The Bogs know

You in JNT, aren't you?

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So many fucking threads

How do I know this will be a bagholding shitcoin? Forced meme threads on biz

If you weren't such a disgusting newfag you would remember how people shilled eth at sub $10. now go fuck yourself pajeet.

Holy fuck the shilling for this coin is insane. Is that pump and dump discord up to it?

I'm in 80k

Yeah man, it's a PnD. Just look at the chart lol PUMPING.

>what's an accumulation channel

A whale is giving you an insane opportunity but you are wasting it

All-in soldier!

how about send me some

It's the Rasheeds coin again!

The Arabs are taking over biz

Sure, I'll just send you a few coins that might be worth 100 dollars in a few years.

no foolin?

What is an accumulation channel?

A sideways or slightly declining channel with clearly defined tops and bottoms. Sell walls and buy walls keep the price in the channel. The 5-10% difference between them are the margin the whale takes from people buying and selling into his walls. Works mostly on low volume exchanges. Just set your buys and sells slightly above/below his and you will accumulate as well. Or just buy at these cheap af prices

Post your address nibba

bibox is best exchange for Jindel


really? tthanks man




one of the most impressive things i've ever seen

>6 Link threads
>4 VeChain
>3 OMG
>3 REQ
>More created every hour for each of them
>JNT has one thread that hits the bump limit and so another one is made
>Someone the shilling is out of control and there are a thousand threads about it
Kill yourselves you lying fucking kikes.

u aint seen nothin yet



fuck man I live in San Diego and that's the most ridiculous Mexican food I've ever seen

Ah, yes, the fabled ethereum excuse


This, the last time I saw threads hitting the bump limit so frequently was back in the day when ETH was being shilled.

Even the haters know there’s something different about this shitcoin


I’m not saying this will be the next ethereum nigger, I don’t even hold any of this shitcoin. I was just making an observation, I find interesting the fact that threads about this piece of shit are constantly hitting the bump limit. And There are not enough bagholders for this to be so shilled

Honestly torn on this coin. Already holding 3k. rest of my holdings are in ICX bought at a dollar. unsure if I should just dump that and buy more of this

I would do that in a heartbeat.

I am up 2,3x my investment. Basically every ICO launched in that market sentiment went -20% -30% of ICO price. I am feeling comfy for the next bullrun with my 265k JNT stack, but the memes and amount of biz FUD / shilling is insane, that's true.

265k? Fuck. you.

you'll be rich as fuck in a couple years if this gets adopted. like scary rich.

Depends if i will hold that long. I am more for the short term games with a good multiplier and afterwards go for the next mission

jesus user if this starts going in the right direction you better hold for all of us. unless you've already got a 50m+ portfolio then disregard

To be honest, most of this threads reaching the bump limit had just 2 pajeet's posting 50% of the time