What'd you cook yourself tonight Veeky Forums

What'd you cook yourself tonight Veeky Forums
You do cook right?? Dont spend your gains on shit food that makes you fat and unhealthy.
What are your frugal recipes bros??

Chipotle ~$9 A day

Well I'm the $1k for the year cuck, so eggs, chicken, and brown rice

I exist off eggs, broccoli, raspberries, and water.

spend your crypto gains on ribeye steak for dinner every night, anons. it's worth it.

Turning the pic the right way is too difficult, you faggot?

that chicken looks amazing. How did you cook it?

You really need to look at meat the right way? Who's the actual faggot here?

GO VEGAN!!!!!!!!

>not being vegan

Unironically interested into your master plan dude.

Rubbed olive oil on it and then sprinkled it with some "three pines wing dust" which I bought at the central Pennsylvania bar of the same name and then baked it in a small cast iron skillet at 425°F for like 35 min or so.

Watcha mean Veeky Forumsbro?

What would be a good substitute for "five nein jew gas"

Does baking it in the cast iron skillet also act as a frying mechanism?

>eating meat in 2017

LOL meatheads BTFO

only 2 food groups on this pyramid:


I ate ribeye steaks every night for years
then i ate tri tip steaks every night for over a tear
now i eat new york steaks ev ery night
aint no going back biz bros
new york steaks are the fkin best hands down

Red meat is a known carcinogen.

Rice and beans.
Completely sustainable as it covers all essential amino acids.
Incredibly cheap at

Yeah, If you put enough oil in the pan

Not that guy but. Don't go to restaurants, don't buy prepared food. Buy chicken breast for like 1-2 dollars for a pound; sales regularly hit that price and you can just put them in your freezer. Buy huge bags of brown rice where you could find them. For pure easy mode you can just get a rice cooker for like 20 bucks and cook rice and steam the chicken breast+veggies at the same time. I don't know where to get cheap veggies in bulk so I need to look into that.

Pics or you are a lying wagecuck who eats caviar on minimum wage

do you go with chicken breast or thigh? also the seasoning user, what's a good substitute

Thanks user.

Man my crypto and bank is comfy, but I am underweight as fuck. Want to bulk up but where the fuck do I start?

tonight im stirring in some rice and vegetables into my own shit. the shit helps everything stick together and it's saves money and its pretty filling too.

>eating raw meat
no better than an animal. bet your portfolio is shitcoins like XRB, too. fuck off OP

The closest I ever came to it was this
1 part chili powder
1 part sweet smoked paprika
1 part sugar
1 part ground cumin
1 part ground cayenne pepper
1 part garlic powder
1 part onion powder
1 part kosher salt
1 part black pepper

>buy chicken on sale
>freeze chicken
>buy rice
>frozen veggies
>cycle meals with different spices

heart attack on a plate, good job


Henckels knife?

I cooked myself a scotch fillet, rare, with steamed vegetables on the side.

Rice I cook on weekly basis. That doesn't freeze well.

Oh you're still under the delusion that fats cause heart issues?

chicken breast
drizzled melted butter over them
sprinled salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder
baked in a toaster oven

Pineapple saute'd chicken

Broiled wild salmon with lemon and dill over jasmine rice with chives and and lemon grass butter.

This doesn't look like rice

they do
enjoy your arteriosclerosis, fatso.

don't ask him about that, user


Rice is in the fridge, not in the freezer. Like I said before, I cook that on a weekly basis.

That in the picture is chicken from before I decided to save money.

Is my donburi good?

gallon of whole milk a day and squats

you have a pube in your freezer

Pasta, sausages, artichokes

I have like a 200$ a month budget. Japanese food is hella cheap and healthy

As a healthy 22 yo male who lives an active lifestyle consuming 25%of my daily calories in fats isn't bad at all, especially considering they're mostly good fats not from fried foods like most fat niggers on this board


sous vide chuck roast 24hr @ 133F which basically turns it into a giant delicious steak
+2 microwave steamed sweet potatoes to keep me out of ketosis

eat carbs with fat
bread with butter
pancakes with syrup, butter, sausage, bacon
pasta with buttered bread

I also had a stwak. Filet on the rarer side with a baked potato and asparagus. Forgot to take a pic I'll try and take one later if I remember

>being this retarded about diet in 2018

Did some chicken breast and broccoli in the ol' sous vide. Had some eggs on toast before that. Some chips and cottage cheese. Simple and tasty my man.

looks great to me user, what are some of your fav recipes to make?

