I can't think of a better place to ask for bad advice than here:

I can't think of a better place to ask for bad advice than here:

I'm in an econ class in college, and we're doing a stock market game (oh boy). However, there are prizes for having the highest gains AND the largest losses. So, I want your WORST market advice possible, to lose the most money humanly possible. Our game runs about two months.

We each get $500k; it has to be split five ways (100k each) in a future, a long, a short, a call, and a put. No day trading/trading at margin allowed

What should I do? It seems right up Veeky Forums's alley.

>worst market advice possible
buy link

buy LINK. easily will have the largest loss award

>worst market advice possible
buy link


Are you limited to traditional stocks?

How long is the time frame?

If it's below one month:
buy link

If it's above one month:
buy link

Just listen to what biz says

uhhhh, my mom said chainlink is the best stock for certain

yes, unfortunately. believe me, I would buy LINK if I could, but the only crypto available to me is BTC on the futures market.

short weed stocks 100x leverage

short BTC. just do it.

Short bitcoin.

Long the Dow.

Long oil futures.

Call your professors moms house.

Put your ponos in her vagoo.

CHK is one of the most swingy stocks I know of

Can't tell you which way though


Can you go into debt OP? Like double down on something real bad?

What's the Bitconnect of the stock market?

we can't trade at margin (aside from futures), but we're free to really do whatever we want when it comes to picking what to put/call/etc

Dunno about going negative. Losing 500k in 2 mo can't be that hard, can it?

Okay so you can take my word for it or just think I'm a fucking larp but I graduated with a finance and accounting degree and currently work in IB. First of all this game is total bullshit because real investors don't invest on a 2 month fucking time frame because they don't think niggerly. Now your professor will most likely want to see muhhhh research and investment thesis, fuck. that. noise.

Tell him why the game is retarded and then invest in the riskiest fucking names. Do the most normie strategies, look for names that have severely dropped in the last month etc. Look for potential buyout opportunities in hot spaces like Healthcare, Biotech, etc. Currently lots of media and retail companies are being targeted for M&A and buyout opportunities because their balance sheets are hurting with way too much debt.

My picks off the top of my head
Future - Oil
Call - VIX
Long - TSLA, NFLX some random fucking FAANG stock to keep stability
Short - Maybe the Euro or Yuan vs USD?

Put - idk go find some dogshit

Go long on riot blockchain. You will lose guaranteed.

Hold VXX, at the end you'll either have the highest gains or largest losses

thanks anons. The funny thing is, 0% of our grade comes from our game performance, other than the secret prize for the best/worst performers. The whole point is to just learn the workings of the stock market.

but screw that noise, I want to burn my 500k to the ground

good then. real experience trumps the bullshit you learn in school. In fact just take the redpill now and realize that 99% of the economic and financial theory you learn in school barely fucking applies in the actual business world. Its 90% bullshit followed by 10% horseshit

Can you bet on leveraged ETFs? If so just take a pick from a 5x levered one

it's a "engineering economics" class, 99% of it is just TVM calculations and go/nogo analysis. It's interesting enough

I think so; we're using personalfinancelab. Not sure about if we can leverage or not - our prof set a bunch of rules for our particular game. ETFs are available though

Alright that stuff is actually pretty useful to learn. If ETFs are available then you should definitely be able to use levered ETFs. If prof cries foul then just sue the school

buy a stock called kushbottles, bitcf stock, and go for the worst canadian weed stock with no earnings.