Broke my nofap streak again because of biz posting brap's. How do I disable this?

Broke my nofap streak again because of biz posting brap's. How do I disable this?

start pounding it out to statistics texts

By brap posting. Can't see women on Veeky Forums in a sexual way ever since.

Get your shit together my dude.

Pornography is the iconography of Satan, and it is fully funded by pure evil jews.

Just instantly hide those threads, and move on. You can do it bro.


brap posting is a sexual way you dumb fuck normie

retards have a fat fetish

fart* and or ass sniffing

Stop coming here and go outside

if you don't jerk off regularly you will get prostate cancer


I'll have you know that I was one of the original brap/sniff posters. It was a protest against constant whore posting by mentally stunted children hungry for attention. Unfortunately it did not work as planned.

spotted the kike

fuck off rat

Not it's not, you brainlet. It's a way to discourage thot posting.

no it wasnt you stupid newfaggot fucking retard
it was just funny so it caught on

newfgas fuck off

It is on Veeky Forums, you retard.

thank you brother. i have a disease and I need treatment. I want to have interaction with REAL women again.. I'm sad

WEAK will

Day 460+ my man. It's you not Veeky Forums. I'll be honest. I touch my dick at the sight of these roasties, but I never pull it out and start fapping. You need to continue building your willpower.

Pornography literally separates us from our humanity. When your brain is addled by Pornography usage, you cut yourself off from source energy and you simply will never be able to connect with any human beings (bros, women, family) in a deep and meaningful way.

Remember you must be FULLY abstinent. You must tell yourself everyday that you will NEVER view the wretched poison that is pornography EVER again

it sounds extremely autistic when you put it like that. but as someone who has tried nofap, I can agree that there is something about jizzing that really seems to drain my life. I can definitely see why succubuses are a thing

>He actually, unironically fapped to butt sniffing and braps

You got meme'd, my dude. Brap-posting exists, at least in part, to make fun of people with people with a terrible fetish. You're not supposed to actually get into it

Autistic as fuck, yet 100% true.

We will look back on pornography in the future one day as much more destructive and evil than we even realize.

Same thing happened to me this last weekend. How the fuck do we combat this

Fuck off newfag, brapposting has been on this site for ages already lmao

Stop getting turned on my memes

you know those tribute videos? i want to print this thread out and lay 8 ropes on it.

you no fapping faggots think you've found the promised land

dump a load... you might not sound like a total faggot on an anime board afterward

European junkie is literally my favorite look. Used to be a lame suburb drug dealer so I fucked plenty of girls that looked like that. Nostalgic shit user, thanks.

Oh, and I was all in XLM and just sold and shorted BTC. YOLO shit for you young faggots.

actually, brrap posting has made asexual.
>be chad af
>women left and right wanting to grease my dick
>all i can think of is brrraaaappppttt and be put off by the whole enterprise of courtship

on the plus side, i am learning how to get better results from my trading bot

heh, you're funny. i wrote the original copypasta. checkmate

stop being dense
it was done to derail the shill threads
it caught on cause it was funny too
it was not done here on Veeky Forums for sexual andysixx purposes

OG Veeky Forums brap poster here, yeah brrraaaaps originated on Veeky Forums many many years ago and it's actually a protest against retards posting provocative women in boards where you need maximum focus.

I remembered the brap thing and the fact that I also have a scat fetish to protest here against those individuals and the lack of moderation.

>copypasta was created in 2016
>assuming you actually are the creator (which you are not) you only have proof of joining the site in 2016


>hating on thotposters

>lack of moderation
Nothing is going to change, some pole posted child porn on int for a year straight lmao

You might have to go no/biz/ there's nothing really of value here.

I experience this also. Every time I see ass I can only think of spongebob sucking that stink in and I lol.

I see you're a brap post connoisseur. Well done my friend, well done. Make sure to call out others who dares to claim fame to brap posting origins.


>just give in to your primal desires user
>you can't be better than all the people who mindlessly fap daily
crab in a bucket mentality in action

The path to enlightenment is no porn, lots of exercise and only jerking it after your body can't take it any more. Like week three or four or so when you just can't sleep at all. Then go ahead and fap in the dark, get it out and move on. Start again.This is a natural rhythm for a single or unmarried man. Everything else is degenerate.

sexy dreams + jizzing in your sleep feels 100x better than fapping

been there but only fapping like twice a month just builds unnecessary stress and makes me want to fuck every roastie I look at which is a distraction. No porn is the true path.