If you're still bearish on crypto after this past week you are an absolute retard. Sorry you sold the bottom

If you're still bearish on crypto after this past week you are an absolute retard. Sorry you sold the bottom.

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top kek the delusion is so real, if anything you bought at the top. never change Veeky Forums

So how does it feel to be JUSTd by big bear cock over and over again OP?

Will I make it with a 30K portfolio?

little bubble popped. big bubble incoming

Leg up to 12k and then down to the drain, sorry but if BTC goes beyond ATH it defeats all purpose of a market, which is to make rich people richer.

you are at:
confidence (short lived)

you'll have riches unlike anything the world has ever seen. that is unless you don't buy EOS, then you're fucked

I guarantee you I have more money than both of you combined.

If you don't sell until the peak of the real mania.

>Instant wealth
>mom, taxidriver, doctor buying
Wasn't that in December?

So lets see proof.

Not sure where to ask for help.

I have 6 transactions that were initially under the status of Received now they are under Receiving. Been so for the past month.

I have repaired my wallet a few time

>I guarantee I will lose more money than both of you combined

I love this state of Veeky Forums, no actual facts to back the coins tech, claims, just dick measuring

I don't negotiate with tripfags. Besides if I posted my shit everyone would just say its shopped or edited so I don't care.

You can sit out for the next few weeks but you will either fomo back in or regret it. Suit yourself.

You think I sold after mt gox? Fuck no, I increased my stack. You guys would be stupid to sell right now because every whale I know is just buying every dip and accumulating retarded amounts of ETH.

random as fuck


Show some proof of your holdings. I.e. your wallet address.

The aggressive rash way you speak belies your true feelings.

Don't worry cuckbull we'll recover (eventually) but not this rally.

Larper confirmed

so no proof, got it

I took taxi to work for 2 weeks, this chart is too real

Says Paid even though it shows Receiving


The cab driver talked about crypto?

>comparing the log with a normal graph

Also is no one going to mention how namefagging isn't a trip? How new are you?

you're a retard if you think I'd post my public address on biz. My wallet is used for ICOs and crowdfunding. If another whale knew I was saying this shit I would be banished.

You guys can continue to post your FUD threads since you sold and are now watching the price start to return even higher but I'm posting this anyways for the people who can think for themselves.

>Media Attention

You're a fucking retard if you don't think the infinite amount of media attention hasn't passed. Enjoy your shitbag BTC dumbass newfag

give us something mr whale

larp harder nocoiner

The "Sorry you sold at the bottom" part should make this an obvious troll. But here on Veeky Forums, let's see what happens.

okay mr whale

tell me

Matrix Ai network or Nuls for march

lol look at that guy.

>I have more money than you but I won't show you because I don't want to. I am rich though - believe me - it's true, everybody says so.

>If another whale knew I was saying this shit I would be banished
"Another whale"? "Banished"? Son, you're not in your WoW guild anymore. You're just a petty little cunt full of shit.

Yup. Fucking mongoloids posting that meme chart trying to pretend that 1% of humanity being involved in crypto and having less than 2 months of minor institutional money supposedly takes us all the way through Awareness and Mania phases.

No you won't post it because you're a fucking poorfag larper.

So you are saying that every bubble will pop at the same market cap? Nice. This is going to make me rich during my lifetime. Thanks user!

>what is a whale group?

Do you really think all the big time investors and whales just do random shit on their own? You guys are naive it's ridiculous.

No they find each other via whale tinder and happily live together ever after.

No, it's possible this will go higher.

It is possible - but that is again pure speculation.