Politics aside, is he a good businessman or not? Genuinely asking

Politics aside, is he a good businessman or not? Genuinely asking.

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9 bankruptcies
yes user yes
why are you asking ?

no, see Netflix show Dirty Money

user, come on this isn't /pol/ or TD why even ask a dumb question like this?

wrong board /pol/ack, we only talk about magic internet money here

Dude woulda made 3x as much just putting his money in an index fund
So no, absolutely useless

Literal garbage commie propaganda
Look if you can turn 1m into 4.5 Billion(estimates) you're doing something right. Whatever that may be...

>makes hotel
>ends UP shutting down
>makes uni
>ends UP shutting down

He is not but he was lucky to be born in the us where the average ameriburger dreams of having a bimbo wife and becoming rich by backstabbing People which is the image he sold

>mfw the same People who waste money in Trump brands have the audacity to call supreme overpriced

please go bak to leddit and stop trying to exploit the autistic people of Veeky Forums.

Went bankrupt 9x, got his start from his daddy's money, I'm gonna say no

He has very, very good lawyers.

No retard, another stupid ass argument formulated by poor people. Index funds DO NOT capture 100% of market growth, even if they did the fees would prevent you from making as much as that is. Fuck out of here with your copy paste garbage and do some research yourself.

>literal billionaire
>is he good at business?

If nothing else he's good at gaming the system, which is what is required to be successful. Like it or not.

capitalism is power in america and this fucker is the president. yes he's a good businessman and yes that means he's an evil piece of shit


Hillary got most corporate donations and lost

>hating no Trump =Hillary shill

Lay down the pills polnigger

Soros is in Netflix so its definetly neutral about Trump.

He was bankcruppty on paper, good. He got money from his family? Yes. But see how many lotto millionaires or other money bitches cannot handle business and families loose all the money with a new generation.
The best was he managed to make a brand of his own name. This is real business. To get fucking paid for using your name.
>The Trump Game
>The Trump Steak
>The Trump Tower
Look at what he did with the New York skating park. You have to look back 20, 30, 40 years what he did and how he managed to get it done.

the (((bankers))) bailed him out because they saw potential in milking his brand. he's the perfect puppet after all

>hurr ma bankruptcies

Literally any good businessman that can game the system has claimed bankruptcy to offset losses, most cucks just take the hit, he didnt.

>hurr small loan of 1mil from daddy turned into over 1bil

Just about everyone in america has access to 1,000$, doesnt mean they would turn it into 1mil cash in several life times

Im not even political and dont live in the US but how anyone can say this guy isnt a hustler and good at the game is beyond me

he's dumb as fuck and if you can't see it you most probably are too

I've been browsing this site for 2 days and i cal tell 90% of you faggots are actually braindead.
- One of the richest and most successful people on the plant
-Bad bussinessman


It's easier to turn a thousand into a million, than to turn few million into a few billion.
The liberal, as foolish as he is, would have you believe that Trump is some self centered bafoon who just got lucky. This wrong.
Once again we see the leftist projecting their own good fortune and stupidity on to others.
A few bankruptcies in some ventures getting to a billion is very common and making it in media does require an outgoing personality.
Donald Trump is probably the most successful individual of all time desu. He's made it across several fields and then ascended to the presidency in a democratic system. And his presidency has been far better than the last four behind him.

Yes he is good and a smart man. He plays dumb because its 4d chess. Just look at what he has accomplished

>inherited most of his money that would have worth even more if he just let them in index fund
>most money not in any financial assets
>doesn't make any products
>any business he tried other than real estate was basically telemarketing tier shitproducts that failed
>only real source of money is basically just renting stuff

he is just a glorified landlord that used his celeb image to promote his places. I mean this is fucking merica even a fat kid with diabetes can become a celeb there

>potato IQ

he's not nearly as rich as he says he is. anybody who knows shit about business understands the man lies about his net-worth like no other. donald leases out his name to put on other people's buildings. he then includes that property value in his "empire".

get over yourself and your dumbass president. the world is laughing at you.

idk about drumpf bc thank god no burgerass
but it actually is easier to make a billion from a few million than turn one thousand in a million
every half retard knows this
kys underage altrightedgelord

>Donald Trump is probably the most successful individual of all time desu. He's made it across several fields and then ascended to the presidency in a democratic system. And his presidency has been far better than the last four behind him.

