Is $1,000/Linkpossible? I would have $20 million

Is $1,000/Linkpossible? I would have $20 million

lmao no
the delusion here has gone completely out of control

The market cap would be insane. Probably not.

It's expected

.. are you really that retarded?

that's the minimum

fuck no

Maybe in 5 years when the chainlink network is the backbone of the new smart-contract economy.

anything is possible you fucking brianlet

now is it PLAUSIBLE?


No, fucking $1 LINK is barely possible and probably won't happen. Stop with the pie in the sky dreams and invest in a coin with actual millionaire potential.


It would require a market cap 2.534x that of Bitcoin right now.

Lol no because you would sell at the crash 2 bucks like all the weak-handed NEETfags

fuck off tripfag

$10000/LINK end of 2020.

So in 2 years when crypto total market cap is 20 trillion...

$1 already happened you faggot

It's a useless erc20 token that already got abandoned

You're obviously a nuLINKER. Did you come from reddit?

$0.01 LINK end of 2018



priced in

Came here to say exactly this, it cant be real

I thought Link was just a meme, but I just found out it’s a real coin

No. Never ever in a million gazillion years. If the entire earth was covered in robots that had a thriving economy transacting with each other using smart contracts, LINK would still not be $1000.

Guys I wasn't here when we decided what to do, are we fudding now?

>both shilling and fudding
Schrodinger fud, very nice

1k already gonna happen

1000 LINK with an announced swift partnership, after a few years of development. If you don't think this can happen, you are a brainlet.

Such as?

checked and kekd

Mobius obviously

Without a decentralized oracle, smart contracts will never come to fruition, so I can see why some people will think chainlink can go high, but 1000 per token still seems far fletched.

Is $1000 Link EOM possible? I'd have over $10 000

wait 4 years and maybe. nobody knows fuck shit about anything.The king of shitcoins hasnt even been made yet. probably. honestly just put like 10 bucks even if you hate it so if it does somehow blow up your future self will have a fun payday off an actual shitcoin in 2018. just for fun.

End of minute? Absolutely.

Ok dear sirs

Honestly though this FUD on link is very similar to the FUD on ETH.


Underrated post. Checked.

Honestly, believe in the meme magic or get out.

the absolute state of chainlink fud

No. Maybe $200 tops.

check it

It is expected to rise as fast as Sergey's weight; so $1000 per token significantly undershoots where we expect the token by mid Aug

They are fudding it exactly like eth because they want you to buy.

Holding LINK, and I think $50-150 within the next year is a real possibility. $10-$50 likely.

But $1,000 is ridiculous. But a daily reminder: in 2016, people thought $600 ethereum was impossible. Someone predicted $10,000 ETH from that same time period. So that would be the same market cap LINK would have to reach.
If we see $10,000 ETH, we can start talking about $1,000 LINK as a possibility, or the insane possibility of LINK surpassing ETH depending on what happens in the coming year.

Just remember, so far, crazier predictions have come true, and most people thought you belonged in an asylum for thinking 1,000 ETH would make you a millionaire

This bread
>pic related

it’s also arguable that crypto is still in it’s early stages. this is the future, but right now it truly is the wild west with scam ICOs and “hacks” (ex: lost XRB on Bitgrail). Crypto will replace fiat, when that happens, we’ll be shitting money.

>350bil market cap

Exactly. Will post some more screens just now. Some of the predictions anons made, like believing in it to the point of religiously DCA and buying the dips, is hauntingly similar to the LINK premonitions we’re seeing now. Just remember, it could be a giant false equivalence. Conflating the two is a mistake, but it’s an amazing parallel to witness