Ok i learnt my lesson

Ok i learnt my lesson

U got cucked my friend.



No need to be rude m8

thats cute

who the hell comes up with these names

Nigga plz.


just hodl gmt will be worth 20 whole cents soon


I feel your pain OP
Canya and APPC are the wojak bros of 2018

this guy

Wtf does this coin even do?

i Don't know man i fucking got shilled into it on biz. I knew it was a stupid name and stupid coin. Why the FUCK did i put money into it god damnet. I thought it would at least have 1 moon i could sell at but it had none.
TEL and CANYA are both reking me right now ffs

Holy fuck 81% losses bitconnect may have been a better investment

Real shit that album is amazing.

Canya Diggit

sorry. Don't buy shit that isn't VEN.

I went all in too

Go all in on zcl or etc, guaranteed 2x

>tfw ONLY 50% down on canya

For a long period, I held Vechain. I have to admit that I received some good gains in % on Vechain.

The main reason why I invested in this altcoin was a result of their great marketing techniques and a strong community.

Over time I became more experienced in investing into cryptocurrency and instead of listening to what others had to say, I start looking at whitepapers, the quality of development teams, leadership, advisors etc.

Ones I reviewed my portfolio I recognized that some of my coins and especially Vechain did not follow the criteria of (controlled) speculation and does have some critical red flags. These red flags I want to share with you.

Vechain does not have a whitepaper
There is no knowledge about their developers
There is no Github activity.
Their website is a that of a very low quality.
They mention on their website the release of a so-called Clou(n)d platform in Q4 2017. I started a Reddit post to ask what a clouNd platform is. Nobody could answer me. I tried to ask the Vechain devs in discord, nobody was able to contact me since they were working on their main net.
The coca cola kid is clearly a sign of insiders trading.
Low-quality partnerships brought as HUGE partnerships. For example the DNL GV partnership, there is clearly a partnership, but DNL GV gave an official press release that DNL GV cooperated with Deloitte labs to create blockchain, so I would like to know how exclusive this is. The PWC partnership is a partnership as a third-party provider, the partnership with Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences is brought as something big, while Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences only published one article in the whole of 2016-2017. In short: Any partnership has some way or another some flaws.
Some advisors of Vechain have still Lorem ipsum on their website.

>Yo dudes I'm making a crypto currency called asdfjkl;coin, you should give me money and it'll be worth it!

Are you serious? How do people fall for these memecoins

lmao what were you fools thinking?

>moon sooon
>token burn about to take place
>easiest x3 of the month
>this is going to be big aptoid already has 20 million users
>mfw its 20 million 3rd worlders

sold at a huge ass loss, deleted from app, just holding that 1 ETH i got it for to cleanse the shitcoin taste from my portfolio

You know buy high is a meme, right?

Still waiting to sell low
Waiting for the lowest dip to get maximum meme points
Then im gonna off myself

Why did anyone buy Canya? I don't understand. If you watch their promo video it is the most useless fucking project I've seen, I swear. Not only does it make a blockchain for something that absolutely doesn't need it, but the coin was basically useless in their plan. Nobody needs a decentralized, crypto based copy of fiver.

I'd rather buy in to vaporware scams where the ceo shills it on twitter a million times over than this shit