Is this Veeky Forums's official anime?

Is this Veeky Forums's official anime?

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what is it?

stop watching cartoons

start watching japanese animation

Girls who get off on gambling the anime.

Not anime, but if anything sums up my experinece in crypto it is this scene from the Simpsons

That's not a name.

Why can't /a/ ever give the proper names to series? Fucking worst board on this site.

WHATS THE SHOW? I'll get it a go sometime. most anime is gay af though. sad

It's called FUN

Watch Kaiji, it's pink wojak: the anime.

anime is kakegurui

its kakegurui but you could have probably reverse image searched faggot

Akagi is better.


What this faggot recommended and then watch Akagi as well, it's KEIKAKU DOORI : the anime




Learn to at LEAST fucking try Jfc

just watched the trailer.
really makes me want to go all in on a random altcoin

>Why Kakeguri is a Terrible Gambling Anime
>Best Gambling Anime

Fucking make up your mind google.

Fucking this. Kakegurui is a steaming pile of shit with no tension, Kaiji will make you age 10 years and turn your skin 3 shades of red pinker.

kill yourself with your tumblr garbage

Explain. I'm not a weeb, idk even know the name of this show.

it's easily dragonball z. if you're going to use a fucking gambling anime, then pick goddamn kaiji.

Get the fuck out normiechan

>He hasn't seen a real gambling anime yet

Those pics are edits of a game called "doki doki literature club" which has gotten very popular among non-weebs for its edgy 4th-wall breaking playstyle. It was a decent play for how short it was but I don't get how it became so popular.


I'd read/watch the fuck out of a Kaiji arc dedicated to Kaiji trying to strike it rich with crypto. Basically a season devoted to Kaiji coming with crazy schemes to hype/FUD shitcoins.

Freaking awesome... loved it... good taste OP

Biz official anime should be ghost in the shell the movie. Its about AI decentralisation after all.

Akagi is fucking phenomenal. I've seen OP's anime on Netflix and I was tempted to try it out, though.

Don't bother, it doesn't hold a candle to Akagi.

I watched Kakegurui but didnt like it. The plot when no where and there wasnt any meat to the setting. I sort of enjoyed the cute girls gambling bit, but they kept drawing them freaky as fuck or gnashing their teeth and it was a total turn off.

I want to watch this. I hope its just the gambling episode of JoJo's but for an entire anime.

nice try funfags

No, Akagi is. This pathetic shit sucks at being a "gambling" anime.

>Kaiji margin trades at 100x leverage
>Kaiji joins a pump and dump
>Kaiji tries arbitrage
Would make a good season.

>Kaiji plays Etherdungeon
>Kaiji gets Mtgox'd after winning it big

>Kaiji learns some TA and makes a small nest egg for himself
>Endou shows up and asks kaiji for help with a ridiculous loan with 50% daily compounding interest
>kaiji, the sniveling idiot reluctantly agrees
>kaiji fucks orderbooks up hard with his fat stacks (BTC pump from 11k to 15k)
>sells all BTC but gets like 10% because most of the buys and sells were just him clearning the order books
>Endou fucking pissed
>kaiji learns whale trading on the fly on shitcoins
>Kaiji flies BTC from 15k to the top & miraculously pulls the funds together
>Endou eggs kaiji on
>kaiji gets greedy and does some reasonable margin trading
>follows "buy when your blood is in the streets" advice
>bleeds to liquidation
>Endou escapes by selling the loan to another shark
>other shark takes kaji's fingers
>kaiji now broke & debnts
>starts stealing money to get more crypto at ATMs
>ends up somehow coming out victorious eo 2019.


Love Live is


>mfw when jabami exists in real life

>mfw when
>my face when when

why are you so mean to me?


Andou did nothing wrong.

Akagi was such a fucking good anime and the manga has been a wild ride. Sad to see the washizu game end

probably because you didn't really finish the game, did you find the encrypted hex note? the game kinda keeps going beyond the actual "end" if you find it

yeah I finished the game, it just wasn't that great. I'm used to ARGs so this was pretty boring.

It's garbage compared to what it cribbed off of, Totono, a much better execution of a 4th wall breaking VN about romance in VNs.

>it took him 20 years to end the game against Washizu
Fucking hell. This is worse than the boat ride

fair enough, i thought it was okay too

Currently with the crypto boom Veeky Forums resembles Kaiji but Spice and Wolf is the most 'Business & Finance' anime I think.

Just watched the first ep
Looks good desu

The only cartoon that Veeky Forums needs is spongebob BRAAPPFT sniffing memes. Everything else is irrelevant

Also Kakegurui is shit.

Tried watching it but it's so fucking boring.

i like S&W and it's one of my favorite animes but

the books read like it was written by someone mentally handicapped

crippling autism, and a bitterness built up from being shunned from society their whole lives.

the anime name is kakegurui

Kaiji and the way he gambles is how everyone should do it. If you aren't betting everything in the one shot hope for a good future, you aren't going to make it. Risk everything and you win everything.

Everyone on Veeky Forums has the inability to become anyone grand, so the only way to claw your way out is to bet your life.

Sup bitches