What bank doesn't give a shit if i'm in crypto???

what bank doesn't give a shit if i'm in crypto???

Navy Federal

Wells Fargo, they've been good to me.

USAA hasn't bothered me.

i use Chase

they don't care

they just disabled credit cards so you dumb niggers use BORROWED MONEY to make money

+1 wells fargo

they give me fraud calls for buying out of pattern. But no issues dropping several hundies in coinbase.


This. They're honestly fucking awesome.

US bank hasn't done anything to me yet
they also gave me a 10000 dollar credit limit even though i'm a 19 year old with no income

Credit union. Jesus.

fuck that

chase offically sucks, and they disabled debit card

i am monitoring this thread, going to open an account tomorrow.

Fuck Chase

thats called setting a debt trap

Bank of America has a problem with crypto?

>they just disabled credit cards so you dumb niggers use BORROWED MONEY to make money
Literally every business

Ive wired 100k from wells to gemini they dont give a shit, have been pretty good to me

my last debit transfer took 9 fucking days

how about cashing out, anons?

US Bank uncucked themselves. They used to ban wire transfers to Coinbase but changed that about six months ago. All good on there now.

TD wire transfers to kraken took 2-3 weeks on average. So far they haven't buttfugged me and I've been sending receiving tens of thousands. We shall see what happens this tax season though

>i live in canada so this may not apply to you

no issues with bank of america except I had to respond to a text message once to verify a buy

You think that's bad? I'm transferring CS:GO skins to a gambling site and this shit is taking 12 days.

Etrade, they’re not a bank per se but will gladly accept your transfers

Also I should add you can use them as a middleman to your favorite bank

I use Fidelity Credit Card. 2% cash back. But purchase through Coinbase charges me an international fee of 10%. But that has always been the case. I purchased $2000 worth of BTC at $6500 from Coinbase with my CC during this dip.

Is this for real? I googled it and it looks like officially they only banned credit cards but those who are using debit are getting hit with fees. I use chase but have only taken from my bank account directly so far so I would like to know

The 2% cash back applies to my purchase from Coinbase as well. ^^^^^ read reply above.

I have a really good credit score, i've had a credit card since i turned 18 and pay it off every month


this card don't work no more. when did it last work for you?

mostly because they did bad lost a lot of money so its a safe heaven for crypto people now

they always side with their customer now from fear of losing more

i have cashed out 300k+ and never had a single problem . on top of what other anons have said like fraud calls and stuff

My debit card didn't work today

I hope I am wrong.

How did you get a credit card at 18 with no income, I applied at US bank today and have worked half a year and got denied a credit card.

Shit, I hope it's not the case. I wanted to be able to buy and trade instantly instead of having to wait a week but I'm afraid if I try now I'm going to have to deal with fees

Secured, i put down a 200 dollar deposit (discover), i got it back after 10 months

Have had no issues with Wells Fargo over the last 5 years using them.

They even let you deposit cash into a bank account no ID required. No questions asked.

>not using a local bank or credit union

You're fucking up user. I used to have Suntrust but it was nothing but niggers at the branch and pajeets on the 1-800 number. I switched to local bank and the service is so much better. I have my branch manager's cell phone number and e-mail and she sends my Gemini wires out personally.

Where are you getting your info from? Chase has blocked credit card purchases, yes. But they have not shut down DEBIT purchases. However, they have tacked on a nice little fee of $5 per purchase. For that, they are niggers.

I bought 10k with my chase credit card. I used the 1 year 0% balance transfer checks they sent me and deposited them into my bank account, and wired from there.