Coworkers asked me if I was a virgin today

>Coworkers asked me if I was a virgin today
>Told them I was not but had no girlfriend currently
>They started joking about "finding me a gf"

The bullying I posted about from last week is only getting worse. This is reaching critical mass, ive tried my hardest to keep calm and act normal but it's all falling apart now. Any second now ill expose myself. you've helped me before Veeky Forums, help me now please.

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Why don't you just stop giving a fuck?

If you think your virginity is priority then you already failed

Fuck your team

How exactly? There's literally no way to "stop giving a fuck". Do you want me to ignore them or admit it or something?

It's alright brah, nothing wrong with being a virgin. Don't try fight their banta because it makes it worse, trust me. Just play along and keep things light hearted. Biz got your back :)

what was the bullying OP?

By just stop giving a fuck. They say something, who cares? just laugh about it and move on with your life. they're just words

yeah man literally don't sweat these faggots. only insecure miserable mf's need to make people feel bad

They probably just want to set you up with a roastie for V Day.

Because you have to spend countless more hours with them. If someone called me a faggot when I was walking down the street I could ignore it, sure. If someone jokes about me being a loser that I have to see the next 100+ days in a row minus weekends it's a tad bit different.

you'll get laid someday and they'll still be cunts, you win long run

Yes, you can just stop giving a fuck. It's literally that easy. You don't have to tell them anything.
Just always remember that it doesn't fucking matter. You come off as desperate and insecure and that makes you a target for bullies.

ummm simple... use them. Maybe they happen to not be stupid and set you up good... what then?

What's so difficult about just going to hr and complaining? If you don't want to be a snitch then just fucking stand up to them. Draw a goddamn line and stop being a bitch. Tell them to fuck off. Just do SOMETHING and stop bitching about it. You're the captain of your own shitty life.

Are you the one who posted about your boss making fun of you last week? Do you own a gun user?

How do you "play along"? I'll just dig a deeper hole for myself.

How old are you? Why do you think you are still a virgin?

In addition to not giving a fuck, I've found that laughing at their insults nullifies tension and relieves stress. Also, insult them back with a laughter.

Meant that as an actual question, wasn’t making fu n

Serious advice here OP. Get fucking jacked. Working out spikes your testosterone to high levels. Your ability to combat verbal abuse will become better, the hurtful remarks from other men will go way down (non muscular men tend to be intimidated by muscular men), your neck will become thicker and your jawline more chiseled. This will cause more women to be interested in you making it easier to get laid, and you will get admiration and jealousy from your peers. On top of these obvious benefits you will have a better state of mind and be much healthier, since exercise is critical to a healthy physical and mental state.

then either change yourself or move on. Personally, I've just always moved on cause I dont give a fuck about the people saying shit about me

true tho

& by getting jacked I mean losing fat and building muscle. These both reduce the amount of estrogen while simultaneously raising testosterone in the bloodstream and body, which are both very good things for a man

>"you are a virgin user. Do you have any friends?"
>*awkward laugh* "haha yes im a loser"
This is your guys advice when you say to agree and laugh.

Already started I'm happy with my strength progress but my body is mediocre.

I feel ya.. there is always that one friend who is more interested in getting you laid that he actually makes it extremely awkward while out at the bars.

just wanted to point out that every post here has been in a positive light.
what happened, Veeky Forums? why are we in a good mood tonight?

also, if this ever happens to you and the girl asks why you are so quite, just tell them the straight up truth, that your annoying friend is desperately trying to get you laid and that you are sitting back enjoying watching him make a fool out of himself.

My dude that's not bullying it's banter. Tell him maybe we could share yours or something like that. Imagine it's an online board. Be funny ffs.

If you want to be a victim then scream to HR about it.

If not then have some fun with it.

Well, you have to laugh with superiority.
>hahaha (dude, you're an idiot, but instead of engaging with you I'm going to just enjoy your stupidity)
You have to laugh with an attitude of ZFG. Zero Fucks Given

LINK went up

>It's none of your business.
>Don't you have any work to do?
>Piss off.
>Haha, very funny. /s
Stop giving a fuck and DON'T be friendly if they're clearly bullying you.
Besides what kind of shitty job is this where there's highschool tier bullying?

