Bitcoin is losing new buyers

what do?

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>Bitcoin hodlers
crash immiment

regular plebs don't matter anymore
when the big boys start moving in that's when it's gonna explode


Sweety, have you read the latest J.P. Morgan report? They're not moving to Bitcoin.

>implying J P Morgan is the only big boy

Relax. Hype inflated the price, adoption is what increases the value.

stop fudding you fucking niggerkike, we're not going back down to 6k no matter how many fucking threads you post you piece of shit

BTC is dying dude, the writing has been on the wall for a while. Its the late 90s and youre holding linux desperately while everyone jumps ship to microsoft

ethereum is microsoft in this case. the flippening WILL happen


Market moves in soon as it starts going up, a lot of newbs will fomo in

>implying Linux is bad
Linux builds are literally the best OS options

>the most trusted and battle tested blockchain is dying, even as bitcoin actively innovates
Ok buddy, stay poor


big boys are out... chads sold too. Sorry, bro.

>Lightning network
Literally losing money to the users right now.

Valuations are what drive long term returns, but investor risk appetite is what drives short term returns.
The reason we fell so quickly was because BTC/ETH aren't that developed yet. The next parabolic rise will probably be caused by actual advances in technology and increased adoption of the blockchain protocol, which is still months away.

you're right, we're going sub 1k in a matter of 3-12 months.

Neither big boys nor the normies are interested in Bitcoin. They're interested in the coins actually doing interesting things: ETH, VEN, ICX, IOTA, etc etc. Only dumbasses are still buying ponzi-its-a-store-of-value-coin.

Some big players have supported the idea of future world currency coming out of all this too, but none of them believe it should be Bitcoin (and rightly so).

Somebody else want to verify?

LN is not a solution. People on testnet (which are actually developers, not average users) are losing coins, and I saw a twitter post of someone trying the mainnet and it took him A WEEK to complete a transaction.

LN is vaporware, it just doesn't work.


it's only yours... people dont want to mess with this bullshit anymore, sorry, user.

Do you actually believe for a second that the largest wallets will casually let it die out..?
1. BTC is still worth 8k AFTER the crash. Keep in mind that people claimed it was going to ~1k when the crash happened and it would gradually die after that.
2. Once it breaches 9k and moves ahead towards 10k, people will buy IN MASS.

The big wallets can literally smash the 9k wall in a second if they wanted to, but they are waiting, they might be buying different alts at a low price before pumping BTC again, who knows. It will pump again though, no question about it.

Google search results are personalized based on your browsing history. It knows that you're a crypto autist.

>Corporate AI controlling what I see/hear/read

Most of the bitcoin supply belongs to the Chinese. Do you think they're some diehard crypto anarchists with honor and "faith in the tech" who will be holding forever? Sure, I don't know the future, but let's stop being so naive for a moment. Nothing is out of question.

>2. Once it breaches 9k and moves ahead towards 10k, people will buy IN MASS.
Well, that's one theory.

I think it's going to be a good long time before you see a mania like the drive to 19k again. The buyers simply aren't out there. Nitcoin found it's new normal, you're right, and I see a slow, orderly repopulation over time. I'm thinking it stabilizes for the next couple of months, bounces up and down but not too hard, so day traders can skim the profits, and we might see 13k by the end of the summer, if everything goes perfectly, there is no bad news for the market, no big events.

The number of people to drive past that just aren't out there, and won't be, for a while. The public associates "bitcoin" with "risky" and "crash", and it'll take a few cycles for that to wear off - they're the suckers you need to buy in.
But it's definitely not crashing to 6k, or 4k, or lower. There's too many people hodling for that to happen, and you'd need a massive run on the exchanges for the market to lose half it's value, and the people who were gonna run, already left.

Not happening again, not for a long time. The bubble burst, those new buyers ran away at the crash, and they won't be back soon.