Why havn't you bought this low marketcap gem yet?

Why havn't you bought this low marketcap gem yet?

10k = trust node, passive income
Buy a few nodes and live off that easy.


Buy on IDEX, ED has shit itself, this is better in every way too. We should all move to IDEX even if ED does fix itself.


Join us on telegram!

Reminds me of the minereum scam

lol still accumulating I see?
Baseless FUD that nobody has given any relativity too.

11 nodes reporting, feeling comfy

tfw only 2 nodes

2 node bros unite

i have 75 nodes

hold until cold

In a year people will be begging to have 1 node

Looks a lot like confido.

I'm jelly now

What's the difference between a Trust Node and an Escrow Node?

I have barely enough to get two Trust Nodes. I keep looking for information on how these work (how often do you get paid for them, where does this money go to, etc.) but can't find any.

idk mang, i am half expecting a $20k loss :(

Someone needs to fill my fucking sell order on IDEX, ive been trying to sell this shitcoin all day but it has literally no volume so you cant even sell. tons of whales trying to sell to you though.

When the market goes on a bullrun after chinese new years, we are going easily x10.

LOL obvious FUD, more like fill your buy order otherwise you wouldn't post this.

bought at 0.035 and dumped at 0.30, thanks to all dumb bagholders!

honestly, if you think this SHIT has the slightest chance to suceed, you deserve to lose all of your cash.

its a small, inexperienced team that can barely speak any english trying to build a new local bitcoins, except they claim they'll allow everything to be traded in there.

Are you retarded? don't you see how many competitors that are straight up BETTER in every possible way they have to face? again, are you retarded?

and the nodes... so far 0 info on how theyre going to work. people are so dumb they think its passive income, just have coins receive income. its not you retard. even if they know wtf theyre doing (they dont) operating a node will be extremely hard work if the escrow is any reliable.

how the fuck are they gonna handle disputes, frauds etc? they cant. they just fucking CANT.

this shitcoin is going to ZERO. youve all been warned.

i bought in at 25 cents. deeply regret it now because particl already does escrow and it does it better

the ivans who are running this project are low IQ and ugly as fuck

>bought at 0.035 and dumped at 0.30

I see why you are mad. Buy in cheap now or regret it lol

fuck off, i bought at 0,4 and still hold, this is a no brainer

This. Not to mention they're holding stakeholders hostage and crowdfunding an exchange listing. That's right, you'll NEVER see PFR on a new exchange because they want their community to pay for it. As if anyone would burn ETH on these fucking morons when there's infinitely better projects out there.

A 3% fee escrow service for fucking crypto. It's almost funny, but I won't be laughing until this shit hits a cent where it belongs.

got in at 6 cent boiiiii, I sold some at .30 and now i'm bagholding the rest. Planning on buying more when some of my other coins moon, still don't own enough for a full trust node.

>this is a no brainer

As in you have no brain if you buy this at 0.4?

Can anyone answer these questions?

lots of cope in this thread

to keep it short,
escrow nodes "vote" on a deal
trust nodes keep the money

someone sells 1 Cryptocoin for 100$
the 100$ go to trust node
crypto goes to buyer
once transaction confirms or escrow nodes vote (in an escrow deal), money goes to seller, minus the fee. the fee either is kept in the node or divided among all nodes, im not sure.

Because it's shilled too much here

its actually 1% fee, 3% only applies when 1 party doesn't approve of the transaction. Its a mini version of mad and I think its really smart.

About to buy a shitload of this.

1% is for normal transaction, 3% is when you want escrow, yes

Name some better projects. Throw yourself in a furnace if THAT is one of them.

>muh robot penis youtube video will make me rich


I meant HAT

Clearly you can't accept that you bought into the most easily manipulated kind of crypto currency in the most risky asset class and are pissed at your own judgement to sell at a loss

>barely speak any english
I have heard from the community manager daily since the project started and again from a dev earlier today, join the TG chat before you make any more shitbrained assumptions

Sure there are competitors, but how are they better? Payfair hasn't even released a product yet, but they will in a month and 3 months from now you'll be begging to get back in for the measly 35c you picked it up for

>and the nodes... so far 0 info on how theyre going to work
Again, you fail to read what the team has announced because if you did you'd know they will be releasing the node information 2-3 weeks before the launch of the product.