This happened to me before. I told myself that it didn't matter what they thought because I don't care that I'm a virgin. I confidently told them and that would be the end of it, right?...

Three years later, long after they were out of my life, I find out one of my coworkers knew a relative of mine and told them about it. All of a sudden I'm hearing family members acting shocked and talking behind my back like I just got caught raping a dog or some shit.

Everything comes back to bite you in the ass OP, in the most random ways. You can't allow yourself to show weakness in front of a normalfag they are petty as hell and only gain pleasure from looking down on others.

Use the strength you built to start chiseling your body. Strength training is a great start, but to pack on muscle requires a slightly different mindset and routine than brute strength alone (although strength and size are obviously correlated). You also need to make sure your diet is on point. When weightlifting, make sure to perform the movements slower and more controlled, utilizing both eccentric (muscle lengthening) and concentric (muscle shortening) to keep the muscle under tension for the longest period of time. This will lead to muscular hypertrophy. Also, you say you’re gaining strength but have you incorporated all the major compound movements into your routine? I’m talking deadlift, squat, bench press etc. Look up a good powerlifting routine to incorporate and you will not only gain strength but size as well.

Forgot to mention to also perfect your form. This is critical to success. If you have shitty form you will not be recruiting the maximum number of muscle fibers to perform the movement and will also risk serious injury. Keep your head up OP, I’ve been where you’ve been before. Instead of being sad, get angry and use that anger to fuel your progress in the gym.

Can you keep going with this, I used to lift back in the day but feel so stupid now when that I don’t have a program and time of day specifically alloted to it.

I do not consider that bullying, I mean really.

The problem here is that you have already dug a hole for yourself. Human interaction is largely based off of maintaining your frame/image from first impression. Since you messed that up you need to understand that these relationships are also malleable. However, changing too rapidly, too often will make you unpredictable in their eyes (potentially dangerous). So, my suggestion to you is to change yourself completely.
Imagine the ideal person. Ask yourself and imagine how they would act in different situations. Run hypothetical situations in your mind about interactions with other people. Notice the interactions that you've had and also the interactions that others have without you. What would that that flowy, natual, likable guy do? What would he say? How would he say it? When people are talking behind his back what would they be saying? Is it good stuff? Bad stuff? You have 90% of the power to create the answers to these questions before the situations even arise.

Channel this frustration into motivation to workout more and focus on self improvement. Their insults only have power if you let yourself think they are above you. Assuming you're actually a nice guy at work, these people are fucking losers covering for their own insecurities by giving you shit.

Apparently faster (while being controlled) is better []

>When not training to failure, moving the bar as fast as possible probably produces better gains than intentionally slowing your rep speed.

>When you’re constantly training to failure, it may not matter quite as much. However, you DON’T constantly have to train to failure to get stronger.

>Moving heavy things as fast as possible improves your ability to move heavy things fast much more than it improves your ability to move light things fast.

As for the routine yes I'm doing nsunsLP 4 day routine.

Working out isn't going to solve anything if you don't resolve the root cause

read You need to change in order to transcend this. First you have to care, and want to change, and believe that changing is worth it. Find God, and mentally make the shift that you find your value and acceptance from GOD not men, and it won't matter what these fuckos say. They could call you a loser beta virgin fag normie, and you'll be able to just laugh and tease them, or play along, because you will be rooted in something that makes you immune to their taunts.

Thank you these are very helpful insights

Well “better” is a subjective term. If you’re looking for strength and strength only, faster and controlled is better. Faster because the muscle will be under load for a shorter time period, and controlled because you will be recruiting the maximum number of muscle fibers for the movement while reducing the chance of injury or strain. But slower under load indisputably keeps the muscle under tension for the longest time period, thus taxing the muscle fibers to a larger extent than a faster movement. More tension on the muscle=hypertrophy which is ideal for the bodybuilder or someone looking to pack on size. Look up videos of bodybuilders and observe how they lift compared to the power lifter. Now it can be argued that faster and controlled can be used to perform a high repetition set which can induce muscle burnout and lactic acid buildup (thus leading to muscle growth), but for the same rep scheme and weight, slower and controlled means more muscle tension. Different strokes for different folks, and obviously there are individual differences that can contribute to ones ability to gain muscle and strength.

