Create an ERC20 token in minutes

Next time you think about investing in an ERC20 shitcoin, do your fucking homework. You can literally push out an ERC20 token in literally a few minutes with some copy/paste and editing a few values. THIS IS WHY YOU DO YOUR FUCKING HOMEWORK AND DON'T JUST JUMP INTO ANY COIN

This guy shows you how easy it is (using the testnet):

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Lets do it OP 50/50

they have an entire section on the ethereum website dedicated to showing you how to do this


I'm in. Lets make a womens pride coin and shill it to feminazis

this is the kind of video that will destroy crypto.

This already exists.

They even gave bonus to woman at ICO stage.

i have several ERC20 tokens i made as jokes.

>Le EOS is the next generation etheriums!

>a pajeet can make a website in 5 hours
>websites will never be worth millions, let alone billions!

Retard it’s not the token that has any value, tokens are just traceable manifestations of contracts, sort of like bearer bonds, the real value comes from the network the contract entitles you to access to. Everyone investing in OMG knows this. The tech isn’t literally within the ERC20 token.

>REQ is an ERC20 token
>LINK is an ERC20 token
>OmiseGO is an ERC20 token
>VeChain is an ERC20 token

Cucks are gonna get demolished

do you guys wanna make a scam token ICO with me?

I know html and CSS on a propoganda level, will it help me make an ERC20 Token?

I do . What’s ur discord username. I’ll Dm u.

It really is amazing how you can identify a 3rd worlder in 1 line of text.

I created a discord, lets make bank

What? It's not like Ethereum made any secret of the fact that they want people to create their own ERC20 tokens, it's literally the value-add of Ethereum.

Is the link not working

>Programmer explains.
>Slav Chad Model explains.

>Yeah hes obviously not a good programmer

what's next?

Thanks, just created PENIS token. Who wants to get in on the ICO?

You remember the time SUPREME coin was shilled on Veeky Forums for a couple of days and there were like 3 copycats