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Buy the dips.

fuck that shit, not unless it goes to 6k again


>buy the dip
>it keeps dipping more

Down 90% of profit. Almost at initial investment. I don't think I can take any longer bros


Samefag. Kill yourself OmegaMaker.

why don't you short or tether or something? This has all been pretty apparent as a possibility

just waiting for you coiners and nocoiners to realize I'm the future. I'll be here enjoying my Chinese cigarette.

Fuck TA, fuck FA, you don't deserve me, but I'll save the market.

Buy Link and hodl till end of march.

I'm not omegamaker lol

the fact that were holding strong at 8500 is incredible. this is part of the slow climb consolidation period

strong support at 8,5k
notice how this number gets higher every time :)


until it's not

btfo out at 9k, 8.5k is the last thread

pls i shorted, let me just once

The inverse hs demands it go down to 8k

How the fuck are you retards down? I'm up 50% this week without even trying

t. holding LINK, ICX, XLM


>Chart clearly shows BTC managed to escape the descending triangle
>"...But if I draw it wider!!! SELL SELL SELL"

Would any of you recommend BTC buy to your mom at $9000?

Nope. That's why we're going down. Because veryone knows its a bad buy.

Yeah, it broke the trend downwards.. it's not looking good.

clearly not looking good for desperate bottomsellerfags

Then why did it go to 20k? Retard

Because of ridiculous hype and media attention.


Why did it drop immediately after 20k retard ?

>that huge green candle
we are back boys

you dumb motherfucker, it went to $20k due to mania and hype, only to be swiftly dicked the fuck down by almost 75% at one point

I just tethered 15 BTC worth.

What if tether is a scam?

what chink ciggy u lighting up nigger? chungwha? i got me some yellow panda shit, this better be good

>let me just once
don't worry you will definitely be getting your JUST

>thinking crypto isn’t going to 4k before the next bullrun

Is this what brainlets truly think?

Lol people selling now are about to get REKT

> I posted again

4-4.5k is inevitable, and soon.


The inverse H&S fags didn't realize you're supposed to wait for a confirmation for a break above the neckline.
This is a clear break below the triangle with a failed retest of resistance.

Hahahahahahaha It just dropped from 18k to 6k and you expect another drop? Jesus christ. The state of you

Beg me to sell, suck my throbbing dick to sell, all so you can get a re entry at 6k HAHAHAHA
You'll Do Nothin

You clearly haven't been trading bitcoin for long. It's dropped over 90% before. Over 70% many times.

neo, you fuckwit

and that's what we were looking for idiot

>people have been saying to sell for days now but it won't move out of the 8k range

I'm starting to think this thing isn't actually going down

I'd love to be proven wrong

the moment you buy you're going to get JUST

Where is PoS/PoL? (Proof of Short/Proof of Long)
Reminder to not trust any TA fag that does not show his LEVERAGED positions that concur with his analysis.
If he doesn't trust his money with his TA it's because it's not worth a shit.
>"but I don't like gambling"
So TA is not that solid if it's a gamble for you then?
Anyone can hold, not everyone can net profits on leverage and avoid liquidation until cashing out, it takes real skills and balls, because you can not afford to be wrong or you'll lose all your money, unlike when you're not on leverage.

No omega thread today I guess ?

x1 short BTC to lock in your gains without touching tether, read

bulls are throwing all their resources at BTC trying to force the inverse H&S meme
that is also why the resulting crash after the stalemate breaks will be devastating, because bulls will be completely out of energy

Yeah, this faggot is omegayfaggot, after his last "prediction" went wrong hw is now hiding and just posting as user.
Fuck off omegaycukc


How do you suggest I short if I'm a US citizen?

Speculative bubble. Literally undisputable speculative bubble.
It went to 20k because everyone thought it was going to go even higher, then the price dropped and people realized that it was never worth 20k to begin with.

Literally textbook speculative bubble.

How's that crash coming along my man?