I remember when Veeky Forums made fun of partisan lapdogs, yet now this kind of stuff is said unironically

>TV star
>everyone still underestimates
He's doing something right.

To the people that think Trump became well known or was only successful because of the money his father gave him. Let me ask you something, why aren't his siblings just as successful? They all got the same amount of money after all.

literally better than every single person on this board.

>logic of a 12 year old


even if its half that, he's still one of the most successful and richest people on the planet....how mad are you?

that doesn't really say much


He's a drunken master. Looks like he's fumbling all the way through, but somehow ends up on top.

You have to do Olympic level mental gymnastics to justify the idea that he's an idiot.

Great reply.

I need this in higher res

There's a difference between investing 1 million and investing 1m with your daddy bailing you out if your shit project doesn't go through

I won't be the judge of whether he's a good businessman or not, but it's an undeniable truth that he's a great marketer / advertiser/ bullshitter. Which is a very important trait to have as a businessman.
Whoever just says "lol he bankrupted 4 times he's shit" and thinks he has it all down is an imbecile who should never express opinions about anything.

Hes going to be successful in that his idiocracy is going to bring about the end of the great American experiment

>implying it didn't end with the creation of the Federal Reserve

>only 4% of folio in liquid assets

He's a lucky charming swindler, so I'd say he's got a good business sense but is on the on the other hand a blight.

Did you really just compare having $1,000 to having $1,000,000? Have you You do understand that the more money you have, the more you can make?

its exponentially harder to make 2 mil out of 1 mil than 2k out of 1k....whats your point? he made billions out of millions, much harder than making millions out of thousands

Yes he's pretty good. Back in the 80's he had a reputation for getting projects off the ground and completed when other real estate people failed to do so on the same site. Yes he had projects fail and yes he had bankruptcies but none of those things ruined him. Lesser businessmen fall right off the map after that kind of hit, Trump survived.

>the world is laughing at us
>we couldn't give 2 shits about what the rest of the world thinks

next you say that WWE is real..

>Poor faggot making excuses

Do you realise how percentages work retard? If you make x % ROI it gets you equally close to your 1000x goal regardless of where you start

Every country gets laughed at. If you're not being laughed at, it's because no one cares enough to even criticize your country.


if Trump sold all his inheritance and put the money in a boomer fund he would have 10 billion today but instead he has less than 1/3 of that

We've finally found the man who will end the spic nig cycle?

>just hodl bitcoin for 40 years
this is what you sound like
I didn't expect to see this degree of mental retardation of Veeky Forums

>>makes hotel
>>ends UP shutting down
>>makes uni
>>ends UP shutting down

sometimes you gotta lose before you can win bigly.

>comparing index funds with bitcorn
Veeky Forums ladiess and gents

>9 bankruptcies
>out of 530 companies
You're not gonna make it.

>If only he hadn't made thousands of jobs, THEN I'd respect him!
Whoever made that meme argument must be a teacher because the math is terrible. 200m at 8% returns for 35 years would be 2.9 billion, then taxed hundreds of millions. The President was worth 4bn and that's lowballing it.

This is the only proper criticism in this thread.

>started 200 businesses
>9 of them declared bankruptcy, and most of those later turned profit

its too bad your retard ancestors didnt realize trying to build a country based on slavery wouldn't be a disaster. if the white man in america is totally cucked today, he brought it on himself

>If he invested half of a 300m inheritance in 1999 then he'd have 10 billion!!!!
Maybe /r9k/ is more your speed.

He’s alpha as fuck and real Americans wanted a guy like him after 8 years of limp wristed, mom jean wearing, bicycle helmet wearing, unable to throw a baseball Obama

Damn, those .03% fees. And yes they do capture market growth you brainlet, index funds are the market.

he took control of the company and assets in 1971

The bankruptcy meme is the most obnoxious thing. Most of the people talking about all his bankruptcies don't even know how many businesses he had. It just shows that their weak minds don't even understand the importance of using percentages instead of nominal values.

