Share your filters

Share your filters

0/10 bait

Because I am not a faggot redditor in need of a safespace.

My time is valuable, so no need to spend it looking at obvious pnd garbage. When you get older, you'll appreciate the ability to filter out junk.


This plus “linkies” “stinky” “Sergey” and “swift”

>my time is valuable
>Veeky Forums
Top jej

Link is a pretty big word tho, you shouldn't filter that one
If I post "wow satoshi nakamoto is back here's the link" you would never see my post

>tfw you go to your filter list and see a coin that went to the moon
ayyy lmao. I look at everything. 98% of the board is shit. Its hard to find the 2% if you filter out things

i look at this board atleast a dozen times a day but i click atleast 1 thread a day

this board is so fucking bad

ETH ponzi and pajeet shill threads don't provide any useful info.

the AAAA one is not a bad idea

I thought the same.

then move your eyes slightly down the page faggot

can anyone here explain to me what the link token does?

I view all the social media outlets for signals

Good call

It's hilarious on crash days. When the last BTC crash hit, there was a point in the day where there were less than 10 unfiltered threads.


Results: 0 threads

What do the stars do


it's when you come here for valuable information I won't bother telling you and you're not trading mommy's pocket change like most of you.

thanks for the filter i would've never found these deep intellectual threads