Rational predictions

Post them.

The bulls arrive in about two weeks.

Probably the most irrational graph I've seen



Here is one for you logfags

looks more rational than 90% of the dumb ass meme lines i see every day unfortunately

We'll bounce between 8K and 9K for a while, shit may start picking up again around March. A 64% correction lasting around 70 days is par for the course, very optimistic that by november 10K will be seen as a low price for BTC.

after a month of Advanced TA and some insider infos, don't say I didn't warn you.

that seems to be what the majority of people are thinking but bitcoin is anything but predictable. definitely setting stoplosses at 8k and once we hit 10k

Screencap this


What goes up must come down

what are your predictions for BTC price EOM?

Some user posted this few days ago.

Found the thread closed, too late to comment, what do you think about?

I kinda agree with this, but only if something terrible happens, like Tether's exit scam or worse.

4k seems to be a powerful region tho

Don't know, between 6k and 8k, really boring

BTW, someone made this prediction in August.


but egghead said on april big money was going to come in

I think you should delete this.

Source on the original pic?

Looks slightly spot on

Fall to 100 week EMA at 4.5k, some more sideways movement before a rise sometime after May
Taxes will force off many Americans to liquidate some of their coins, while there aren't many new investors coming in during a period of sideways/downward movement


As much as I understand it looks quite accurate.
All the Fibonacci retracements fits nicely.

Should be the retracement of the biggest bull trap.
The 38.2% retracement exactly stoppep the price at 6000, it's failing to break the 9000 support so, it's tanking again there around 4000 something there's the floor at the 61.8% retracement.

Sorry m8, I have it bookmarked somewhere but I can't find it. I think what he did was translate (maybe not the best word) from data from the first pop.

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no i mean why should he delete this?

Long story short, Bitcoin could tank to 4000 if it continues to fail to break the 9000 resistance.

Apparently he finds accurate that prediction.