Do people still think intelligence is based on how hard you study?

Im a princeton alum, and the my first memory of math and physics were that they should have been teaching me that stuff 6-8 years before they taught it to us. High school physics i could have understood when i was 10 years old, and calculus i couldve understood when i was 12. The first time i touched those subjects i was already an expert. Does that sound to you like i had some sort of “nurture” which allowed me to accel at math and physics? Do you think my parents fed me lots of protein and whipped me with a ruler if i got less than and A on a test? Lol. Intelligence is almost completely genetic. If you dont believe this you are probably bitter about the fact that your inability to understand things is completely the result of how stupid your parents were.
No offense...

Cool, How much money do you have and how old are you?

when and where did anyone say intelligence had something to do with how hard you study?

I've never heard that from anyplace real.

Are you rich? do you fuck hot girls or have a hot gf? Are you in good health? Fit body?

Krugman. The only person ever to receive more ridicule than OP


sounds like your parents fed you a steady diet of cock

>and the my

kys brainlet

I make 6 figs a yr working in a hospital. Its not bad, but considering how lazy i am its pretty decent. I dont ever ever fuck up a patient, and thats why i get paid pretty well. My gf is very attractive, and more importantly shes pretty damn smart as well. I have so many friends who think they are as good as their rich daddies who arent shit because their trophy moms were dumb as fuck and gave them a 110 iq. If youre gonna marry a dumb trophy wife, you better make enough money for all your kids to survive on bc they will be dumb as fuck.
Again, no offense.

Thanks OP. I feel the same way. It makes me laugh when people say I anger them because they have to try 1000 times harder than me just to get a B, while I cruise by and Ace that motherfucker without showing up to class. I fucking love being superior.

you were born a turbo autist, congrats bro

no one cares however

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Thanks spell check bot!
What would i do without a robot like you?

>I'm superior he says, posting on Veeky Forums

Obviosly there is at least one person who does care. Do you know who that person is?

>posting on Veeky Forums
Like you just did?

Can you two just get a room

i'm really not sure OP, not sure why you made this thread either. please explain?

Do i claim i'm a genius or special in anyway?
At least i know i'm autistic, same can't be said for all of us.

Nobody wants to read your blog Rajpeshmerga
Wowee u sure r smart user

>be hypergenius
>still be a wageslave

Loosh farming/soft brag/trigger thread

It is obvious to people that refuse to lie to themselves

>to accel
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Krugman has been completely wrong about Trump.
It was hard to take him serious after he started shilling for the Democrats.

>he took Krugman seriously at any point after 1995

lmao nice. post of stuff like this.

Congrats wagecuck fag. I make 6 figures monthly cuz I refuse to work and invested in stocks/coins that pay out. Also fuck healthcare

more stuff* if you have it

I care. I’m only 24, richer/smarter than you, and here you are polluting this board with your autistic cuckery. Go buy mobius

you read like the LA user from a couple nights ago asking how he should blow his millions on something creative.

It is from the book "How to Bomb the U.S. Gov't"

shoulda fuckin' knew. I'm subbed to Hydewars, where is my new fuckin' video Sam

He wrote that shit in a joke article. But nice try.

>I’m only 24, richer/smarter than you

All dat damage control
Ya dun goof'd, Paul

Kek, this made me feel the mediocrity of my IQ.

U actually don't know shit about human mind development.

If you teach a little kid maths and language when they are really little, they will develop their minds MUCH more. when u have kids.

Im a physics boy. Sue me.

> when u have kids.
Why would anyone take advice from someone who types like a literal retarded person? Serious question.

Why the fuck would I care about what some larper thinks? Get a life, virgin.
That last paragraph basically sums up things

it's about education:
my parents are both average if not below average in terms of intelligence yet i'm the best at everything i touch because my brain was trained very early

Makes perfect sense

>yet he still comes here to shitpost and gloat

>Also fuck healthcare
Probably the stupidest thing I've ever read here.

Hi OP, I'm a physics major, let's see if this is all a great LARP :
What is it exactly you studied ?

So when you said the stock market would never recover from trumps election, was he joking about that as well?
Go munch on some more fecal matter, inferiorboy ;)

If your decent at math no need to fret.

I've always been pretty poor at math and physics and good at humanities and languages. Also my IQ was measured by a psychologist and it was really high, though I don't remember the exact quotient.
Do I need to fret, OP?

>And the my
Nice larp brainlet. Probably some dicklet OP

>I make 6 figs a ye-

So the bare minimum in any major financial hub/city?

>High school physics i could have understood when i was 10 years old
yet you still don't understand sentence structure
shit larp

Keep convincing yourself of that! Maybe one day you will become a real genius like pinochio!

Posting your blog on biz = Brainlet

When Paul's predictions go wrong, they were in "joke articles". The guy is completely insufferable

Youre fine. If anything about you excells, even if its only one thing youre good at, there is a field you will excel in.

Yup. Hes a professor at my alma mater. A nobel prize winner no less. Yet i will be the first to admit he is a shill/liar/retard who humiliates my education.

Why did you skip your English classes OP? Writing properly didn't matter?

I get a good laugh out of watching small fry guys like you run their mouths. I guarantee my IQ is AT LEAST 10 points above yours. 6 figures a year is nothing- you can make that much money using common sense alone- no real intelligence needed. Perhaps you need to do some overdue studying. You need a big fat reality check.

post this faggot shit on r9k neckbeard

The thing is hes speaking correctly user. Its just that youre not on his level



So you have a 150 iq?

Judging by the way you write, your IQ is nothing close to 140. Sorry to break it to you buddy, but the online IQ tests don't count.

Krug is the definition of soy, look at his puffy face

will someone put the JUST hair and eyes of Krugman pls?

He actually isn't a nobel prize winner. Check it out! He's a """""''''nobel MEMORIAL prize''''''''''' winner. So called because Alfred Nobel didn't want charlatans like economists winning jack shit except a one-way ticket to the gallows

Cuz I'm typing on my phone before going 2 sleep and I don't care enough about this thread to bother ;)

Literally only sjw's and marxist deny iq.

The supposed enlightened progressives...

>>Genius level intellect
>>Can’t spell excel correctly
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What about a whechsler test administered by a psychiatrist at age 18 to test for adhd? You shit eating faggot?

* psychologist

Are you afraid of asking the psychologist who tested you in hs what your official iq was? Are you that terrified of finding out how avg you are?

This is embarrassing. Regulate yourself you peon.

Regulate? Like the piece of scuba equipment?

I'm starting to think your head may be full of nothing but air so yeah. Go back to school.

Each generation is smarter than the one before it. from what it sounds like you're in the first world, which means you went through an education system based on what people born in the 30's thought would be advanced for kids born in the 50's. we now know those people are more or less retarded, but the basic structure of the system hasn't been updated, which ends up teaching us the same history 6 years in a row with more details each time and sticking us in classes like pre-calc. some would even say its being used to kneecap most young people on purpose.
I'm an engineer from a fairly good US NE school also and feel the exact same way.

Agree but most things in society and life don’t demand lots of intelligence. Better to have balanced character stats imo


why do you think anyone cares about your blog?

why did you post this on Veeky Forums, furthermore?

seriously, why did you think the cryptocurrency board would care about the opinions of some male nurse who wipes old people's asses all day?

sage grows in every field

The thing is simple. People claim its nuture all day long cause they cannot prove it. They are thinking WE all are the same but white straight males are the reason for all the bad in the world.
No niggers are just dumb. And Jews are parasites.