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THey might use Ripple, but not XRP, you brainlet. Nobody will force anyone use XRP on Ripple platform.

ripple still isn't crypto and they won't be buying your xrp

Aren't these the same media outlets that said Korea made crypto illegal and that Hillary had a 99.9% chance to win the US election?

You know there's a difference between XRP and Ripple, right user? If not, you are deluded and buying something that this article isnt even talking about.

XRP is a great hold. Jew banks aren't going anywhere might as well take advantage of it.

Same old same old arguments yet XRP went to almost $4 when these same old arguments were being used. Keep FUDing dumb brainlets who hate gains.

Wow, what a bunch of salty core cucks

Hopefully the tests lead to production integration, they take time for big companies like Western Union especially when it comes to making sure whatever they're using is compliant to international regulations.

Great news regardless, even if it's coming from Bloomberg who'll inevitably try to spin it in a negative light since their investors hate cryptocurrencies.

Ripple and XRP are pretty much entirely separate from one another. Since XRP isn't tied to Ripples transaction functionality, it is worthless, and the only people buying it are people that believe it has something to do with Ripple.

When dumb money comes back and thinks banks will actually touch XRP, then maybe you get some gains. But XRP value is based entirely on greater fool theory and serves no actual function.

You might as well buy TRX.

>What? We're not gonna use this shit
>Just say you're gonna use it then
>Here's $10 mil
>Ok, published

Then why do MercuryFX and IDT use xRapid, which utilizes XRP?


Obviously there are benefits to its use that are meaningful.

You're just being a close-minded idiot who won't acknowledge that you're wrong about XRP's long-term viability in regards to settlements and payment railways.

It's why SBI RIpple seeks to integrate XRP where it can in Japan, the CEO loves XRP (yes, XRP specifically, not just Ripple).

Adoption doesn't happen overnight, and XRP is already being used in ways that most other cryptocurrencies can only dream of.

>XRP is worthless because the banks don't use it
Ok so BTC, LTC, NANO,every pure currency coin are all worthless by the logic.

>yet XRP went to almost $4

Wow, people buying because they're retarded and think the coin is the same as using ripple. That doesn't mean long-term value

Ripple will literally NEVER be an investment vehicle. Banks will NEVER use a volitile asset as currency. Just end your shame and it goes back to its normal price of 18 cents

*breathes in deeply*


*pause for wew*


>XRP is useless because it’s a centralized shitcoin that can be shut down by the government

Do you have a degree in something? Just wondeirng what I'd have to learn to know what these companies are and use terms like payment railway.

>so every article theyve ever posted it wrong

It took me awhile to realize this but Veeky Forums is actually fucking retarded

Name a coin with legitimate use right now being used/tested by companies. Honestly this is the lease speculative shitcoin right now

>Goldman Sachs creates a shitcoin that does nothing
>Now everything Goldman Sachs ever does makes people think the shitcoin has value

That's how Ripple/XRP works.

Just wait until Ripple is sued and shut down because they made materially false statements and securities fraud. XRP ledgers will also be sued eventually if fraud or money laundering happens. This shitcoin is worth absolutely zero.

I've never seen a criminal complaint open with a song before.

I hope you're not holding XLM then.

Because by ur logic, banks won't bother using XLM either and all u stellar snek fags will be left eating shit.

It’s not criminal it’s a civil lawsuit.

literally every big company is testing blockchain technology and playing with various transactions right now, just fyi

Ripple wins again.
Thanks op.
I needed some good news!

And not only Bitconnect but anyone they sent coins to must be identified by name to the court and all assets frozen. The same exact thing can happen to Ripple.

Walton and Vechain

Business and finance, but it just takes doing some research.

Look into SBI Group (or SBI Holdings) in Japan. They're all about Ripple and XRP so much so that they've partnered with them to integrate Ripple's technology (and that includes xRapid, which is XRP) in Asia. The subsidiary is called SBI Ripple Asia, the same company that's partnered with ICX, another cryptocurrency in South Korea that's aiming at institutional integration and use with banks/financial services.

Ripple is more focused on cross-border remittance/settlements, but any transfer/payment railways can be benefited. Japan is a special example as their internal money transfer railways aren't as efficient as, say, the United States (ACH transfers, for example, although I'd critique that as not very efficient either).

SBI Group recognizes these deficiencies and sees the value in XRP integration. Japan will be much more open than the West at first, especially due to their Lost Decade(s) of economic stagnation. They will spearhead adoption, and we'll see that slowly move the West.

Don't believe the idiots that regurgitate copy pasta Ripple FUD.

People talk about how amazing crypto adoption is going to be, but then criticize Ripple pushing hard for adoption and integration of XRP saying it's useless. They don't realize that by saying that, they're essentially saying most cryptocurrencies won't ever be adopted by real companies.