Who /comfy/ holding the next 100x coin here?

Who /comfy/ holding the next 100x coin here?
Tell me you've bought some, Veeky Forums

73K reporting in.

Waiting for kucoin and some fantastic news in the next 2 weeks.

Oh look the hourly pajeet discord pump and dump scam coin. Nice try faggot. No one here is every gonna be comfy holding a coin tied to the rupee.
>Indian tether clone
>fake white paper
>fake conferences
>never meant to go beyond a dollar.
>logo makes fun of 9/11
>Soros henchman on the dev team
>alt-left state terrorism sponsor

Nice fucking try you shit streeting sissy.


Went all in with 4k

You seem upset.


Bought 4k when it first came out at 35 cents. Didn't sell at 90 cents like I should have but bought another 6k at the bottom of the dip at 40 cents. Pretty fucking comfy.

Christ, please tell me you got in early on the do the needful coin of the week.

and jfc the things I would slowly and passionately do to this bitch

What? Could you rephrase your question please?

I heard Jiberal stands for Jewish Liberal

why did she try to play the wrist violin?

No, Jibrel stands for Osama bin Laden

i'll buy after it dumps on kucoin in a week like every other coin that ends up on that exchange

Ahahah I didn't notice at first. It makes her even cuter

Promise me to not FOMO in when we soar, okay?

i'll buy when you panic sell don't worry

Sick of these fucking Jibrel threads. Fuck off - I need 25K to make it in one - two years.

Cute couple

Gibs jibbies pls


Gib jibbies pls

stop spamming jnt here. consider making a link thread, there's not enough of those yet.

sup bro 15k reporting in....you'll be more rich than me but we're lambo brothers now

chart still looks to be on a downward trend
why should i buy now instead of at 40k

Because there is a chance of announcement this week, that will make price skyrocket. It is a gamble.

I wish ppl would stop posting these fucking threads. I have 13k but all these threads are making me nervous.

future announcements should be priced in though, thats why people sell the news

downtrend? Which chart are you looking at? It is going sideways between 55c and 65c for weeks now.
Exceptions like 85c as ATH was, when BTC was worth "a bit" more and 35cent when BTC was worth basically nothing.

Selling off the news how much the family will tokenize will hurt you in the end. I will sell to, when the tokenize like under 10mil, but everything else is retarded.

eth of course

Chance to outperform ETH in like 1day with 1 bullish announcement is 99%, but yeah in retroperspective i should have went all in on number 17 last time i was in the casino....

Lets not get ahead of ourselves, a price of 1000 would mean a marketcap of 157 billion. While I certainly think it is possible in the future, it won't happen for at least a year.

Never said it would reach $1000. I don't care about any long term prices anyway and $1000 is completly deluded anyway. Give me $2-$3 in the next months and i am already set with my 265k JNT.

they're getting a jcash fiat pair this year boyo. We could see some shit

I wouldn't say 1000 is deluded, although is certainly is very optimistic. If they succeed and gain wide-spread support in the MESA-region, it's not impossible.

I hope so for you, i am certain that i wouldn't hold my stack, under any circumstances, anywhere near to that number

1$ EOM

cant you guys bring some jnt to idex
signing up for another exchange gets old fast

Gate.io is smooth and fast as fuck, accumulated like 145k over there.

needing to send another exchange my KYS documents though...