Dips over

Dips over


Sure is

Niiiiiiiiiiice! Time to buy in like a FOMOtard who doesn’t know how to trade.

Look how excited you are at the thought of another bull run.

>Dips over

you ain't seen nothing yet kid.

It will hit 9k and fail.

See you at 5k.

alt-ening when?

Ooooh I see, we are playing the guess what happen's game! I will hit 9700 tonight, drop to 9400 and then go sideways.

I want to play to.
Whatever you said. Yeah that. That won't happen :^)

If we can break through this resistance 9k is imminent amigo

8800 about to fall

>price goes up
>volume goes down
I'm not sure how I feel about it

The only reason you have these breaches up every now and then is cus a whale market orders... look at the volumes theres no reason for it to stay up

I just sold for a $250 loss. I've had enough. Now, go ahead and moon, like I'm sure it will.

You can relax on that front.

9k then fail. Believe me.

It just annoys me because I lost like $220 doing like the same thing a few months back. Like every time I buy it crashes.

That said my Ripple investment is killing me the most. I don't dare sell that. Down like $4k.

Are you from Reddit? Honest question. I infer this from your XRP investment, spacing, and mopey attitude (again, no offense)
Perhaps just changing your mindset will get you gains

No, I'm from Veeky Forums and totse before that. Old fag, born in 1982.

That mindset shit is a joke. Life will always get worse.


I FOMO'd in at 8K, so far so good

we clearly bottomed out, we can retrace back to below 8K, but we won't go anywhere close to 5.7K

See? We have anons who already capitulated and/or despaired

Wrong u wrong fren