He doesn't know that chainlink nodes can stake ETH

>he doesn't know that chainlink nodes can stake ETH
>he still holds LINK

link ?

yes link

So that makes it even more valuable?

>tfw you know LINK is going to $0.15 but you hold anyway


Use your brain for once.
One currently can be exchanged for fiat directly and can even be used to purchase things. The other cannot.

tfw 1 link = 1 eth in rep

tfw u need 1m in eth to have same stake at 100 linkies

this desu

ETH is done. I traded everything for ETC when it was all time low. So far I have gained 300% in only a week, and ETC will stabilize at $400 by April.

Lel, no they can't.

Lol no.

This is good new FUD

Prove it or sit on a cactus

too late already am

Set up a node on testnet and see for yourself.

So English obviously isn't your first language, Ramatpurbajan.

Since you've already done it, take a screenshot


The new EU PDS2 regulations are going to make this shit coin illegal. Game over faggots.

So what are you basing this off of?


>OP fuds his own truth
>deluded linkies fall for it

WTF is this thread

OP trying to get people to sell him their LINK.

Link is only useful for 'standard' data meaning it's used by lots of contracts, which means it's likely going to be reported by the source itself eventually. Ie. if lots of sites use a result of some api from one website it's enough for that website to start digitally signing its results to make additional oracles completely superfluous. Possibly at a payment paid to the source.

Middlemen oracles are only needed for custom datafeeds that aren't signed at source/don't even have an api, but that's completely impossible to request in chainlink. By 'don't have an api' imagine scraping something from a site.

Chainlink is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.

The retarded shadowfork FUD didn't work so now there's this I guess?

7/10 made me chuckle

read the fucking white paper you brainlets

thanks OP, i almost invested into this but now i know it's a scam

See, that’s so weak I wanna buy more now

Swing trade if you're going down with the ship.