>This thread again
>No one realizes that it could genuinely go either way
Fuck off with your bullshit meme charts, the price is going sideways right now because the market is uncertain, no one knows what the future of BTC is going to be so people are hesitant to buy in.
At this stage the price could honestly break down or up right now, or it might keep going sideways. Simple fact is we don't know right now.

you wrote the same thing 3 times.

>he's assblasted he sold the bottom

The United States Federal Government Saved Crypto Last Week.

It needs to be stated as many times as needed to stop people making meme charts and stupid threads where they act like they know where the market will go.

>Where is PoS/PoL? (Proof of Short/Proof of Long)
>Reminder to not trust any TA fag that does not show his LEVERAGED positions that concur with his analysis.
>If he doesn't trust his money with his TA it's because it's not worth a shit.
this one hundred billion times over

More to buy then faggot

sideways markets create deadly fomo because
1) the mm makes longs or shorts impatient and they enter their positions without confirmation
2) the bulls or bears are pouring a lot of resources holding current price without much success, what happens when they run out of resources?
anyone trading this beyond small swings rn are gamblers not traders, and i'm saying this bearishly biased

That's the reason the fucking thing has ever been worth anything. It wasn't the first bubble in crypto and it won't be the last.

>crypto is a bubble
>but a derivatives market valued over 1 QUADRILLION DOLLARS is not

the entire world economy is a bubble

>making long moves on a 15 minute chart

Now I'm no TA fag but the 'floor' we're currently on looks a hell of a lot like the last 'floor' up at around 12k just before it fucking plummeted.

and exactly. the volume is terrible as well. if this is a bull run, where are the buyers? it's going down one more time.

was nice getting back in after reading the bullish as fuck SEC pdf then holding though the selloff watching shorts get rekt. dodgy af right now tho, I reckon the crash is done. saying that I wouldn't be buying now

whales are acculumating

$10 at a time?

that was before the SEC & CFTC kiddo

you got a LOT to learn about this space

I say this as a bearish individual and hater of fuckcoin, but that 3rd move up is alot more of an impulse move and strong rejection of the low than the others.

Notice how the previous lows were met with a push up, then multiple retests of that area. This one had a sharp hit then a big move upward with no test of that same area again.

Yes its that simple

Oh look another idiotic bottom seller noob trying to FUD his way back in.
kys retard.

The massive volume increase is what makes me think it's a floor, if it goes under 7k lots of people want to buy.

I wouldn't have recommended BTC to my mum at $1k, she doesn't have the hand strength to play this game.

Actually some decent TA. Good work, anonface

we gotta retrace and retest somewhere soon though.

going over the top.

>he uses elliot waves

Elliot died a poor man you retard OP and so will you

yeah it definitely looks V bottomy and the initial volume was good, but it's been shit since then
4 hr obv showing bullish divergence, price looks kind of like an ascending triangle which tends to break up, but if price is really gonna break up i wouldve expected confirmation on that inv h&s everyone was talking about
in fact there's no volume confirmation for the rs either

we will, but avoid falling into the pitfall of most people by saying some shit like 'yea if we break here then we're heading down to here'. don't worry so much about specific support/resistance lines, but rather the areas and how the price reacts to them.


Anyone else just waiting for the 20th of February so that they can laugh at OmegaFaggot some more for being wrong?
That's right OmegaFaggot, I remembered you saying that it was gonna be 4k on the 20th, I'll be here to laugh at you when it doesn't crash down to 4k and you're wrong AGAIN.

I think we see something like this. I think it's the market is still so uneasy that even the triangle breakout won't cause that much of an impulse move up



>the Wyckoff Schematic #1

Can't even break above 8.7k now

Jessica Peng obviously not a fan of this TA

This shit is about to crash and take all your gains with it

it's not done. this time next week, we will be climbing out from the darkness to rise like a phoenix. it'll be the beginning of a glorious run. not really sure why people are upset about it and think it absolutely has to start its run from here. why not buy cheaper? i know my alt bags will appreciate the accumulation that will happen if that takes place...

seems a little shallow if you're looking for a 2 though. i guess it depends on your count.

>been in crypto since last June
>made about $50
what a senseless waste of time