What are the actual uses for cryptocurrency?

What are the actual uses for cryptocurrency?

your mom

transacting value

fast and secure international transfer of large sums

non-inflationary store of value. what gives value to the derivative bubble?

secure decentralized database for anything?? are you fucking dumb bro?

The currency? Not much yet

The tech? It’s basically a revolution in accounting. The sky is the limit.

>That timescale

to tell banks to fuck off

Making my 50 usd become 1000 usd to i can buy a computer

Freedom from state enforced fiat.

No one here got the right answer.

Incentivizing networks of autonomous agents to come to consensus on the status of digital events.

What other way are the people going to end the Fed? Politicians don't care about you. Silver and gold are manipulated. Bitcoin is the only answer to end central banking

shitcoins that can be flipped to make NEETs rich.

buying Veeky Forums passes

>implying that Bitcoin isn't manipulated

completely transparent politics and voting,
self owning cars which can get themselves fixed if they get a problem,
only showing your medical records to your doctor while you are at your appointment,
getting paid your salary every minute/hour and having all your electricity/phone/car bills for that minute/hour be instantly deducted. No more needing to budget.
Payment of contractors on job completion instantly, not when the contractee feels like paying them.

Knowing what is a real video and what is a fake video in the future when everything is able to be faked with computers.
Knowing that your brand name prada bag is real, or that your wine really comes from france and not china.

Nothing. It's all a fucking meme. Literally worthless to normal people. Good for paying drug dealers, kidnappers, murderers.

We're investing in fucking memes

I can pay you and my bank won't know, my wife won't know and no one can stop me. I can send $1,000,000 to Vladimir Putin for Hillary's nudes and the government can't do anything about it. We are the banks now, Thomas.


this guy fucks

That's not true for most coins nowadays.

lol why don't you pick an larger scale next time dumbass

>in the future
u not see the tesla car bs kid

With enough Monero I could have you bowing and scraping, cryptoqueer.

Literally paper money for online payments...... (I can wait 10 minutes for confirmation, but Amazon won't let me pay with crypto)

u gotta see the bigger picture u wageslaving nerd virign

Supreme tracking and data storage alleviating people from any sense of sovereignty for the inevitable AI-internet world paradigm.

speculation and illegal stuff

i'm sorry satoshi, but really that's all there is

This and only this

>"hello Mr user, I'm afraid we don't like that you're trading in illicit confederate flags, we're going to suspend your ability to buy these things. Also all the other banks are too because we're all part of the same banking group"
>"hello Mr user, government agent here, it looks like you've donated to wikileaks, we're going to freeze all your accounts pending investigation"
>"hello Mr user, devorce papers here, also the court rulled your son is going to live with your wife Stacy and Tyrone because his criminal record isn't usable in court because that would be racist. Naturally we can see all the assets in your bank account and know you're wealthy so that'll be child support payments of $1000 a month"

Meanwhile all your millions worth of Monero no authorities even know about, nobody can "freeze", nobody can take funds out of without your private key. Stacy gets nothing but a daily dispense of dirty nappies and the occasional black eye, and no butthurt bank or officer can stop you sending your own money to whoever you choose.

>It’s basically a revolution in accounting
So you keep a running ledger of every single transaction, and sign them all cryptographically.

What's the big deal about that? Really, why would anyone want to do that for any other purpose? It has no valid use, and it's not big technological innovation either.

>use cases


now instead of having some incompetent banker faggot ruining the ecomony for me I HAVE THE CHOICE TO RUIN IT MY SELF and the parasitic banker hold has weakened.