Any coins relatively unknown with an actual product or extremely unique use case, that you think would be a good buy in this sideways market right now

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Nimfa is a 3x margin trading token. Very much unlike a lending service (SALT, ETH), the aim is to provide leverage for a number of large-cap cryptos and ICOs soon. Platform will integrate smart contracts within the new few months. MCap under $1m.

Devery (EVE) Utility token which seeks to disrupt the product authentication chain with the backing of Dorjee Sun and Bokky Poobah, both crypto heavy hitters. Mcap under $10m.

thanks for these, will research.

Can we also try to list some that are not just on IDEX or ED, would be helpful as well.

Thanks you though, will check out.

I wholeheartedly recommend STK. Super solid project that will take off when it launches in the US by july and especially when it goes live for the whole world in Q3-Q4. Currenly sits at about 1.5x ICO price, so now might just be the best time to get your bags


RLC, if it doesn't hit $100 within 12 months I'll set myself on fire

MCO, app and cards releasing before march 13
WaBi products selling in stores/online
DGD/DGX goooold

Check out UTN


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Bounty0x (BNTY)

>actual product
>extremely undervalued
>unknown in the west

Best answer.


I would tell you buy I'm still accumulating. But if you want to DYOR, look up multi algo coins, there are two very cheap ones that are set to moon.

>working DApp
>ERC20 Token
>Industry partner
>Platform so other DApps can be built on top of the protocol
>fills an actual niche
>22 mil marketcap

See here:

Probably ACT


STK and ARY will be headed to the moon this year

Right OK but like what does that mean though.

Shiiiiet. I have to shill GVT all over again...

Basically, it is a token with a utility. And that utility is that you use GVT tokens and invest it with a money manager on the GVT platform. You select your manager based on previous gains, all recorded on the blockchain to ensure transparency (one of the biggest problems in managed money)

What GVT does differently is that it also includes investable assets outside of the crypto space, potentially drawing in traditional money... Big $$$...

Assets under management have an addressable market of $70T and by 2020 it will be $100T. One of the biggest problems in this market is TRANSPARENCY, which is what GVT is addressing.

Current market cap $55M, so you have a real shot at doing 1,000x or more... again DYOR

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when do you all think is an ideal entry point here?
I'm thinking Q2 for the fork network?


unironically payfair

not unique but will be one of the first to market escrow platforms that will serve as a decentralized localbtc once it gets established and add goods/services in Q2. Less than 10m MC at the moment, serious 10x possibility in a month or 2

It's known on /bi/z but not really in the larger audience.

LMC is the only true answer. No competition, interesting use case, team with solid history, app that already work.

Yes, Power Ledger. Accumulate now or kys later when it moons

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It is down about 75% from when it hit markets. If it does half the things its supposed to, it likely will do well. I bought in recently.

Pays dividends every week. Another token that really pulled back from the correction. Another platform that would do amazing if they can manage half of the things they plan to do.

Alts are cheap right now. My strategy is as soon as you see something shilled on here, run away. As soon as it stops shilling, thats when I buy in. Has worked okay for me. DYOR and all that, but I think those two match your criteria.

Shift, decentralized internet working on normal web browsers, with a working prototype already online, so it's only a matter of time for letting people host their own websites and files

Get WomenCoin and hope the media will run muh women empowerment stories.

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Trinity TNC
>offchain scaling solution for NEO
>will be integral to one of the major NEP5 tokens hitting ico in March

Cappasity - Nvidia partnership. Moet Hennesy Louis Vuitton Innovation Award Finalist. Just partnered with a smaller french luxury brand (Claris Virot). Good communication from team. Have developed a 3D image program. Currently only on cryptopia, but have already announced a Kucoin listing and there were some hints that maybe binance is also going to happen. Market cap = 37M

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Also, Quantstamp.