Turn the jokes on them. Get super fucking morbid/disturbingly sexual when they try and pull this stuff on you. Make THEM uncomfortable to the point where they want to avoid you.

I really do feel for you user. I’ve watched these threads for months. What you experience is pretty standard interpersonal friction, hate to say this, you seem mentally weak and unable to handle it. Root of it IMO is your self-esteem

To train to failure requires a high rep scheme and much lower weight. IMO, for hypertrophy both should be utilized. Slow & controlled under heavy load and fast & controlled under low load conditions. But for an ideal balance of both strength and size, slow & controlled under heavy load is clearly the way to go

I want to get strong first and see the results, hypertrophy appears to be more as a result of overall volume rather than time under tension or anything.

If I get stronger it makes sense ill get bigger too. Never seen anyone benching 300lbs with small chest and triceps, never seen people deadlifting 500lbs with tiny glutes etc.

I've only made one other thread about this besides this one. That was probably someone else or multiple other people.

That's not bullying. Toughen up, lighten up, Let them find you a grill.

It wreaks of insecurity to do this if you aren't drunk. Also, it is a confirmation to what they are saying. OP needs to act in a way where people never even think about saying that shit to him. In the meantime, when they do say stupid shit OP could give them a proverbial "pat on the back," implying that he kinda feels bad for them for saying something so embarrassing, and that they should feel good because they trying. A similar way that a girl will pat a guy on the back if they hug (implying "just friends")

You could literally say anything as long as its confident and you look them in the eye. Just try not to be too weird.

Are your coworkers 12 years old?
Are you 12 years old?

I had sex with my 15th girl last week. I first had sex 15 years ago.

You know what my average of one different vagina a year has brought me?

Nothing positive at all. Its a bad investment. Masturbation is free and less stressful. Get rich and jack off. that's the true way

Here's a simple one:
Wow, everyone seems to like that person and say positive things about them behind their back. It's cool though, I like that person too, but everyone seems to like me even more. It's weird because I'm not even trying.
Convince yourself of shit like this.

Strength and size are correlated, but not entirely. The reason I gave advice on time under tension is because you said you were not satisfied with your body yet you were gaining strength. I have personally seen greater muscle growth with slower, more controlled movements but YMMV. In addition, the recruitment of myosatellite cells (responsible for the repair and growth of muscle fibers) is increased when their is a greater mental focus on the muscle being worked, rather than just performing the movement. The mind muscle connection is strengthened with greater time under load, but you are correct in that volume also plays a part.

But keep going though OP, your hard work will eventually pay off.

imagine sth really bad that you said or did years ago, sth that makes you cringe super hard
once you find that sth then you will be less likely to show emotions even to your own self, therefore "stop giving a fuck"

>Letting other people's mouth noises ACTUALLY affect your life.

Why are their mouth noises so important to you?

Because they know me and I have to spend many more hours with them.

I wouldn't want to work for a company whose workers ask such questions. Is getting another job an option?

Don't lie about being a virgin then they wont have anything to make fun of you about.

Stand up straight with your shoulders back

Ok but you have the ability to decide if something is significant to you or not. You're mentally attaching too much importance and this HUGE significance and meaning to their words. People can just pick up on that energy, and you're probably all tensed up and shit. Just decide to feel however the fuck you want to feel, you're giving permission to other people to dictate it.

It's all about mental gymnastics op. Do a little exercise where you relive the so called bullying but imagine what it would be like if you actually had a couple of hotties as regular bootie calls. Would you care about your coworkers' comments? Would you lose a minute of your time explaining to them you're actually a stud? How would you react?

The answer is within you already op.

