why arnt you accumulating?'
Do you hate money biz?

Seeing these shitcoins going 20 to 40% up, OMG with follow

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because this shit is getting pumped right now

is this a pump and dump, why is this being shilled so much on /biz lately?

i just bought 2.5 thanks guys im gonna start acummulating!

Literally this same exact shit gets posted multiple times a day here and OMG is up 10%. Be weary of a pump and dump. It will come back down. Might be a good buy long term but don't fomo in.

8,000 OMG reporting. Willl I be a millionaire this year?

lol @ everyone saying OMG is a p&d. can they not read? Anyone who's actually read into OMG will make it.

If you are genuinely wanting to accumulate, dont buy now, wait till it drops which it should in a week or so.

Any coin can be pumped and dumped. Like I said even a quality coin that may pay off long term. You are being disinegenous if you don't see a correlation to these same posts every single hour on here and this 10% gain today. It will come back down. If somebody really wants in it's better to wait and get more for their money.

Or we could just circle jerk each other talking about how we were going to make it.

I bought mine a at $6 during the recent crash and I’d probably wait as well, but if you’re going into OMG it should be long term.
If they succeed it won’t matter if you bought them at $12 or $14 and the wallet is releasing in q1.

I am starting to feel like I am not going to make it with 1000 OMG. Been hodling since last Sept/Oct (yeah worst time to buy).

Most coins that get shilled hard on Veeky Forums moon really hard except obvious pajeet coins. If you miss this then you have no one to blame but yourself

I'm not saying omg is a pump and dump coin but it's definitely being pumped today. If people really want to buy it they should wait at least a day or two, if they're lucky btc will dip and drag omg down with it

> It had a MSM article 20 hours ago.
> It’s been shilled on Veeky Forums.
> It was on the front page of reddit yesterday.
Definitely why.

Beta version of the wallet should come out by the end o this month. Just bought some more, not counting on the price dropping, we have been going sideways for a good while.

Yes I know back in 2016 Biz was shilling Ethereum hard and look at it now!

But if i understand it right omg will have a decentralized exhange as well in the future?

Probably about $2 mil EOY. Definitely over $1 mil though.

Well if we see another BTC dump like last Wednesday, it’ll go down by 40-60%.

>it’ll go down by 40-60%.

Fucking hope so. I need more

0x7c4BB68495eeDaFf3ffbfe1c86863d54CBB39479 send me some OMG please Love you longtime


Unjew the jewed

Name one dapp that isn’t some shitty scam game. Why would you pay money to test your scam app on a public network?
Shit why would you pay money to run any application as a dapp?
Mean whole OMG is made by Omise, an actual payment company and is they are building what is essential VISA for the 4 billion people with no bank account.
OMG may fail to deliver tech, is reliant on plasma and may never get adopted by anyone for real world use, but they have an idea that could actually change the world.

The choice is easy.

>may never get adopted by anyone for real world use

Wrong. It will be adopted by 400+ million people and 55,000+ merchants upon release of their blockchain which is their current customer base. They are transferring everything onto the OmiseGo blockchain.
Research more.

Oh god please do, i'll put 2k usd more in right away

I hope the fking whole market will drop like a rock so I can accumulate omg like crazy damn fk this...
I can put 700$ in every week

it's an erc20 token. what does it actually do?

Oh you know, not that much. Just going to be the scaling solution and currency agnostic payment platform of Ethereum. Wouldn't get involved in this.

I've heard some good things about Tron and Verge though.

Yes brudda you no de wae

erc20 tokens are limited to the scalability of ETH, they can't improve it.
and how are they going to transfer USD when there are regulations surrounding the trading of it?

You should really read what PLASMA does, and who is actually developing plasma.

That's all im going to say.


fucking brainlets will always stay poor because they're too retarded to the do the most basic of research

REQ has more moon potential.
OMG had its day.