Poorfag here

Am I gonna make it, Veeky Forums?

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Sell Link

Buy Ven or ICX

Nope. Sell LINK and buy more of LTC or ETH with it. Or if you want high risk high reward NIMFA

Why are you playing it safe with coins like ETH and LTC? take fucking risk retard buy coins Under the radar that can x100 or get into icos, and dump this piece of shit of LINK

What is the inherent issue with Link? I’m currently not sold on Ven at all, but haven’t done enough research on ICX

Go big or go home... All in on something if you want to make it

Well, here’s the issue - I majored in finance, graduated in December and just started work as a financial planner about a month ago. The entirety of my “finance” knowledge is related to the stock market/what is taught in college courses. Crypto is a new thing to me. Yeah, I’m currently a retarded poorfag, but I’m also only 21. Crypto is more like currency arbitrage trading from what I can tell, I may be wrong. But the same rules that apply to stock market aren’t quite as prevalent with it. And don’t even fucking come in here with your TA fag bullshit. Technical analysis is the dumbest bunch of shit you conceive of, yet some people believe it like the second coming of Christ.

Why is that what people consider logical here, though? You diversify your stock portfolio, why would you not diversify your crypto portfolio to an extent?

because poorfag portfolio. only diversify when you have 6 figures

Your only shot to make money with a 1k is to go all in on something, a product you believe in that will make progress with a road map and good team.

I'm Enigma clearly for the long run, but you need to decide what's the long run hold for you. Little bits of eth and LTC is not going to help you imo

Dude... Fractions of major coins.. lols

I mean isn’t TA really just fueled from herd behavior and psychology? Seems like it would work perfect in crypto

DOnt really understand that app. I go to buy, it buys what i want, i go to sell, the holdings go into the negative. Shit doesnt make sense, and like how to you even put on money to the account?

Ahhh let him learn, makes a post then resist some advice... But it is Veeky Forums....

Going all in a coin is dumb. How tf are you suppose to know what to go all in on? So many damn coins out there.

Research the project..


That is sometimes not enough to just go all in ona coin tho. The whole Confido situation is a good example.

he has $1000 and is asking if hes going to make it. he has to go balls 2 the walls you low t soyboy

TA is autists thinking they can time the market and make gains on historical patterns, but it’s ineffective, at least so far as stocks are concerned. And honestly, I’ve not seen any TA predict crypto either. It’s just guessing. You can’t reliably predict the market with TA at all.

Do you even watch bitcoin? Lmao

Dude, do what you want. Good luck

guess who makes it in crypto? the autists that don't over think/don't value money. you arent going to make it unless you go all into a shitcoin and pray a whale picks it up.

You don't understand the question OP is asking...

Do you even understand the general accepted rules of investing? You can’t time the market, man. You might think you can, and you might get lucky occasionally, but that’s predictive of the future. Anybody else who has studied finance will tell you TA is bullshit. That’s why all your major mutual funds are bullshit - it’s a bunch of autistic fucking retards sitting around staring at graphs dumping your money into something as soon as it starts bulling. It doesn’t work.

*not predictive of the future

sell LINK buy one of these:

>finance graduate
>TA is useless

Jesus universities are bad nowadays!

Fuck no. Need more supply and need it in other coins.

Stoch RSI + BB = money printing machine

Maybe you’re right, mate. But they don’t teach TA as a viable means to invest. Just going on what I learned.

Yes, you are going to make it. LINK $100 by April.


>hurr durrr sell the most promising coin of 2018, that's currently on a bullrun for chink scamcoins

TA is about being right most of the time, this does not mean it predicts the fucking future

Also dump the fucking meme this is actually your chance to get out without a huge loss fucking idiot

You are basing future performance on past performance mate. You cannot reliably do it. That’s why no collegiate professors fucking teach it as a useful method of investing.

Are we talking investments or are we talking about trading? When you say investments I think about studying fundamentals of a market and how tough the competition of your investment is, not graphs and lines.

All in on ELLA.

Srsly you need to risk something

Hey you fucking retard if you were actually good at finance you wouldn’t be a pajeet tier fucking FA. You’d be an iBanker fucking boss like I am so let me give it to you straight. You’re not gonna make it. Diversification is a meme in crypto. Spreading your shit across alts is like buying all the FAANG stocks and guess what happens in a tech sell off??? That’s right you get fucking murdered. You diversify by holding low beta names. In crypto that’s btc (I know I know it’s volatile as fuck) but it’s the only stability there is in a sea of alt shitcoins.

All in all if you don’t have 10k link you’re not gonna make it. Also if you’re an FA unless you’re inheriting a book or if you’re the most chad fucking guy ever and get rich people to shove money in your face you’re not gonna make it. If you like markets work your ass off and lateral to S&T otherwise just get the fuck in IB. It sucks but you won’t be respected in the industry otherwise

This app is like a piece of paper where you put all the recordings. All the transactions you made on for example binance, you go and put them manually on this app. So next time you want to check how your stuff is doing you go to this app instead of going to binance.

The good thing is that there are many sites like binance that buy/sell coins, so this app displays all movement in the different markets you bought them in and shows you your gain/losses


I really dont understand this meme of "go all in on some shitcoin until 10k" or 100k or whatever. Why would you make riskier moves at lower volume? Poorfags want to avoid losses like richfags do. Why do the amounts matter?

This is assuming the goal is to increase your investment by x percent, rather than reach a certain amount.

BECAUSE RISK RETURN DUMBASSSSSS. crypto has a retarded risk profile. If you don’t make homerun returns then you severely underperformed. How the fuck does a financial planner not understand risk/return?

Poorfag here, Am I gonna make it?

See this


I really don’t want Veeky Forumsraelis falling for the retarded durrrrrr divusvikashun meme that retards on reddit that have no understanding of math statistics correlations try to shill and congratulate.

Read up on beta, correlations, regressions, optimal portfolios and you’ll realize why btc and eth are the only methods of diversification in crypto. 16 alts is not diversification.

In my mind, why even be in crypto if you're not gonna risk it?

How much was VEN 1 month ago?

Go all in XRP and wait a week. You wont regret it.

How much was BTC one month ago?