Can the mods do their job and ban these Chainlink retards...

Can the mods do their job and ban these Chainlink retards? They’re obviously paid shills and they’re shitting on this board.

The chainlink pajeeting is out of hand PUMP AND DUMP

>tfw when you realize some are actually anons who drank the kool aid and are coming up with hypotheses that have no bearing in reality

Can mods do their job and ban threads complaining about ChainLink when OPs could just filter our ChainLink?

When they lose all their money in a shitty ERC20 token they’ll have a life long lesson.

Seriously mods clean up this board.

These people are killing Veeky Forums

>Can mods do their job and ban threads complaining about child porn when OPs could just filter out child porn?


I will never buy LINK or REQ Veeky Forums ruined them

>doesn't know the difference between child porn and the oracle solution.

silly op, biz doesnt have mods

I have never been paid to shill chainlink yet I do it at least once a week, unlike you Op I want to see other anons be successful.

Chainlink is worthless you idiot.

Thanks just bought 100k pajeet p&d

every time I see noLINKers I pray to Jesus hoping they're just shitposting and are holding at least 10k LINK
everybody on Veeky Forums deserves to be succesful.

I think they are just deluded bagholders.
This board was also euphoric about iota and called any arguments against that shit FUD

Chainlink is the same. There are no answers except calling 'fud'. That's how you know it's going to end badly

not paid but well invested faggot, we're trying to help you out.

They’re all shitcoin except bitcoin, ethereum and monero.

you're the idiot, idiot


wait Chain Link is a scam?
Asking for a friend..

Chainlink will be worth exactly 0 dollars.


Chain link is a scam. It takes 20 minutes to make a ERC20 token.

I'm seriously considering making Chainlink Dark and flooding the market with airdrops so these faggots finally get this

0.000068 btc/link soon

All you need is good graphics and shit.

Straight up no. Most of the people here definitely don’t deserve to be wealthy

Filter it and stay poor noLINKer scum.

Do you like Cheesy Lasagna user?