Insider. 3 days until mainnet announcement

Insider. 3 days until mainnet announcement.

Ok habibi

I feel no fear over LINK. All in. I am going to be rich.

it's actually very possible Sergey will announce the mainnet in 3 days during the conference
we're halfway through Q1, surely they have a very good idea by now of when they could see it being released



proof or larp


Is that when you dump your bags?


Sergey’s Cousin here, he said nothing about that OP. Maybe pushed to 2019

Sergey's mom here

Chainlink dark mainnet goes live soon get out before it forks

Penn State University ID

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Hey Mark

“because you go to BU”

I'm so fucking comfy. Here's to a great year

Jason Parser here. OP is a lying faggot.

IF this is true will the price be $3-5 by mid March?

No way. Next week after the conference is the soonest I would expect.

Even if it’s not 3 days, the announcement and my riches are inevitable

The mainnet won't come out in 3 days, but in 3 days the date for release will be mentioned.

Hey Guys, Sergey here. You probably won't believe me because you seem to be a bunch of racist monsters without the ability to reason but here goes. PLEASE stop posting about my project. Chainlink is still a long way off in terms of being a real product but these posts only hurt the future of Chainlink and our vision for how smart contracts will be used in the future. You are turning something serious that I have put a lot of time into, into some juvenile joke and if Chainlink is associated with racism and white supremacy then frankly, it belongs in the ash heap anyway. You people are what is wrong with the community.

No. Next step is the initial implementation which should happen in Q1. They didnt even give a time frame for mainnet release

post proof LARPer

Our Sergey wouldn't say that.

How the fuck do people still not realize that news only leads to dumps

Kek be praised, dubs confirms riches

Why does this happen? Should I wait longer before buying more?

Idiots buy the pump thinking news will make thw whole world buy in. Even bigger idiots buy just as news is annkunced "WOW! The thing we expected to haooen happened! I better buy more just in case!" Non retards who bought at ico see this as a perfect way to sell their stack into a substantial amount of buyers, ensuring a good sell price. Idiots get dumoed on and panic sell. Fin

1BIZ 1 and green ID. Moonrun confirmed.

Digits confirm 100usd eom

The most likely outcome, that or like a net 2% rise for holders. I yoyo has better moon potential thank this shitcoin

Hi. I'm Sergey's aunt. He told me yesterday that he is extremely excited to make hundreds of imageboard kids happy in the days. I'm not even larping here. That is what he said. Then he left suddenly and left me a note at the fridge that he has to prepare another pump. He is so busy these days.

according to my digits it will be 0.1$ EOY

I wake up I eat oatmeal, in the afternoon I eat oatmeal, and in the night I eat oatmeal + 100 gram chicken.
I am so fucking hungry
At least I'll be rich one day