays off, at 13k links now.

Please copy and paste these extracts from the white paper.

Every time. It never gets old.

wrong font dipshit

>$700 minimum wage

Chainlink in summary. Literally idiot tier.

Fuck off and DYOR. Enjoy your bags tho

>Enjoy your bags

funny how link went from meme to toxic when the newcunts arrived. rip link.

lmao its pumping again

And now they PnD it again. Literally garbage with 24 hours.

dump your bags asap before this shit drives it to single digits.

blow your brains out pajeet

lol welcome to the club marine

perma hungry since christmas


The question I have is the singularity. It means in a way one-ness. I doubt that it means a similar price from coin to coin that can plug into the link but rather that it means the same function.

So if i understand this correctly it could potentintially set up a situation where you could use a coin other than what the person is asking for and the link could act as an auto exchanger as well. example: I am paying my Arizona taxes in Litecoin. Ooops i have Dashcoin. No problem, the chain link will allow me to plug in my Dashcoin as it processes through a node it will come out the otherside as Litecoin. Is this correct?

I'm beginning to think your from India because you seem to be retarded and into poor quality scams. Are you a prajeet little botman? You are dumb as rocks if you think anyone will be buying link now.

good, then the braindead idiots who arrived in waves around november won't actually put money into this, which is better for the rest of us, as they will instead provide fodder for the fomo stage

Is he Mobius shitfest using their ico cash to pump and dump link to destroy it? Link is heading to less than 10 cents if these PnDs continue

Nah. You see coins that are PnD'd by bot trading wind up with zero market support.

you are a newfag, that's what happened. today was a pnd from a mile away. it'll legit go up soon though, and ironically it doesn't pnd like other shitcoins because it retains holders better.

what do you mean? link isn't a PnD ruled by bots with no market support, it just means like in every other market in existance, the majority are late to the party, fomo in like morons, and fuel bubbles and massive runs which early adopters like people that know link isn't a joke get to profit massively off of

the volume is still going up retard, this was just the test launch. rockets fueled and ready next stop $2

if you're notion of trading consists of that kind of thinking instead of actual market understanding you are doomed to be a brainlet.
try to look a little deeper

>link isn't a PnD ruled by bots

It sure is after today. Happening right now. PnD erodes price.

New one here

if by deeper you mean giving money to a fuckwit PnD coin. Then no.

link doing to single digits via retard PnD. Ah well. fun while it lasted.


stay poor.

also, btw, cup and handle dingus

How can people not see that even if this shitcoin has potential it is completely over-hyped.

only thing backing this up is some guy talking at a conference in two days with 34 other speakers, and it is just about smart contracts in general, not chainlink's oracle, which will probably just get a mention, if at all.

whales were only accumulating beforehand because they are expecting a small price pump due to conference and ready to dump some but autists in Veeky Forums screening the top wallets all day are overinterpreting and shrilling 'price singularity' and are jizzing because there bags got a tiny bit lighter.

If you want to invest wait till the dump after the conference, or try your look with the PnD's.

That was so cringeworthy