Jordan Bonilla is a Chainlink Dev, not Tesla's

This thread is to clarify what was discussed in this LINK thread:

This user paid someone on Fiverr to confirm if Jordan Bonilla, a developer who recently worked on ChainLink's source code (pic related), was still employed at Tesla.

If Bonilla was still employed at Tesla, it meant that Tesla was actively commiting resources to help ChainLink's development.

If Bonilla was not currently employed at Tesla, it means that Jordan Bonilla has switched jobs and is now one of the new developers working for ChainLink.

user got a reply from Fiverr saying that he no longer worked at Tesla. So, it seems like Jordan Bonilla is a new ChainLink dev, so his post on Slack cannot be considered evidence that Tesla is working with ChainLink.

One thing of note is that this contradicts Jordan Bonilla's LinkedIn page (which still says that he is currently at Tesla) and the anonymous posts in the pic saying that Tesla is contributing to the "push" mechanism on ChainLink.

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Where’s proof? What did the person from Fiver do to get that info?

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1. There's literally no proof in that thread that anyone confirmed Jordan Bonilla no longer works at Tesla.

2. His LINKedIn says that he works at Tesla.

Why did we think he's no longer working there to begin with? Because his profile on Github (which lists his employer as Tesla) indicates he's written some code for ChainLink?

Everything about this indicates Jordan works for Tesla and is creating a "push" external adaptor so that Tesla can interface with ChainLink.

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you can confirm a connection between the tesla employee and chainlink here:

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user gave no other info aside from saying that he hired someone from Fiverr:

I suppose if you want to be sure, you can do this again yourself and post proof here.

There is without a doubt a connection between Jordan Bonilla and ChainLink. The CRITICAL piece is whether or not Jordan Bonilla is CURRENTLY working at Tesla. Only if he is currently employed can we hypothesize that he contributed to ChainLink on behalf of Tesla.

>The CRITICAL piece is whether or not Jordan Bonilla is CURRENTLY working at Tesla.


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Point of this thread is that the user above bought a Fiverr task to confirm this, and the person he hired said no.

As for why there is that contradiction, either:
A) The Fiverr person didn't do their job right
B) Bonilla hasn't kept his LinkedIn profile up-to-date

Only way to be more certain is to do several more Fiverr tasks, this time with more proof.

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>Point of this thread is that the user above bought a Fiverr task to confirm this, and the person he hired said no.

Point of my reply is that there is no proof that this even happened in the thread you referenced. It's plain as day that this guy works at Tesla and has been working on code for ChainLink and we're supposed to suspend reality because someone who knows a guy in a thread somewhere says they contacted someone on Fiverr who confirmed Jordan Bonilla doesn't actually work for Tesla, it just says so on both his LinkedIn and Github? Both of which he himself maintains? You're out of your goddamn mind.

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I have to emphasize that this particular trail of breadcrumbs is REALLY worth following because of the implications of Tesla working with ChainLink, especially in this manner.

If this is true, we can assume without a shadow of a doubt that:
1. Companies have an active interest in the development of ChainLink
2. Companies are SO interested in ChainLink that they're willing to actively commit their own resources to hasten its development

This blows a lot of the FUD regarding ChainLink not being useful, the Oracle problem not really being a thing, etc. out of the water.

we need to decentralize our fiverr research.
and we need someway to transfer that data to Veeky Forums

Can someone edit a link version of this patch?


>Pays a guy from Fiver to call Tesla
Why not just call himself???

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If you can accept the possibility that:
1. Jordan Bonilla is one of the new ChainLink hires
2. Being a recent hire, his accounts have not been updated
3. user really did go through with a Fiverr task, which should be pretty easy to do

Then there is a chance that things have changed and the info on his accounts is false. I want to remove that bit of plausible deniability. Shame on me for wanting to do research on my investments, huh?

At any rate, I'll probably research this more myself to verify what the other user did. Problem is conveying that information to Veeky Forums in a trustless manner.

>"Quick someone get on Fiverr! We don't have a smoking gun yet! Create twenty more threads to confirm that water is wet!"

I just want to point out that this is all concern trolling. It's completely unambiguous that the guy works at Tesla and lo and behold out of the woodwork come a bunch of faggots concerned we haven't done our due diligence.

user wanted someone that wasn't socially retarded:

It's probably a good idea that someone that at least sounds like an HR person called Tesla.

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Where can I download my trustless decentralized fiver investigations?

I REJECT your claim that we have completely unambiguous proof that he still works at Tesla, specifically due to the scenario I mentioned above, where he could be one of the new developers that ChainLink hired.

If you can accept that this is at least a plausible scenario, then I see no reason why you wouldn't want this board to pursue this trail further.

Funny part about this is that I actually have no incentive to give that info to Veeky Forums, if it turns out that he does in fact still work at Tesla.

But hey, I like this board so I'll think of something

Fuck can you fags just stop arguing about it and either ask tesla or him if he still works at tesla. Problem solved. Every one of you has the capacity to do this. If you call record the call. If you email screencap the email.

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The owner of Veeky Forums needs to be petitioned to develop an API for the site.
IDs / Tripcodes / Thread Numbers / Post Numbers / Image Filenames
Once the ChainLink network is live this would be immensely useful for a variety of reasons

If you can give some ideas on how I can get and deliver this info to Veeky Forums in a foolproof manner, I'd appreciate it.

I'm not that good at people skills so I'll also probably have someone else contact Tesla as well

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>Every one of you has the capacity to do this
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