In a strict sense of running a business, absolutely he’s not, but he is pretty clever at using people and exploiting any given situation. He’s proof that you don’t need much intelligence to be successful, at least not traditional intelligence - just ruthlessness and social skills.

yeah who knew that a business selling potato juice and a pajeet university were going to go bankrupt some day

>Paying thousands of people on payroll for 44 years with profits
>None of that goes into his net worth
You realize this is what you're complaining about, right? He generated billions more than his own net worth and it went to the community like a proper capitalist system, and you're upset.

and if he put the money in a boomer fund in 1971 he would have produced a lot more billions for the capitalist system

Remember when Veeky Forums got taken over by bots, larpers and Russian agents?


here is successful businessman who only needed one business to be successful silly coal loving Trump voters

He's a GREAT negotiator and he grew up in the business. It's not church. He's in the business to make money. You do whatever you have to do to make it. He' always done it pretty well and righteously. More so than the Clinton's. He's not gonna make the country great again because we've been tied for so long to corruption and the Rothschild's shadow is still cast over the world.

>lashes out on twitter like a teenage girl
>omg so alpha lol
I hate /pol/tards

No lol, he'd have 5bn. He says he has 10bn, the lowball estimation of his wealth is 4bn, the high ball is 7bn.

the only thing that he was good at was marketing his last name


He wouldn't even be a millionaire if his dad wasn't one.

What does that tell you about him being a good businessman or not?

No he is not.
BUT he is the best president in the history of the United States of America.

>Dude woulda




CHECK OUT NETFLIX’s DIRTY MONEY, CONFIDENCE MAN EPISODE. Trump fucks are bag holders. Good luck with your trump bag suckers.


Hard to say because he essentially inherited a couple hundred million dollars. His dad was under investigation for fraud in the 70s so he was put in charge as a figure head but his dad still ran the company until he died. A couple years after that Trump was insolvent. But he was already a celebrity for being a playboy rich kid so his brand alone carried him. I think he genuinely had to have made some good real estate deals, I mean was well connected to his father's business partners obviously, and he didn't have to pay taxes for a decade or more. But we have no clue to his finances so its hard to say. He only reported a couple mil in liquid assets in the few financial disclosures that have ever been released.

>scared of going outside

Of course. I read his book, the art of the deal. Let’s just say he talked Hyatt into funding a hotel and paying to maintain it because he had a plot of land and a plan. He still gets 50% off that project which is the grand Hyatt in Manhattan.

ooga booga bix nood

Thanks to trump:

-higher debt ceiling
-worse health insurance
-worse taxes for everyone but 1%
-twitter war with North Korea (which will get frighteningly real)
-highest turnover rate of any white hkouse admin
-world now officially thinks we are a joke. And they’re right. Buy guns. Shit is gonna get real this year.

-liberal shitstain detected.

he drove his fathers HUGE legacy to the ground.
Crashed it with all the prestige.

OMG I can feel his fathers pain

This liberal shitstain promises to defend you and your boyfriend with my two new gen 4 Glock 19s when Shit goes down.

Out of like 500 companies you fucking faggit

I am sitting with my gen4 g19 with 31 rounds right now.
Don’t need your help pussy boy.

If I ever make my way to buttfuck Ohio, or Nebraska or whatever flyover state You live in, I’ll still fight side by side with you. Even though you’re a faggot.

What fund captures full growth? None of them asshat. Vanguard has one of if not THE best index funds and only captures 80 percent of the growth. Add that with the COMPOUNDING fees meaning your increase is further diverted to them(they provide good service to you long term so im not complaining) and you dont actually earn the same as the S&P 500 so stop using that as a comparison. Or better yet find me a fund that has returned an average of 9.83 percent A YEAR(Average s&p earnings) over 40+ years and ill shut up.

In Seattle, faggot.
Any other assumptions you pretentious neet?

we can only laugh at you dumbasses, liberals or rightwing.
Go get children, get em in debt, fat and stupified.
While trump is cutting securities for the poorest of your fellows, right now (seriously, they're cutting even food stamps)

I hope you can use your guns soon ;))

Yeah but after his first 500m dollar project you cant criticize him as his daddy was never that rich