ChainLink Logos

I made the Tesla one and here's a HyperLedger one. What other companies do you want logos for? I'll probably make a few more tonight.

mobius link lol
eth link also



finally someone else started making those fucking shadow fork logos so I don't have to and I can focus on Sergey memes

LV monogram link cube


>mobius link lol
THIS. Also, KikeLink, ZeldaLink & Sega DreamcastLink.

I just went to a hyperledger meetup today and the whole time I’m thinking to myself, this kills the linkie. It’s super easy to use and deploy, it’s super robust and dynamic with infinite use cases. Hyperledger is the chainlink killer. If you think they are “partnering” in any significant way you do not understand these 2 technologies.

JR (Japan Rail)
LINE (chat app which will soon have a crypto exchange)
Apple (chrome and rainbow editions)

link already works with hyperledger

are you tarded?

After extensive research, I've come to the conclusion that hyperledger is the mobius killer.

You're not entirely wrong.
However, their blockchain solution is not ideal UNLESS you use oracles.
>To ensure accuracy of the data, multiple oracles are ideal.
>I'm tired so I went go into detail on why it is beneficial to have decentralized oracles, but there are quite a few use cases. Not all, but a good number.


White castle

thx, man!

brazzers. we need smartcontracts to confirm that soyboys are actually soy and boy. we need smartcontracts to confirm incest rape scenes are actually incest and rape. we need smartcontracts to confirm that japanese is japanese and not a cleverly disguised gook. these are a few of the use cases for chainlink that no one has brought up and its concerning. just goes to show how many newfags are here




We need smart contracts confirm how many orgasms white girls have for each BBC session


Facebook and RSA

In honor of Ari Jules and Evan Cheng

And swift lol



These are some good suggestions

JP Morgan



What about PepeLink?




pepe link pls





Bump for SWIFT and RSA

Bump for a gold and black lamborghini cube

Would pay 1 LINK lol

No need to pay
I'll do SWIFT and Lamborghini and that's probably it for tonight

May Sergey bless you with warm toilet seats


wrong font for chain link

pls repost tesla link

I don't have the font


thanks bro these are fantastic

definitely need and Apple (rainbow and silver 2 versions), and a Visa one


Is there a Nazi version or should I make one?


nice, I have something a bit different in mind though gimme a sec

Throwing out a bunch for your consideration

gay link
cup and handle link
moon link
singularity link (like a black hole or some shit)
dennis (assblaster) link
reddit link
trump link
oracle logo link
fleshlight link



fuck spelled deutsch wrong gimme a sec, dont speak kraut

Niggercoin LINK

Amazing job bro, ya just fix up that typo



It's Carbon Regular.
T. Link logo generator user



god tier


great thread.

I love it great job bro


I fucking love you!

>using ChainChink instead of ChinkLink