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lol jk, kill yourself fucktarded bear, your kind has desperately been trying to FUD for a while now

>Zoom out chart
.yeah its going up...down is up rite?

Stop gambling on bitmex.

There will be legit suicides come morning for anyone who has bought between here and 19k

T. Wall street quant

Please god let it hit 4k

we deserve this moment


It's been bouncing around 8500 all fucking month, you goddamn idiot. If anything, it's been pretty stable for the last month, which it needs. There aren't going to be any moon shots, because there isn't enough people to buy in to that level, and it's not going to drop t0 4k, because there's enough people in, who aren't leaving, and are driving the market day trading the peaks and valleys.

No lambos for you. The days of moon shots are over. It's a new game now, and it's called hold long, or trade the day. You need a big stake to get anything done, so stop freaking out over $100 moves, it doesn't mean shit to the overall trends.

It breached like 6 hours ago

Without something catastrophic happening, like a massive, market-wide hack, or Tether crashing or closing shop and running with the money, there are enough people to keep the market running fine. Do you understand how many people would have to cash out, to hit 4k? You'd see all of the exchanges shutting down to stop the bleed. It's not fucking happening.
And, you don't deserve shit. Go jerk off over another made up happening, /pol throws new ones around every day.

with this volume and order books, not many, sorry...

Just shorted XLM, sue me.

>all fucking month
Nigger what. It's been in this range for a fucking week

>Wall Street quant

I meant week, my bad.

>The days of moon shots are over.

isnt it too soon to say that?

who cares if it's going down on linear charts? it's going up on logarithmic charts and that's all that matters.

There aren't enough new buyers for a moon shot. Sorry.

it's just a dip bro

This is how I know we're filled with plebbit normies now, all the calls for bears to "stop," Waaah, no mommy, stop the bears! I bought bitcoin at $16k because I'm a retard and now I want it to go back up... waaah
The true Veeky Forumsnessmen bought BTC a long time ago boyo, we're still making great gains even if BTC hits $4k, all we want is to see your stupid fucking norman tears.