Current magical items on sale are ending in just a few hours and you won't be able to buy them at such a low price ever again.

>Devs regularly update, have a discord, and don't suck.

>Code isn't a copypasta.

>Free items that charge only for the transaction are also only available for a few more days.

>Already made back double what I've put in, I'd suggest being on the lookout for the next wave of items to get in early.

Will you boys be picking up anything else before the current items disappear? I'll personally buy another couple of lootboxes and complete the santa set, because I'm going to role play as a fat man who leaves presents on corpses when the actual game releases sometime soon.

Here's to the next wave of items.

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I picked up some items which aren't sold too much.
The devs seem to be taking their time, maybe for the better but I can tell they're at least working on it so there will be something. Which will be enough to make some good profits.

Is there a new wave of items coming?

When will they drop? Is it when the timer counts down ?

I have a suspicion we will see some new stuff when the counter drops. Haven't been in the discord or anything just a feeling.

Client update, I'll assume that only be UI-changes and such things.
Also try to acquire some corn armour, cheap stuff but limited.

just withdrew another 34 bucks I had sitting in rewards. thanks now I can get like 60 link

Reinvest you treacherous stinky linky

Nice, just bought 100k corn.

Next item drop is Friday. Most likely the devs said


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Most people in the know are holding their items. When someone comes to discord trying to sell thinking the items they bought a few weeks aren't worth much, they get a lot of offers and then decide maybe they should keep them for a bit.


Can't go wrong with free items either (just have to pay $0.04 in transactions fee at 1 gwei).

Some need some quick mETH or have multiple items which is why many do it.

There are free items that will be expiring in a few hours.

>it’s a Ponzi scheme

No, there are over a dozen free items that you can claim as many of that you’d like, but you only have a few hours to do so.

These free items will have you loaded for essentially, endless amount of dungeon runs and crafting experiments. This should be a no-brainer.

If it’s free, it’s me.

There will be a new set of free stuff, but it may not be as good in-game, and these OG items will not be minted again. A similar version of the items may be added in the future, as the devs want to make it easy for new people to join and play.

This shit is a scam. Anyone dumb enough to fall for this needs to die.

daily reminder that this threads are made by discord shills trying to scam you

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Daily reminder that you’re retarded and free items are being promoted.

Thank you for providing baseless fud. It helps curious individuals see the real picture.

Get your FREE items before they expire in about 3 hours


Thanks for help keeping this thread alive.

>this is a fucking scam REEEEE

Too autistic to realize there are free items that are getting the chunk of the promotion. Literally trying to help people claim their free items and not take their money and you still call it a scam. The absolute state of biz.

I made a little bit of eth and they seem to be developing though so from where im sitting it's pretty good so far.

Is this game going to fuck me like Cryptokitties did by having way too much supply?

No, the supply of most items is actually deflationary

Is this shit a scam? I want to buy some items rn but am scared desu...

you only have an hour. I have 4 ETH in the game and I have withdrawn 1.5 and I was a late adopter.

How have you withdrawn? I see no way to sell anything.


Am I going to make it?



confirmed scam


Is this fucking game a scam I just went in with 1 ETH

youre a fucking retard why is it a scam, it looks legit?

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poorguy, we told you that if you are going to viral market ethercraft, that you need to step up the meme quality.

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it's a scam, full of poor fags who will only pay like 10 percent of original price for your items.

poorguy your autism is showing


Don’t listen to this troll.

You’ll be just fine. Be happy that you got in before the Gen-0 items expired.

The next ground floor release will be Friday February, 16th. It will be a regional item release similar to the Korean one that came out 2 weeks ago.

Right now focus on getting some free items as well. You can’t lose and you’ll be stocked for many dungeon runs

Its legit, if you are saying its a scam you are either don't know what you are talking about or are a complete piece of shit

there's no working product just shiny pixels and deluded discord shills.

>says it’s a scam based on a retarded hypothetical

Great job user, you really showed them!

>hurr durr its a scam

mind giving this thread a bump and explaining yourself?


any anons lurking this - pick up some freebies before this shit expires and the moon rocket is locked in

Then go ahead and invest in an ICO and see where it gets you.

Ethercraft already has a working platform, crafting contract was just released, devs meeting all deadlines and are as transparent as I’ve seen. I’ve been burned by Etheremon and erherdungeons, made some money on the powhcoin before it went to shit, then made some on shadowpyramid as well. All of the eth I have made on Ethercraft, I have put it back into more items. You’ll realize why I did this in about a month or two, if you don’t realize it know.

For once, DYOR so you can get a clear idea of what ethercraft is trying to bring

needs more corn user

I'm on the discord but wasn't told to make it or anything. Can't help it if some autists post every ethercraft post made to the discord because they browse Veeky Forums all day.

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how fucking poor do you have to be to shill a literal scam?

everyone ITT should watch the trailer for etherdungeon and tell me this looks legit

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their channel has 15 subscribers

Wtf is Ethercraft?


>that clip of esports players celebrating

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is he the dev? so confuse

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I lost over an eth playing ETHERDUNGEON trying to level up and kept failing blessings. It is an obvious scam and that’s why people aren’t playing it anymore.

he's a literal child, from his posts (and memes)


hes just some random dude with a huge dick that the ethercraft community is obsessed with

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