Drink weight gainer shakes, if you can’t stomach your own creations drink boost or ensure they are really palatable. Whenever your thirsty drink one then water and you have to work out

thighs are superior in taste and macros

Heavy on the calories compared to lean breast though. I try to stick to one meal with meat per day but if I'm having two I'll try to go breast


Here's my honey so marinade recipe, good for lamb or pork, never tried it on beef

1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup worcestershire sauce
6 tbps honey
6 tbps bbq sauce
4 garlic cloves crushed
1 tsp paprika if you want

Throw the shit in and let it marinade for at least 6 hours and cook in a frying pan. You can use the left over marinade to make a spicy honey soy sauce by adding some sriracha and flour and cooking down until it thickens

I'll post my mushroom steak sauce recipe that you can also use to make carbonara if someone wants it

post it, i've been looking for a good mushroom steak sauce

For a long period, I held Vechain. I have to admit that I received some good gains in % on Vechain.

The main reason why I invested in this altcoin was a result of their great marketing techniques and a strong community.

Over time I became more experienced in investing into cryptocurrency and instead of listening to what others had to say, I start looking at whitepapers, the quality of development teams, leadership, advisors etc.

Ones I reviewed my portfolio I recognized that some of my coins and especially Vechain did not follow the criteria of (controlled) speculation and does have some critical red flags. These red flags I want to share with you.

Vechain does not have a whitepaper
There is no knowledge about their developers
There is no Github activity.
Their website is a that of a very low quality.
They mention on their website the release of a so-called Clou(n)d platform in Q4 2017. I started a Reddit post to ask what a clouNd platform is. Nobody could answer me. I tried to ask the Vechain devs in discord, nobody was able to contact me since they were working on their main net.
The coca cola kid is clearly a sign of insiders trading.
Low-quality partnerships brought as HUGE partnerships. For example the DNL GV partnership, there is clearly a partnership, but DNL GV gave an official press release that DNL GV cooperated with Deloitte labs to create blockchain, so I would like to know how exclusive this is. The PWC partnership is a partnership as a third-party provider, the partnership with Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences is brought as something big, while Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences only published one article in the whole of 2016-2017. In short: Any partnership has some way or another some flaws.
Some advisors of Vechain have still Lorem ipsum on their website.

how the FUCK do I coook a steak like that?

Sous vide

Get a decent cutting board.

Lmao I literally cannot remember the exact quantity for each ingredient because I just make it without measuring now but I'll try

Handful of sliced mushrooms and a couple crushed garlic cloves in saucepan with some olive oil, cook till mushrooms floppy
150ml thickened cream goes in
Salt and pepper to taste
2-3 tbsp worcestershire sauce (gives dark colour)
I also usually throw in some all purpose seasoning because why tf not
Simmer it down for maybe 15-20 minutes, you don't wanna boil it

You'll know you've fucked it up and overcooked it if the cream starts to separate and go all oily but you can fix that by taking it off the heat and cooling the pan down while stirring

To make it carbonara sauce just take out the worcestershire sauce and seasoning, use less mushrooms and dice the fuck out of them, and add your fried bacon or ham

Heat up a Pan, I prefer a cast iron skillet. It will start smoking when it is the right temperature, then oil the pan and cook each side for at least 1m, so 2m total. some people flip every 30s, some dont, I like to flip every 30s, heats up more evenly. Then you turn the heat down and throw some butter/thyme/rosemary/garlic what have you and let it cook for a while depending on the thickness of the steak. Take off when cooked to your liking and let sit under aluminum foil for 10-15m. Good luck!


I hate this but I realise that everyone cooks their steak differently

Here's what I do:

Heat up pan medium/high with oil until it ripples, smoking oil means it's too fucking hot

Season your steak and place it in the pan, it should sizzle

3-4 minutes either side, only flip once, keep spooning the juices back over the steak

Take it off the heat and make a boat out of foil, throw the steak and juices in the boat and fold it all up like a present. Let it rest for as long you cooked the steak before serving.

This is an excellent diet, add coconut oil and make sure you get Veeky Forums I lived off this in my poor years.


Slap ya mama or just mix up bulk salt, pepper, chilli powder, garlic, oregano to taste. Maybe garlic salt too.



My gf cooked me vegetable curry

Don't forget to save, freeze, the bones and make chicken stock once a month. Bones, water, apple cider vinegar, spices. Boil on low all day. Strain and freeze. Is it to boil your rice and beans.

This guy fucks. This is the correct answer to steal anons



Make sure you get some iodized salt

What is something that's very tasteful, fairly healthy and very cheap to cook?