Guaranteed 100x?

Okay Veeky Forums I need a guaranteed 100x coin or more by the end of the year. I have a family I need to take care of. Please do not

>Shill me shitcoins
>Be retarded

Like can you all just unanimously agree on a coin or two that will without a doubt go up 100x or more?

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Unironically ADA.

It gets made fun of a lot here but most people here go for short term gain shitcoins or pump and dump Dothead schemes. I remember people shitting on ADA and saying shit about needing to go all in on fucking Tron or FUN.

ADA is a steal right now at .37 USD, some fanatics say it will experience a burn and go to 100 USD by EOY, some people say 10 USD, but it will moon at least by June

Are you actually retarded?


>10B mcap

>what is a coin burn
>what is a roadmap
>what is a white paper
>buy high after coin is already mooning

Some people making 100x easy on ETH games. Check out the community here: discord(dot)gg(slash)qfMJzdM

omg easiest 60x-100x by eoy. will skyrocket from news and dwindling supply when staking goes live and takes 50%-70% of the supply out of circulation

Also just watch this ya dumb South American

You'll thank me after quarter 2

Falcon Coin


Have fun losing your money academically.

I can smell the spicy food from here

Have fun never having any money

Universa, are you retarded?



Shipchain and wanchain. Screen cap this..

19yo confirmed
Oh yeah? Hows that? When it has that trillion dollar market cap? Get off 4chin little one and go read a fucking book. Our future as a species somehow depends on dumbfucks like you to unfuck themselves.

>ADA is a steal right now at .37 USD
>literally top 6 market cap
the window to go 100x on this shit has long passed you fucking brainlet

only way you do that is if you buy the next tron at ICO and hold

for ada to go 100x it would literally need to be as big as google and amazon combined. LOL

>100 USD by EOY, some people say 10 USD

If you like it use my link

Sharder Protocol


- 250 mil circulating supply
- 500 mil total supply
- 20+ Solid Team of Chink Devs
- 3.5 cents per coin
- 10k eth hardcap
- Already established partnerships
- Still under the radar - only 2k telegram chat
- ICO 23 February

RLC is your guy

Ethpyramid. No, really. About 1% to 2% per day, forever. Just reinvest your earnings for exponential growth. I won't say guaranteed because nothing is. It was basically made as a joke/proof of concept after PoWH folded - but it actually works!

>backed by well established company already with 40k merchants, partnership with Thai government, wallet and plasma releasing soon

Literally retarded to not hold this now

Also, RLC

>PhDs n shit

Shut up. That’s impossible. If it really worked then everyone in the world would have a finite money

That would be over a trillion market cap.

That could happen if it was one of the only smart contract platforms in about ten years time.

Don’t count on it. And if you’re banking on it, hope you can hold for years.


sounds like sharter lol

for the love of OP DO NOT BUY FUCKING LINK

it is quite literally the shittiest coin we have here and everyone knows at this point it's a dead project. we used to have digimarines and stinky linkies are the new retarded coin cult, do not buy that trash. Just trust me, I am trying to prevent you from being a bagholder. do whatever you want just remember this




Maybe HPB, still haven't decided if chink coins are scams yet




I'd also say LINK, but I'm still accumulating..

Yes, very bad coin, please no buy LINK sir.

>100x EOY
fucking retard, OP don't listen to this bagholding faggot. yes it might go 8x or so but nowhere near 100.

this, please rather buy mobius sirs.

snail link vs ferrari mobius, easy pick no? thank me in the summer!! BUY MOBIUS FOR MOON MISSION

>unanimously agree on a coin or two that will without a doubt go up 100x or more?

You are a retarded faggot


OMG/Wanchain/POA Network

This has to be a joke. Right?