These idiots can't fucking see the future so they can't make these baseless assumptions on who will win in this space, there are a handful of competition in the space and each will be fighting for market share, only time will tell who will come out on top. But to think that the project is "going to zero" when the team will be releasing the node information, launching the crowdsale for a new exchange (they aren't going to run off with 330 you retards), and launching the fucking product in a month you don't deserve to make any money. Be a wagecuck forever while I'll wave to you from then 1$/PFR boat 3 months from now. Peace

stopped reading after first line. sell at a loss? you cant read? i was one of the earliest buyers and shillers from biz on this garbage, sold at .30 after it dipped immediately after 0.5

this is a shitcoin and will go to zero, id bet my own house on it.

>boring old POS for passive income

You keep your pajeet tagalong, I'd rather take a cut of the transaction itself

screencapped, will take your house in a few months

>russian scammers are making their telegram shill Veeky Forums before they open crowdsharing for a single exchange listing
is this their idea of 'marketing'? I hope anons are smart enough to see through this.

Misread the numbers there, whoops. Thought you sold for a 5c loss.

You'd be losing your house. You fail to see the fact that there can be more than one successful platform. Your basis for their failure is:
1. Lack of English
- Community manager and dev speaks english fine
2. Better competitors
- You haven't seen PFR's product yet, also assuming that success means they'll need to destroy all those competitors, failing to realize that there will be a split market, where payfair will have a chance to prove itself
3. Lack of node information
- Node info will be released upon the completion of the nodes in a month or so
4. They "Can't" handle disputes
- How are others handling disputes?

Your arguments are baseless and your motives were stated already, how can you have a shred of optimism for a coin you know nothing about?

I'll bet your house for PFR when it hits 1$. We'll make the exchange on PFR

You can do 5 minutes of research either? Their marketing will be done after the project is released. You're fucking lost dude, go put your dumb money into LINK

Nice attempt at FUD bruvah, but you were too emotional in the process and exposed yourself as an accumulator

>We'll make the exchange on PFR
toppest of keks

$20 by 2019

People are so stupid lol
PFR isn't unique, that's for sure, escrow platforms are there. PFR will have what those escrow platform don''t hav. That's what makes it UNIQUE + Low MC token, the team is doing good so far, just check the god damn Demo & you'll see that they know what they are doing. you don't have to be a Super Star to code an Escrow platform, what makes you a Super Star is how to implement, add options that other escrow platforms don't have.

From a ROI perspective, this token can grow to an easy $1.00 to $50 token in no time once the platform is up & running, you can wait for a full platform launch, but you'll be late & your ROI will be reduced for sure & getting your node may / will cost you xxx times than where it is now.

I'm being more than realistic in here. ROI to gt in now is like 80 to 20, getting in when platform launch it may be at most 50 / 50 (not good enough for me).

Shhhh. nobody talk about it for a month. let's keep it low key

>tfw got in at 5 cents, rode it all the way to 55, held, and rode it all the way back down to here
at least I reaccumulated another node at 6.5 cents a few days/week ago

what does pfr do that its competition doesnt? i don't see anything

Holding this long term regardless of what poo in the loo'ers spout out of their hairy assholes. Nothing beats having faith in a project.

What does its competition do that Payfair doesn't already?

particl has a better escrow called MAD escrow

meanwhile these ivans are literally crowdsourcing exchange listings instead of doing a coin offering because they're counting down the days until they finally get to exitscam

How is MAD better exactly? The richer side of the exchange would have less to lose than the poorer one, doesn't remove the incentive to not scam someone. It's not a bad system but it's not better.

Clueless. Why the hell would a team exit with like 400k? Also, why would they release their identities on command last week?

The community asked for an exchange listing and pfr gave them the option to vote and crowdfund along with guaranteeing a return of those funds if the cap wasn't met.

I am not discrediting Particl, it looks damn good. But there will always be other options and competition in the marketplace and PFR will undoubtedly have its place.

Its too easy to see this will at least be an 100m MC when the platform is released and marketing is executed.

it doesn't exit scam...

Just bought 13,000. Figure 10k to keep and 3k to sell back for the initial investment :) thanks biz

Where is your basis for assuming they'll exit scam?