ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? 200 tomorrow morning, screencap this

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? 200 tomorrow morning, screencap this.

Free money, get the fuck in

Is 50 ZCL enough?

Is there any reason why zcl is deciding to moon now? I'm only holding a little rn

Snapshot in 2 weeks, FOMO

No one gives a fuck about your shillcoins right now. It's all about the ETC technology and March 5th advanced airdrop.

I liquidated all my crypto to get 40K ETC.

White paper coming out soon, binance listing next week. bittrex opening registrations next week

Lots of fomo on twitter. Expect it to explode when exchange support gets announced.

possible dump when binanced?

this seems to be the 'priced in' stuff pricing in.

This.These retards have not seen the real pump yet. Imagine if they release whitepaper, exchanges fork support in 1 day and binance listing zcl. Oh boi

Only went 5% in on this.. feel bad, to proud to fomo in right now though.

Am I one of 'these retards'?

Please can I be a retard desu


I tell you, get that ETC wallet and wait for March 5th. It will get to at least $700 by then, and a free callista full-duplex airdrop will be delivered to everyone at a 1:1 ratio

yes you pajeet, btfo poor faggot. Hows FOMO

probably not.. This isnt a coin where people need more volume to sell-- with bittrex closed and cryptopia a bit weird for newbs, binance is a good place to buy

We’re going to 500 easily I think.

>no product whatsoever
>doesn't even have a whitepaper
>500m+ market cap

the absolute state of crypto

lmfao, are you retarded user? etc at 700 will have its marketcap at 70b which will make it a top 3 coin. newfag gtfo pls

wouldnt $700 put at at $2bn?

circulating supply is 3m dont forget, in theory it could hit $1k and not have a ridiculous mmarketcap

not sure you are up to date on your info? ETC is in top 3 already today and will move on to top 2 next week.

i already gained 300% on the pump so far (around $220,000) so calling me a newfag is the most idiotic thing i have heard today. my gain last year was above 1M.

advise a poor cunt you glorious faggot

whats your next move?

i usually hold for a few months and then bagdrop into another coin that will pump.

if you are not already holding ethos then take a look at that. i bought in during the ico last year and turned 30 eth into $600K

Exactly, at 2b marketcap it will be the same as bitcoin gold which is a shitcoin. There's a possibility of a 700 zcl, who knows. As long as BTC doesn't dip under 8k


wtf are you on about ETC being in the top 3 in coinmarketcap? are you talking about volume or position? in volume yes, its in the top 3 today. I'm talking about its position in the ranking, which ETC (Ethereum Classic) is ranked 14 in coinmarketcap.

Stop it. I'm happý if it reaches $90.