Thank me later

thank me later

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I agree user, but I'm already testicles deep in ELA and neo. I'm going to be sad to miss those gains.

when's the moon?

Im still holding these fucking bags

for what


When are they releasing more info about masternodes? I have around 20k hopefully that's enough

Still slowly rising even with BTC falling. This is the season of the brain.

T. Bagholder

$1.75 end of march

Wish I dumped this shit at 69 cents instead of thinking it could reach $1

no way in hell thats enough

I just got into crypto literally today and I'm all in on DBC because someone on /a/'s discord shilled it to me.

I see it was up at the high 60's at one point, at what point should I look to sell if I bought in at 0.10?

if true, then i can diversify.

daily reminder you are investing a in a pajeet coin

Daily reminder that every graph for every coin looks exactly like this.


I'd say take out 1/2 at 20¢. Hold the rest as long as you'd like.


this fuking nigger is gonna moon i just bought we all know wich exchange is comming just buy it already no point of playing the acummulation game

100k minimum

Makes me wonder how much all of crypto is owned by Indians.

Already done accumulating this. Riding to 3k sats