How much does your business make Veeky Forums?

Wait, you don't have a 'business'? You just play price arbitrage all day?

Pic related, 'billable man hours' I since Feb 1, 2018.

Literally $0.00 investment to PIC fucking related.
What's the math on the gain?
Pro-tip? You CANT.

> Inb4 muh trainings and muh years experience
Try a little.

PS do both

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Your business only pulls in 10k? Hopefully that's not all time, and at least yearly lol

12k a month between ecommerce and social media management. pays for uni and then some

>since Feb 1, 2018.
good job user

thanks mate, I'd like to put some of those savings into real estate but since I'm 19 I'd have no idea what I'd be doing

fucking right?
what kinda e-comm?
I build magento servers rarely but my gf makes buku bucks setting up stores

My arbitrage bot made 200$ in 2 weeks :(

better than nothing!!!!!!
does it scale?

it's mainly social media marketing. My dad has a local sports radio show so I coldcalled all of his advertisers to get my first several clients. After that I have been growing it entirely through referrals - for every paying customer a current client brings me, the get a month of work for free. I charge each one $500-1500 a month depending on their budget, and essentially for the same work.

I was finally able to quit my shitty job at Publix in august and work on this and college full time. It's fucking great

social media management*

nice good job. how long you been doing it for?
figure out how to productize and automated it?

I make between 20k and 30k/mo from my "business" where some minor accounting is the only real work I put in anymore.

There's a Shopify plugin that automatically orders the product and that's pretty much the best way to automate ecommerce. Also I have sproutsocial for SMM

200 million


hey user i want to get into social media managements, im doing a marketing course atm but any other educational tools like certain books ect you could direct me to? also any tips, much appreciated

What's that business user ?

Business has been slow, price of advertisements has been rising lately and I sell low value goods : /

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What does this mean exactly

What's your business OP? I'm quitting my job with some savings as a safety net.

online marketing

Really nice, well done.
You do that on your own or do you have a team ?
I'm very interested in online marketing lately.

boomers cashing out their retirement from market (current profit taking) is driving real estate up further - not a good time unless you can get something at a yr 2003 valuation. everything else is fucked unless you are in a high-rental area with very low vacancy rate and can get a fixed

There can’t be people this retarded in real life can there be? Do you know what billable man hours means? You multiply the hours billed by his hourly rate you stupid fucking moron.

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*i'm assuming you are in states here. not sure about elsewhere. eastern europe is pretty ripe currently.

I do ecommerce consulting, but I am 100% counting on my Chainlink and Domain Token to make me 40 million dollars within 2 years.