Leave this board and never come back you utter faggot. What women would want a gamma male shit like you? Jesus Christ- KYS

25 whenever someone asks i just tell them the truth.
>you a virgin?
>ever had a gf?
>why not prostitute?
dont wanna

they look at you a little wierd but dont believe it and just forget about it

I wouldn't know what to do if a willing women asked me on a date and promised sex after.

If that ever happens, use this line: "Sounds good to me. You free this weekend?"

That'll be 1 ETH.

Yeah but I mean during the "thing"

You can say 'sex' on the internet, user

Just put penis in, pull penis out, cum, cuddle

Take a pistol to work, and brass them up.

I saw this thread on /g/ and had a feeling it was the same faggot from the Veeky Forums thread the other day then I come to Veeky Forums and sure enough here you are. How many boards did you post this exact thread on?

Great advice. The reality is that once people have formed an impression of you and you've gained a certain reputation, it's very hard to change that. Best thing to do is work on improving yourself, learn from the mistakes you've made here, get better at interacting with normies and fitting in. Then move on to another job, and use the things you've learned so that you don't make the same mistakes in your new job. Yes you can try to better the situation here, but it sounds like you work with assholes, and unless it's a a very well paying job probably isn't worth staying here longer than you have to

Thank you everyone for your suggestions I've read every post, some were helpful, the shooting ones were funny. I will now masturbate to porn, shower, read my book and go to sleep. I will figure out some way to deal with this issue, thank you for your insights I greatly appreciate your input I love this board.

I just saw it too, I didn't post it there. I've only posted it here on Veeky Forums. Someone is mocking me for attention.

Roastie larping as a man detected. It's penis in, penis out, penis in again, cum, slap her on the arse, leave.

>work at supermarket at nights
>flower stand in shop
>2 Filipino girls are looking at it just before leaving to go home
>start putting a rose away, look at me and start laughing and jabbering away in their monkey language.


Wow man the fuck up you stupid faggot. No one likes to be around a boy that fucking whines and complains in self pity all the time. Grow some god damn balls and embrace your masculinity, you turbo faggot.

>Coworkers were talking to me today
>I'm being bullied!

These terrifying wagecuck stories about normie bullying just makes me even more sure I should never ever get a job

you're not the sad faggot who made the acetaminophen comment to your boss are you?

They pulled this on me then I told them I had two and one was 19 (was 24 at the time) then the ladies all cringed. They didn't like I was pulling younger women.
Either way sounds like a fun workplace I wouldn't let it get you user.

good luck user try not to let them get to you, normies are assholes. Just think of it as part of the job similar to having to clean the toilet or deal with an asshole customer.

Shit you right

This. A 25 year old coworker once asked about my love life and I told her I was seeing an 18 year old. She was not happy to hear that kek

just nod playfully and say yes, yup, uhhuh, good idea to everything they say as a light hearted joke

Bullying is for kids. Actual adults don't get bullied. It's just over-sensitive overly self-conscious faggots who think they are being bullied

But I AM over sensitive self-conscious faggot

what kind of porn?

What does this have to do with cryptocurrency?

Machiavellianism and Narcissism in the workplace exist, along with sociopathy it forms the Dark Triad which is well documented in corporate environments

The truth is that high school never actually ends, it just looks slightly different

Where do you work that people ask you that?


Who cares what someone is thinking about you? The human brain has roughly 50,000 thoughts every 24 hrs. So they thought good or bad about you. . . Oh look. . . Now they're thinking about something else.

Wake the fuck up and realise it's your own thoughts causing any anguish.

Truly the epitome of being Beta

You're so fucking uptight it's insane. Did your Mommy have lots of opinions on things?

Always lie about being a virgin to girls
It works everytime
Also quit your job, having to weak up early sucks monkey balls just trade internet moneyz

this is none of my business

>When weightlifting, make sure to perform the movements slower and more controlled

Enjoy your busted joints whenever you stop using bitch weights

>and just forget about it

>It works everytime
Yet you still are a virgin

on a side note, the word "everytime" always appears as a error on my browser, does it exist? I'm not native english

it's every time.

I'm about to be 27 and have never had a girl interested in me. I just lie if it comes up. Normies judge you for this shit.